Review Policy

I welcome review requests from publishers, publicists, and authors, and will consider reviewing books of all genres.

Genres of Interest

Though my primary preference is Historic Fiction, I am willing to consider other genres or sub-genres if the book sounds engaging.

  • Historic Fiction (preferable periods: Regency era through WWII but will consider other earlier periods)
  • Fantasy (I will consider epic and high fantasy)
  • Pararomance
  • YA
  • Contempo lit
  • Mystery
  • Dystopian/Apocalyptic fiction
  • Historical Non-fiction/Biography
  • Edgy, books that ‘fly under the radar’

I post honest reviews/ratings for the books that I accept, posting turn around time may vary. I cannot guarantee reviews for unsolicited review copies.

Please contact me via email at if you are interested in having me review your book. A press release or summary of the book is highly recommended. If I do not respond to your request please take it as a polite ‘pass’, I WILL respond if I am interested.


Books are reviewed by me. I write honest and unbiased reviews regardless of the source of the book. Please know that sending a gratis review copy is not a guarantee of a positive review. I stand by my reviews and I will not honor any requests for review revisions, i.e. changing a negative review into a positive one.

In addition to posts on The Lit Bitch, book reviews are occasionally cross-posted on Amazon, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari, and other book sites.


I accept iBooks, Kindle, and PDF copies of books.

Self-Published Books

I am happy to consider self-published books for review but in specific genres (see note above about genre preferences)


I believe that giveaways raise excitement around a book, and am always happy to accept requests from authors and publicists who wish to sponsor a giveaway. If you want to sponsor a giveaway through my blog, I usually ask to read it first and then do a Q & A interview with the author.

There are usually 10 interview questions or so, 5 about the book/author and 5 ‘personal’ questions (example: ‘what are you currently reading’).


I receive free review copies of books from publishers, promoters and authors.

Receiving free books or products does not influence the honesty of a review and is not a guarantee of a positive review. I am not paid to do a review. In the rare instance that I receive compensation for a review, the fact is fully disclosed in the beginning and end of the post.

I invest my own time to reviews. No advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.


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