Announcement: Winner Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom

And the winner of Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom is….

Jessika (subscribes to blog)

The winner will be notified via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to the publisher for making this giveaway possible!

Review: Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman

Hugo Delegate sits in jail for a series of murders he may or may not of committed.

He is passionately in love with Bronwyn, the young wild girl who was raised by wolves.

Hugo is from a wealthy family, and after leaving Harvard he joins his family on a railroad trip to the western United States.

It is here that he meets Bronwyn and his family agrees to adopt her.

Upon returning to the East Coast, the Delegate family takes it upon themselves to educate her and present her to high society.

Surprisingly, Bronwyn takes well to her new life, but she does have her own set of motives.

Bronwyn is the toast of the town. She is wildly sought after by many eligible men both young and old, but they all too frequently turn up dead….murdered in a grizzly fashion and in some cases–castrated.

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Review: The Secret Woman by Victoria Holt

Anna Brett was born abroad in India but was sent to live in England with her spinster aunt, Charlotte, where she would be educated.

Anna’s parents promise that it will be a short stay only but when tragic circumstances occur, Anna finds herself stuck in England indefinitely.

Anna’s Aunt Charlotte is we well known antiques dealer in the busy port town of Langmouth.

There the wealthy Crediton family runs the town. They live in a ‘fake castle’ on the hill and the family is the talk of the town.

When Anna and her aunt visit the castle to purchase some antiques, Anna meets the dashing Captain Redvers “Red” Stretton. Though she is a child, she can’t help but feel a special connection to the Captain.

As the years pass, Anna grows up but has not forgotten the dashing Red. But she begins to hear gossip about him being a notorious philanderer. She tries to put him out of her mind, but then he suddenly calls on her unexpectedly.

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Review: The Venetian Bargain by Marina Fiorato

When young Feyra wakes up late for her morning doctor ’rounds’ in the Sheikh’s harem she doesn’t realize that her tardiness will have dire consequences.

As a female doctor to the Sheikh’s mother, Feyra is responsible for her health at all costs.

When she arrives in the Sheikh’s mother’s chambers she finds her delirious and raving.

As suddenly as she has taken ill, she is perfectly fine with little recollection of the terrifying delirium that over took her not moments before.

Feyra immediately suspects a poison and quickly deduces which poison.

Sadly there is no antidote for the poison and the Sheikh’s mother dies but not before revealing a tragic secret and a cryptic sinister plot. She tells Feyra that she must travel to Venice, her homeland and stop the bringer of death.

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Giveaway: Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom

Emmy is a shy, sheltered sixteen-year-old when her mom, Kate, sends her to eastern Washington to an aunt and uncle she never knew she had.

Fifteen years earlier, Kate had abandoned her sister, Beth, when she fled her painful past and their fundamentalist church. And now, Beth believes Emmy’s participation in a faith healing is her last hope for having a child.

Emmy goes reluctantly, but before long she knows she has come home. She feels tied to the rugged landscape of coulees and scablands. And she meets Reuben, the Native American boy next door.

Thanks to the publisher, I am ecstatic to be able to offer a copy of Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom for your enjoyment!

Giveaway runs 4/10/14 to 4/17/14

Winners will be announced 4/18/14.

(how to enter)

On this blog you must leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.  Your comment MUST include your email so I can contact you….if you do not enter an email in the comments your entry will be void. Winners will be notified by email the day after the giveaway closes and have five days to respond, it not another winner will be chosen. 


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