Review Policy

Please read over my review policy before contacting me about a review

I am currently open for reviews on a limited basis. Preference will be given to books from publishers/authors  and tour companies I have worked with in the past. Please note I am about 8-12 weeks out for reviews (in some cases longer) but I am happy to provide alternative coverage (cover reveals, giveaways, features etc) if I cannot accommodate a review.

I am also accepting reviews or features for bookish products such as teas, candles, bookmarks and clothing etc. Most of which will be reviews or featured on my social media. Please contact me directly for these requests.


-Finished copy
Netgalley or Edelweiss are preferred but MOBI, Kindle files, and PDF are also acceptable. Physical copies of books are also welcome, please contact me directly for mailing address. Physical books from publishers are also given more social media coverage (see info below).


I am not currently reviewing self published books unless I have worked with the author in the past.


You will see that I have a number of different books that have been reviewed on my blog which means I am open to reading a variety of different books. Though preference will be given to historical fiction and mystery/thrillers.
Historical Fiction
New Releases in Fiction
Womens Fiction
Cozy Mysteries


Non fiction (with a few exceptions), biographies (with a few exceptions) and anything that promotes hate in any form (racism, bullying etc).


When I post a review, they generally run between 500-1000 words. The review will include cover art of the book/edition, a summary of the book from Goodreads or Publisher (linked), my thoughts on things like prose, characters, plot etc which runs roughly 200 words. Affiliate links on where to buy, about the author (if applicable), book info including ISBN numbers, if the review is part of a book tour, and finally a stared rating.


1 Star: Either I DNF the book or did not like it and would not recommend

2 Star: It was ok, unlikely to read again or recommend

3 Stars: It was good but not great. I would probably recommend it

4 Stars: It was wonderful and I enjoyed it, will likely recommend it

5 Stars: It was exceptional and I will highly recommend it


I always post a review on Goodreads and occasionally post to Amazon. If requested, I can post on other platforms. I always share my book reviews on my social media including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For Instagram features, physical copies of books from publishers always get pride of place on my Instagram feed. Reviews and features get coverage in my story but physical books from publishers will typically get one to two posts to my feed and an unboxing video/story.


I do host giveaways, interview authors, participate in blog tours, and post special coverage like cover reveals.


I currently am booking out 6-8 weeks for book reviews. Exceptions can be made if something really appeals to me.

Just because a book is sent to me or a review requested does not guarantee agreement to review the book. I do read all pitches the are emailed to me, but if I do not respond, please take that as a polite ‘pass’.

I am a one woman show and all books are reviewed by me alone. I write honest and unbiased reviews regardless of the source of the book. Please know that sending a free review copy is not a guarantee of a positive review. I stand by my reviews and I will not honor any requests for review revisions, i.e. changing a negative review into a positive one.

I also receive free review copies of books from publishers, promoters and authors which I will note the source of the book in my reviews.

Receiving free books or products does not influence the honesty of a review and is not a guarantee of a positive review. I am not paid to do a review. In the rare instance that I receive compensation for a review, the fact is fully disclosed in the beginning and end of the post.

I invest my own time to reviews. No advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.


This blog has over 1,300 followers and subscribers and a large social media following.

Instagram (3,400 followers)
Twitter (1,900 followers)
Goodreads (2,500 followers)
Facebook (700 followers)

Please contact me with any requests at

2 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hi Lit Bitch. I really enjoy your blog, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. Your content and pics are A+ and your reviews are spot on. If there was one thing I would improve upon, it would be to add a search function to the reviews because scrolling through the alphabet to find the author or title is not working for me. Perhaps there is one and I missed it? I am not that technical savvy so it is possible, LOL. You know me as @gsmom35 on IG. Have a great weekend and keep posting new content.

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