Special Feature/Giveaway: The King’s Greatest Enemy Series by Anna Belfrage

The King’s Greatest Enemy Series by Anna Belfrage

A weak king, a rebellious baron. A kingdom on the brink of civil war, an adulterous wife and an ambitious royal favourite. A blackmailed bride and an honourable knight, torn apart by his loyalties to his lord, his wife and his future king. Welcome to the world of Adam de Guirande!

Book I: In the Shadow of the Storm

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Review: The Hollows (Kinship #2) by Jess Montgomery

I have had my eye on Jess Montgomery’s debut novel, The Widow’s, for some time so when this one came up for review, I couldn’t pass on it even if it was the second in a series.

A number of readers said this book could be read as a standalone even if it is part of a series so I was eager to jump in and see if that was truly the case. I loved the ‘ghost story’ angle in the summary and couldn’t wait to start reading it!

Admittedly the midwest area and the 1920s aren’t really my go to location or eras for a historical mystery novel but I heard such great things about her debut that I was sure to love this one as well! Continue reading “Review: The Hollows (Kinship #2) by Jess Montgomery”

Re-Post Review: The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

With the release of the paperback version of this lovely book, I wanted to take a minute and re-share my review with you guys! I know that many of you loved the classic story of Rebecca and this book here in a modern retake on that classic gothic novel.

I really enjoyed this one and easily gave it 4 stars. It had loads of atmosphere and all the gothic hallmarks that I enjoy in a novel. I also have a copy of the paperback version up for giveaway today on my Instagram so be sure to stop by and enter to win a copy!

As a side note, I wanted to say how much I love this new cover redesign! The bright red cover of the hardback novel is nice and all, but I thought the dark moody-ness of this cover, paired with the castle on the front really made it stand out and appealing! Absolutely love it! Anyway check out my re-share here to see what I thought of this book when I read it! Continue reading “Re-Post Review: The Winters by Lisa Gabriele”

Review: Many Rivers to Cross (Inspector Banks #26) by Peter Robinson

This series has obviously been a long standing with. With 26 books in the series, it’s clear that people love Inspector Banks. I was thrilled to review this one when I was approached, but at the same time I was worried that being 26 books in, that I would be lost in the larger story.

But if I have learned one thing about well known, longstanding thriller/mystery series, it’s that the authors usually try to keep things simple or at least explain the back story more for a new audience.

After some debate, I decided to give this one a try and see how it went. I obviously wasn’t going to go back and read 25 books just to get to this one so I had to trust that at least a large chunk of the story would focus on the mystery and being a police procedural, that is indeed what should have happened. Continue reading “Review: Many Rivers to Cross (Inspector Banks #26) by Peter Robinson”

Special Feature/Excerpt: Sisters by Choice (Blackberry Island #4) by Susan Mallery

There is nothing like the bonds between sisters or in this case, cousins. In this book seasoned story teller Susan Mallery explores the complicated relationships between three women who are more like sisters than cousins.

I haven’t read anything by Susan Malley before but after reading this excerpt I can see why people enjoy her books! It sounds like this book will be full of complicated and nuanced relationships as well as a dose of humor to balance things out.

While this might be the fourth book in a the series, I believe it can be read as a stand alone. I am thrilled to bring this excerpt to you guys for a little sneak peak. This book is releasing February 11th so be sure to mark your calendars because it’s one you don’t want to miss! Continue reading “Special Feature/Excerpt: Sisters by Choice (Blackberry Island #4) by Susan Mallery”