Special Feature: The Silver Shooter (Rose Gallagher #3) by Erin Lindsey

This series right here has been a fun little reading escape for me! I have really enjoyed the last two books and am looking forward to reading this one soon. I couldn’t fit it into my review calendar but I am really excited about seeing what Rose Gallagher gets up to next!

The second book really show maturity for the writer and growth so I am eager to check this one out. If you love female sleuths and historical mysteries then this is a series you need to get on your radar!

The mysteries are always fun and I love Rose Gallagher’s thought process for unraveling them. She’s great and this one sounds like it’s going to have a little bit of a super natural element so it might be a little different than the first books. Keep reading to get all the details for this upcoming release!

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Special Feature: Without a Brew (Sloan Krause #4) by Ellie Alexander

I have been a big fan of Ellie Alexander! I have enjoyed this series quite a bit but couldn’t get it on my review schedule for the fall, however I am going to read it later on this winter!

Alexander is a Pacific Northwest writer and I have loved reading her books that are all set in Oregon and Washington. Many of the places I know and recognize which makes the book hold a special place in my heart!

This particular series has a craft brew element which may or may not be you thing but I personally enjoyed it and I love all of her descriptions of the beers not to mention the food! Alexander also consistently crafts a great mystery and I have no reason to believe this book will be any different!

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Special Feature: The Solace of Bay Leaves (A Spice Shop Mystery #5) by Leslie Budewitz

One of the things that caught my eye about this series is the setting. I absolutely live Pike’s Market in Seattle and the author captures the vibrance of that market in this series. I can just picture this spice shop at Pike’s Market and for me that really made the books I have read!

Sadly I couldn’t fit this latest installment to the series into my review calendar but I wanted to get this one on your radar, especially if you are a fan of cozy mysteries. I believe that each book could be read as a standalone but for overall effect, I would start with the first one, but again it’s not necessary.

The author has also done a great job creating likable characters that stand out as well as a masterfully crafted mystery. Keep reading for all the details about this upcoming installment to this cozy mystery and be sure to get it on your TBR this fall!

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Review: Murder on Cold Street (Lady Sherlock #5) by Sherry Thomas

This is a series that I am so glad I decided to try again. When I read the first book, I couldn’t even finish it. I struggled to get into the series and the first book. I DNF about 20% of the way through and felt incredibly sad about it because by all accounts this was a series that I should have loved.

I kept seeing the books coming out and so many people raving about them that I kept wondering if I just was missing something and maybe needed to give it another go. But I held off because it’s hard to change my mind once I hav DNF a book.

But eventually I picked up one of the third book in the series and thought it was better than I remembered and then I picked up the fourth book and was once again pleasantly surprised so when this one came up for review I decided to go for it.

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Review: A Pretty Deceit (Verity Kent #4) by Anna Lee Huber

I have been a long time fan of Anna Lee Huber and I have read every single one of her books. I never miss one of her new releases so obviously I had the next Verity Kent book on my calendar months before its release.

When I first started this series it felt different than Huber’s other books not just in time period but in characters too. Verity Kent has a lot more grit and grey area to her than some of Huber’s other heroines.

And don’t even get me started on Sidney. I have struggled with Sidney’s character since the first book and have in all honesty never quite warmed up to him based on some of his deception. But I have stuck out this series because it is excellent. Continue reading “Review: A Pretty Deceit (Verity Kent #4) by Anna Lee Huber”