Review: The Light at Wyndcliff (Cornwall #3) by Sarah E. Ladd

I have only read one or two books by Sarah Ladd and I have enjoyed them but this isn’t an author that I would go in search of at a bookstore—until now.

This cover is what initially drew me in but the description of the book is what made me agree to reviewing it. Before this book, Sarah Ladd would have been an author that I would have picked up if I saw the book on an end cap or something or other, but after reading this one, I would gladly go in search of her novels the next time I go to a bookstore.

There is something so mysterious and alluring about the Cornish coast for me and this book captured all the things I like best about historical romances. I have also decided that I need the other books in the series as well because I am not ready to leave the Cornish coast just yet.

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Special Feature: Reviving The Hawthorn Sisters by Emily Carpenter

Emily Carpenter has written quite a few books and has a healthy following of dedicated fans around the mystery genre. I have yet to read one of her books but this author has been on my radar for quite some time.

This book might be her best yet judging from what early reviews have said and truth be told, this one sounds full of Gothic goodness and suspense that I rearranged my review schedule to fit in a review a little later on this fall!

Today thought, I am sharing all the info with you guys so that you too can pick up a copy and add it to your TBR. Fans of mysteries and rich Gothic atmosphere will want this one on their radar for sure!

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First Impression: Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts by Billy Hallowell

For hundreds of years, humans have been fascinated with the dead. Whether it’s been contacting loved ones in seances, haunted houses, or searching for a spiritual connection that will be with them in the afterlife.

This non fiction book explores the occult world of demons and ghosts but through the perspective of faith. Right away this is what attracted me to this book. I thought it would be an interesting study about what you believe and how the occult factors into that.

When I picked this one up I was interested to see how the author explored these topics and was eager to check out his writing style since he is an investigative journalist. Though I don’t read a lot of non fiction I was curious to see what direction this book went in.

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Special Feature: A California Christmas (Silver Springs #7) by Brenda Novak

The stores are already getting all their holiday decor out and all the holiday reads are hitting store shelves as well. I was just at the grocery store this week and one of the checkout lines had a bunch of Christmas reads lined up tempting readers in line!

While I am still reveling in all the fall goodness right now, I am still building up my holiday reading list and Brenda Novak is one holiday romance writer to watch! Not to mention that cover is giving me major holiday vibes right now!

Today I have her latest holiday romance up for special feature and I am thrilled to bring a little bit about this one to all of you guys. If you love the Hallmark Channel and all the holiday movies then this might be the book for you. She always writes such great holiday romances so don’t miss out!

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Review: Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

I have only read one book by Lisa Jewell but I loved it and I was so excited to receive and ARC of her latest novel to read this fall!

I really enjoyed The Family Upstairs but this one sounded a little darker and more intense than The Family Upstairs, but I was really looking forward to it and was eager to sit down on a dark and stormy lazy weekend to devour this one.

One thing that I felt after reading Jewell’s The Family Upstairs was that she has a great way of adding substance and depth to all of her characters which is not always the case in the thriller genre. So when I picked this one up, that’s what I was expecting, in depth characters in a fast paced novel.

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