Announcement: Winner BLACK DIAMONDS by Catherine Bailey

And the winner of BLACK DIAMONDS by Catherine Bailey is…..

Anne (commented on blog post)

The winner will be notified via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to the publisher for making this giveaway possible!

Review: The Edge of Dreams (Molly Murphy Mysteries #14) by Rhys Bowen

For years my mother has been trying to get me to read Rhys Bowen’s books. I have literally received Her Royal Spyness in the mail at least three times now.

Here’s why I haven’t picked up any of Bowen’s books….there are so many book series out there with a female detective set around the same time that how different could it really be? What distinguishes Bowen’s heroines from the others?

OK so maybe mother does know best….mother you were right, I should have picked up Bowen’s books a long time ago!

When The Edge of Dreams came up for review, I knew I would be starting the Molly Murphy series in the middle. But I thought I would give it a try anyway since I’m in love with the cover and have been craving a good mystery.

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Guest Post: A Conversation with Rhys Bowen & Tasha Alexander

This week I have the fabulous opportunity to be part of a join mystery tour featuring two of my favorite mystery writers, Rhys Bowen and Tasha Alexander.

Make sure to check out my reviews this week on both of their latest books.

In the mean time, check out this join post/conversation from both authors about becoming incidental writing experts!

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Review: The Counterfeit Heiress (Lady Emily #9) by Tasha Alexander

Lady Emily and her husband, the dashing Colin, are enjoying their evening out at an exclusive costume ball.

A strange encounter with a masked man leaves Emily scratching her head.

She was certain that she was the only Artemis at the ball but clearly the masked man was expecting a different sort of Artemis.

Well the only other Artemis at the ball is the eccentric Estella Lamar. Estella hasn’t been seen in society for years. She is known for her world travels and is rarely….if ever…..seen in society.

Emily’s long time friend Cecile knows Estella well from a childhood spent together. When Cecile sees Estella at the ball, she knows she’s a fraud. Someone is impersonating Estalla…..but why?

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Review: Shadows Over Paradise by Isabel Wolff

Jenni’s has lived in the shadows most of her life. She is an accomplished ghost writer where she never gets any recognition for her work.

She is in a tedious relationship with her boyfriend of two years. She never wanted to have children but did hope to get married one day.

All of her friends are getting married and having families and she does feel a little left out.

Her boyfriend soon starts pressuring her to have children but she refuses. She has been harboring a childhood secret and can’t bare to share it with him.

At a friend’s wedding, Jenni receives an offer to ghost write a woman’s memoirs. It comes at a good time and her and her boyfriend decide to take a break to sort things out.

The only issue is, the woman lives in the Cornish coastal town of Polvarth. The same town where tragedy befell Jenni as a girl.

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