Outlander Reviews & Discussion

Here is where you can link back your reviews for the 2012 Outlander Reading Challenge. I will also post every a few discussion questions every 4-6 weeks

Please be sure to link up answers to the discussions and link reviews here.

I will also post links to my responses here, feel free to leave comments if you prefer!

Monthly Outlander Meme Participants

1. Bianca
2. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #1)
3. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #2)
4. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #3)
5. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #4)
6. The Polished Bookworm
7. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #5)
8. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #6)
9. The Lit Bitch (Outlander Discussion #7)

Learn more about Monthly Outlander Meme here.
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  1. I just posted the first discussion! You can link up your response or review on this page at any time or if you want you can post your response in the comments field! Cheers!


  2. I remember my friend in college ( 1992ish ) coming out of her room holding a book to her chest and saying ” YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK”. She said it was a time-travel, romance book set in post world war II Scotland and mid 18th century Scotland.


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