Announcement: Winner WEST OF SUNSET by Stewart O’Nan

And the winner of the giveaway for WEST OF SUNSET by Stewart O’Nan is…..

Suzy (likes on FB)

The winner will be notified via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to the publisher for making this giveaway possible!

Giveaway: UNBECOMING by Rebecca Scherm

This week’s bitchin’ giveaway is for UNBECOMING by Rebecca Scherm! UNBECOMING is her debut thriller novel of suspense, mystery.

UNBECOMING is an intricately plotted and psychologically nuanced heist novel that turns on suspense and slippery identity. With echoes of Alfred Hitchcock and Patricia Highsmith, Rebecca Scherm’s mesmerizing debut is sure to entrance fans of Gillian Flynn, Marisha Pessl, and Donna Tartt.

Thanks to the Publisher, I am ecstatic to be able to offer a copy of UNBECOMING for your enjoyment! Giveaway is for one copy.

Giveaway runs 1/22/15 to 1/29/15

Winners will be announced 1/30/15.

(how to enter)

On this blog you must leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.  Your comment MUST include your email so I can contact you….if you do not enter an email in the comments your entry will be void. Winners will be notified by email the day after the giveaway closes and have five days to respond, it not another winner will be chosen. 


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Review: Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm

This book made me want to read more thrillers about international art fraud! It also inspired me to finally pick up The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

This debut novel by Rebecca Scherm is recommended for fans of The Goldfinch which I haven’t read but thought sounded good.

Since Unbecoming is shorter, I thought this one sounded like a good place to start.

We meet Julie (AKA Grace) who is living a double life in France. While she was on her summer study abroad program in Prague, she receives word that her long time boyfriend/husband, Riley, and his best friend (and her lover), Alls, who have been arrested for a high profile heist at an estate back in Tennessee.

Well three years later Grace is still in Europe, when she learns they will both be paroled. She is hiding from both of them for a number of reasons. One of which is the stolen art canvas she left the states with three years previously.

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Review: Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman (Lady Montfort Mystery #1) by Tessa Arlen

A Downton Abbey-esque murder mystery? Yes please!

Lady Montfort is eagerly anticipating and planning her annual costume ball. Every year she tries to out do herself and plan an over the top event.

Well what would be more memorable than discovering a body?

Teddy is not the most endearing victim. Teddy was the nephew of Lord Montford who was constantly involved in scandal. Most recently he was involved in a gambling ring at Oxford that caused him the be expelled.

Having him home for the costume ball is not exactly the most desirable scenarios but he is after all family. Well while taking a stroll around her property before the ball, Lady Montford overhears a heated argument between Teddy and her own son.

Her son tells Teddy that he will break his neck, Lady Montford realizes she is afraid of her son’s rage in that moment but doesn’t interrupt to argument.

Well when Teddy’s body is discovered later, he has a broken neck–he was hanged.

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Review: Sweet Damage by Rebecca James

This is a modern Gothic thriller to put on your radar!

Tim Ellison has been in a rut lately. He has spent his time sleeping on his ex-girlfriend’s couch, working in a restaurant, and surfing.

Life isn’t quite what he expected. But he does know one thing….it’s time to move out of his ex’s house.

Tim finds a cheap room rental at Fairview, when he shows up he is expecting to see a heap but instead he finds a mansion.

Built in 1890, Fairview is a beautiful mansion boasting some of the best views in Sydney. It’s owned by Anna London who inherited the house after her parents’ deaths.

In exchange for the cheap rent, Tim has one job: to look after Anna. Though she is in her twenties, she acts more like an elderly woman. She also never leaves her house as she suffers from a severe anxiety disorder. But it seems like a fair gig to Tim so he takes the post.

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