Special Feature: Christmas in Peachtree Bluff by Kristy Woodson Harvey

To say that I adore Kristy Woodson Harvey is the biggest understatement of the year! I basically fan girl her so hard, I love her Peachtree Bluff series and was so sad when it came to an inevitable end—–or so I thought. I was over the moon when I saw we were getting a Christmas book to follow up to the Peachtree Bluff series!

I cannot wait to start this book next month. I don’t really do much holiday reading until November after all the spooky books, and I am so looking forward to this book being my first big holiday book next month! So be watching for my review soon. If you love feel good contempo lit with heart, charm, and strong character building then do not miss this series and seriously—it’s a holiday book DO NOT pass on this one!

I love that we are going to catch up with some favorite characters of the series and see how things are going back at Peachtree Bluff. I loved so many of her characters in this series so seeing them again is going to be so great. If you are looking for holiday reads this should be at the top of your list even if you haven’t read the other books in the series, I think this could read as a standalone and be fine. I cannot wait to share my thoughts on this one and you should get it now since it’s out and get ready for the holiday season now!

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Review: Heavy Metal Symphony by Alyssa Palombo

I have read all of Alyssa Palombo’s novels so when this one came up for review, it was a no brainer. Although that’s not to say that I had reservations. Palombo generally writes historical fiction and this one was clearly not. I mean the title alone says it all right there and then I read the description—metal band romance. I literally wasn’t sure about this one.

I am not a fan of metal bands or even rock bands. Music isn’t really in my blood in the way that it is for a lot of other people. It’s something that I enjoy but not something essential. For example I can workout or run in complete silence—doesn’t phase me. So I had concerns that I was going to be the wrong reader for this book but at the same time I have adores all of Palombo’s books over the years so I thought—-why not just give it a shot and see how it goes.

It takes guts to try something new and Palombo went out on a limb here by breaking out of her usual genre. It is a contempo novel and Palombo herself has been very vocal about how this is the novel of her heart which is ultimately what made me want to read this one and say yes. The fact that the other novels haven’t been ‘the book of my heart’ and they were still amazing made me excited to see how the ‘book of my heart’ stacked up.

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Special Feature/Excerpt: Sisters of the Great War by Suzanne Feldman

You all should know by now that I am a sucker for a novel set during WWI. It’s my favorite historical era and military history is kind of my thing. There is something about the Great War that just speaks to a massive shift in tradition and truly takes the world into the modern era in a way that no other time period has really experienced. Any time I see a new Great War novel I can hardly pass it up but I can’t always review every single novel that comes across my desk and it’s always hard to choose which ones to review.

This one is a book that I couldn’t fit on my review calendar but added to my ever growing TBR although it is near the top because it just sounds so incredible! Not to mention after reading the excerpt I was even more excited to check it out. Today I have that same excerpt to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy it. Author Suzanne Feldman has written a couple other smaller works but this appears to be her first more mainstream novel and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you guys once I finish it!

If you love historical novels set in the Great War that promises moving storylines and interesting female characters then you definitely want this book on your radar! Keep reading for an excerpt and all the details!

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Special Feature: The Last Checkmate by Gabriella Saab

Last Christmas season I became obsessed with the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix! I think there were many many many in the same boat. The show was amazing and I of course instantly downloaded the book and bought a chess board. Now have I read said book and played said chess board—-no but I still loved the movie and am slowly trying to learn how to play chess.

That is why this book caught my eye—it is another historical fiction chess book! I am so excited to read this one, I couldn’t fit it on my October review calendar but I couldn’t pass up a chance to share a bit about this one and explain why I am so excited for this book! The content sounds fantastic and interesting not to mention the chess parts!

A few years ago my husband and I visited a concentration camp while we were in the Czech Republic and while it wasn’t anything like an Auschwitz, it was still sobering and impactful. It was probably the most meaningful and important historical site I have ever visited and will continue to resonate in my memory for a lifetime. I feel like I am primed to have a connection with this book and I am just so excited to share it all with you today! It is out now and you definitely want this book on your radar—spoiler, it’s getting lots of 5 star reviews already so don’t miss it!

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Special Feature: Sophie Valroux’s Paris Stars by Samantha Verant

Something about a book set in Paris just makes it all the more romantic and interesting for me. I have been to France twice and while it hasn’t been may favorite city in Europe, there is no doubt it has a distinct romantic feel to it and the food—oh the food! While I am far from a foodie, there is no doubt Paris is home to some delicious pastries and savory dishes.

One of the things that interested me in this book was not just the setting but that the main character, Sophie, is a chef who loses her sense of small. At first glance I thought it was metaphorical but in reading the description further it was clear that it was literal. I thought that sounded intriguing and would be an interesting take on a classic French foodie story. The more I kept reading the summary though the more interesting it sounded. While this book looks like it’s part of a series, many have said it can be read independently as a stand-alone.

I love character driven books with the main character in a personal crisis on a journey to not only find themselves but to also resolve their personal crisis. This book sounds like it’s going to fit the bill and I am so thrilled to share a bit with you guys today! If you love women’s fiction with an exotic setting and no doubt some amazing food references, then this will be a great option for you. It’s being met with rave reviews too so be sure to check it out!

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