Announcement: Winner AFTER YOU by JoJo Moyes

And the winner of AFTER YOU by JoJo Moyes is…..

Maria M (liked on FB)

The winner will be notified via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to the publisher for making this giveaway possible!

Giveaway: AFTER YOU (Me Before You #2) by JoJo Moyes

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living? Romance author, JoJo Moyes is back with a tear jerking novel about romance, loss, healing, and moving on with your life. I love Moyes writing and I loved the first novel in this series Me Before You…..while it was a total tear jerker, it was so wonderfully written and perfect. I highly recommend anything by Moyes!

Thanks to the publisher I am thrilled to be able to offer a giveaway copy of her latest book for your reading pleasure! Be sure to check out details about this edition at the end of the post here and be watching for my review of the book next month!

Giveaway runs 10/8/15 to 10/15/15

Winners will be announced 10/16/15.

(how to enter)

On this blog you must leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.  Your comment MUST include your email so I can contact you….if you do not enter an email in the comments your entry will be void. Winners will be notified by email the day after the giveaway closes and have five days to respond, it not another winner will be chosen. 


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Spotlight Feature: THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN by Jeanne Mackin

02_The Beautiful AmericanThe Beautiful American
by Jeanne Mackin

Publication Date: June 3, 2014
NAL/Penguin Group
Formats: eBook, Paperback, Audio
352 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

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As recovery from World War II begins, expat American Nora Tours travels from her home in southern France to London in search of her missing sixteen-year-old daughter. There, she unexpectedly meets up with an old acquaintance, famous model-turned-photographer Lee Miller. Neither has emerged from the war unscathed. Nora is racked with the fear that her efforts to survive under the Vichy regime may have cost her daughter’s life. Lee suffers from what she witnessed as a war correspondent photographing the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

Nora and Lee knew each other in the heady days of late 1920’s Paris, when Nora was giddy with love for her childhood sweetheart, Lee became the celebrated mistress of the artist Man Ray, and Lee’s magnetic beauty drew them all into the glamorous lives of famous artists and their wealthy patrons. But Lee fails to realize that her friendship with Nora is even older, that it goes back to their days as children in Poughkeepsie, New York, when a devastating trauma marked Lee forever. Will Nora’s reunion with Lee give them a chance to forgive past betrayals, and break years of silence?

A novel of freedom and frailty, desire and daring, The Beautiful American portrays the extraordinary relationship between two passionate, unconventional woman.


Review: Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey

Cat Jordan is about to get the surprise of her life when she opens a mysterious letter from Paris. Cat has been working as a photographer and basically lives a very bohemian lifestyle.

She has a boyfriend, Christian, who she has been with for a while who is much different than she is…..his family is very wealthy and he is very traditional. Basically they are complete opposites but it seems to be working….ish.

Well Cat finally decides to open the mysterious letter, only to find that she has inherited something…..from a woman she has never heard of! Side note, why can’t this sort of thing happen to me?!

Cat calls the lawyer in Paris who has written the letter and he explains that it is indeed true and she is to come to Paris immediately to claim her inheritance. He doesn’t tell her what it is but her letter came with a key so she suspects if must be something of value…..especially if she needs to fly to Paris to claim it.


Review: At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen

Maddie has not idea that New Years Eve 1942 is going to be a day where everything in her life changes The belle os the ball and Philadelphia society is married to Ellis and lives a life of shelter and privilege. While there is a war raging across the pond, Maddie and her husband Ellis aren’t really that in touch with it.

Ellis and his best friend Hank should be enlisting in the war like all the other men their age but they both have medical conditions and aren’t allowed to join. Ellis’s father is beyond ashamed of his son’s inability to enlist and reminds Ellis of it on a regular basis.

After an embarrassing episode at the New Years Eve party, Ellis and Maddie are cut off from Ellis’s family and decide to board a supply boat to Scotland where they will search for the infamous Loch Ness monster.

Hank decides to join Ellis and Maddie in hopes that all of them will gain fame, fortune, and above all that Ellis will get back on his father’s good graces.



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