Review: The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl

Scandinavian people truly have their own unique style especially when it comes to books. If Ikea is any indicator, when I pick up a Scandinavian book, the first thing I expect is for it to have some degree of detachment and a slightly stark, cold feel.

When I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that’s exactly what I got. Since that’s the only exposure I’ve had to Scandinavian lit more or less, when I picked this one up, I expected to have a similar experience.

Cecilia Wilborg has it all–a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and a gorgeous home in the affluent Norwegian town of Sandefjord. And she works hard to keep it all together. Too hard. Because one mistake from her past could bring it all crashing down around her. Continue reading “Review: The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl”


Review: The Impossible Girl by Lydia Kang

This was a book that I was excited about when I got the pitch and then I kind of forgot about it until closer to the review date. I wasn’t entirely excited to read it when the time came to start it, but that slight was rectified almost immediately when I started this one.

This book had a little bit of everything, romance, mystery, fantasy, and history. I loved this one almost from the first word! It made an excellent early fall/Halloween read.

Manhattan, 1850. Born out of wedlock to a wealthy socialite and a nameless immigrant, Cora Lee can mingle with the rich just as easily as she can slip unnoticed into the slums and graveyards of the city. As the only female resurrectionist in New York, she’s carved out a niche procuring bodies afflicted with the strangest of anomalies. Anatomists will pay exorbitant sums for such specimens—dissecting and displaying them for the eager public. Continue reading “Review: The Impossible Girl by Lydia Kang”

Review: Another Woman’s Husband by Gill Paul

This book kept hoping up randomly as an advertisement on Goodreads. At first I kind of ignored it but then I stared seeing people talking about it on Twitter and Instagram

The next thing I know, I am picking it up at the library to read. Clearly the title indicates that this book is probably going to contain a little love triangle of sorts, but it’s so much more than that. This was an exceptional read and I was thrilled to crack it open each night.

1911: When fifteen-year-old Mary Kirk meets Wallis Warfield at summer camp, she’s immediately captivated by her fearless, brazen, and self-assured personality. And Wallis has a way with the boys who are drawn to her like moths to a flame. Continue reading “Review: Another Woman’s Husband by Gill Paul”

Special Feature: The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy #1) by Signe Pike

The headline for this book on my pitch was Outlander meets King Arthur. I didn’t even need to read further. I love Outlander and haven’t read too much Arthurian lit but I was immediately sold!

I will be reviewing this book in October, but it’s now officially out for purchase so I wanted to make sure that you had this book on your radar! To say that I’m excited for this book is an understatement! Look at the beautiful cover and promising story? I can’t wait to crack it open, can you?

THE LOST QUEEN by Signe Pike has everything a reader could want in a big, bold novel: courage in battle, enchantment, a changing society at war with itself, smoldering passion, treachery and betrayal, and beautiful writing about the natural world.

THE LOST QUEEN is a spellbinding first novel of a debut trilogy that reveals the untold story of Languoreth, a forgotten queen of sixth-century Scotland and twin sister of the man who inspired the legend of Merlin.

An extraordinary, deeply researched tale, THE LOST QUEEN conjures Arthurian myth from the perspective of a smart, strong, and powerful woman—who can throw a knife, read her twin brother’s thoughts, and fall in love with one man but marry another. A woman who must take frightening risks and make unimaginable sacrifices to secure the future of her people.

Catapulted into a world of violence and political uprising both inside and outside of her kingdom, Languoreth must grow up fast as she learns to wield what authority she has within the confines of her time—and to experience love and passion on her own terms. Continue reading “Special Feature: The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy #1) by Signe Pike”

Review: The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani

One of the things that caught my eye with this book was the beautiful cover. I love the white flower against the red backdrop and the little gold/yellow details and accents.

I also loved that this book was set in India. There is something about India that seems so beautiful and exotic and I just loved that this book was going to incorporate that rich culture.

The summary sounded interesting but it was really the promise of something new and different culturally, that drew me into this story.

Nothing prepares Jaya, a New York journalist, for the heartbreak of her third miscarriage and the slow unraveling of her marriage in its wake. Desperate to assuage her deep anguish, she decides to go to India to uncover answers to her family’s past. Continue reading “Review: The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani”