Special Feature: A Forgotten Murder (Medlar Mystery #3) by Jude Deveraux

I feel like every writer should strive to be as versatile and prolific as Jude Deveraux! She can write romance novels, historical fiction, mysteries, family sages/dramas. I mean she is so talented and is able to write so many genres without batting an eye lash!

This latest novel is out now and the third in her best selling romantic mystery series. While I couldn’t fit it in for review, it sounds so good that I picked up the first in the series and plan on reading it later this summer!

This series has been called cozy but also has romantic elements so either way I am open to checking it out but what really got my eye was the mention of an English manor house as part of the setting. I am a sucker for an English manor house so as you can all imagine, I am adding this one to my TBR right now! Continue reading “Special Feature: A Forgotten Murder (Medlar Mystery #3) by Jude Deveraux”

Review: A Murderous Relation (Veronica Speedwell #5) by Deanna Raybourn

Deanna Raybourn is one of my go to authors when I am looking for a solid historical murder mystery. I fell in love with the Veronica Speedwell books form the very beginning and have loved watching this series evolve.

I actually read this one way back in November when my ARC arrived. Like the day after it arrived. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and start reading.

I have heard that the author has signed on to do another three I believe and I actually kind of wondered if the author found this out in the middle of writing this one because it felt a little like a bridge book. Continue reading “Review: A Murderous Relation (Veronica Speedwell #5) by Deanna Raybourn”

Review: Egg Drop Dead (A Noodle Shop Mystery #5) by Vivien Chien

I picked up this mystery series on a whim when it first came out. I had no idea what to expect but I was craving ramen noodles and when I saw the cover of the first book, I felt like I could enjoy ramen noodles without actually having to eat ramen noodles (spoiler, I still ate ramen).

What I found with this series was a refreshing colorful series with lots of fun and quirky characters. When I pick up a cozy to read, so many of them are set in small towns and are full of baking or cat owning characters. Does this series have that? Well yes—-and no. I mean Lana Lee works at a Chinese restaurant, so baking—check. And she owns a dog—so owns animal, check. And it’s set in Cleveland Ohio—not so small town, small town. Basically, this series manages to tick the cozy boxes while still being different and memorable.

I fell in love with Lana Lee and I get ridiculously excited when I see a new Noodle Shop Mystery coming out because I feel like Lana still fits the cozy mould but she also manages to stay young hip and relevant for the 30 something readers. Continue reading “Review: Egg Drop Dead (A Noodle Shop Mystery #5) by Vivien Chien”

Special Feature/Excerpt: Paw of the Jungle (Paw Enforcement #8) by Diane Kelly

If there is a way to tempt me with a book, it’s to slap a dog on the front cover. I adore books that feature my favorite fury friends and this book was no exception.

I thought the cover was adorable and the series sounded fun and light. I love mysteries that incorporate animals but at times it’s admittedly hard to do animal detectives well.

Diane Kelly has clearly been doing something right as this is the 8th book in the series and it has a large fan base. I am thrilled to be able to bring a special sneak peak to all of my lovely readers today! Continue reading “Special Feature/Excerpt: Paw of the Jungle (Paw Enforcement #8) by Diane Kelly”

Review: Lady Takes the Case (Manor Cat Mystery #1) by Eliza Casey

As soon as this book appeared on my desk I was eager to read it. I thought the cover was pretty and I love lady detective novels so basically this book was a must read for me.

I was looking for something light and just fun since I had come off reading a few heaver read, it sounded perfect.

This book boasts a well known romance writer writing under a pseudonym, though we are never told who the well known writer is. I was curious to see how that translated into a mystery novel, and I was admittedly even more curious about who said writer was. Continue reading “Review: Lady Takes the Case (Manor Cat Mystery #1) by Eliza Casey”