Review: Well Traveled (Well Met #4) by Jen DeLuca (Audible Edition)

This series was my favorite obsession last year. I binge read the books and loved them all in their own ways and had no idea that Renaissance Fair romance was even a thing that I would be into but here we are. I honestly thought the third book would be the last as most of the reoccurring characters had indeed met their matches but then this one came up as Dex’s story. If you have read the previous books you will remember Dex as the Ren Fair Romeo who has a ‘girl at every fair’ that he hooks up with. So I thought this one sounded like it would be a solid read and was eager to start it!

This series is so quirky, when I think of hot romances I do not think of Renaissance Fairs as the setting for that, but after reading the first book I was fully hooked and thought this was a really new and refreshing take on a contempo romance. I loved the setting and characters that we continue to meet through out the series. I will say that this particular book is the fourth one in the series and while it can certainly be read as a standalone, there are references to former relationships and character history that might be further appreciated by reading the other books in the series first.

I had high hopes for this one. Mostly because Dax has been in every book, or at least mentioned in every book and his history is well established and the ‘rake’. I was so excited to see the woman that finally swept him off his feet and made him settle down. I was a little surprised that it was a character that we had formerly met (hence why I feel like readers would get more out of this one having read the other books in the series first). Louisa wouldn’t have been my first pick for Dax, but I like Louisa and was eager to see how this whole romance came about and played out on the fields of the Ren Fair!

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Special Feature: The Sister Effect by Susan Mallery

I have been a Susan Mallery fan for some time now and I am always excited to check out whatever new book she comes out with! Susan Mallery is a prolific writer with many many many novels under her belt. Some run more toward romance while others are more women’s fiction but I always find something to love whenever I crack open one of her books! She is one of my top beach reads authors, I always feel like I read something well written and worth while when I read her books.

I couldn’t fit this one in on my review schedule—but I have all the details and a little sneak peak for you readers! Plus I am sure this one will be making a reappearance on my blog as a review later this spring/summer. This book sounds like it will be more on the familial relationships than some of her other books but I am totally excited to see what kind of story Mallery has for us this spring!

If you have read Mallery’s books before, you will know how talented she is. Her books feature well developed characters with strong, memorable personalities. I think readers will enjoy discovering the characters in this book as well as relate to some of the family struggles. Families are complicated across the board and I love how Mallery always manages to bring that to life in her books. If you haven’t yet discovered Susan Mallery, then you will find no shortage of fans and books to pick from! Fans all have their favorites so I would suggest picking up any of her books that catch your eye, they are all so good. But with a cover like this one, it will be hard to pass on!

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Special Feature/Excerpt: Johanna Porter is Not Sorry by Sara Read

Something about this book just spoke to me. Hot rising star in the art world, turned no body soccer mom. I mean isn’t that the fear of every woman who has a child—that they will fade into obscurity. Not that I would regret ever having a child, but I can totally relate to just this single summary sentence. The second I had my son and became a stay at home mom, I felt completely out of the loop at my old job. I never heard from anyone and the education world moved on without me which was hard to process. So when I saw this little part of the summery I was like SOLD, I need to read this book.

But my reading calendar was full, so I opted for a feature and excerpt instead but know that this book is on my TBR list for the upcoming spring/summer. I had a few early reviews online and I am certain this is going to be a book I will really enjoy. A mom who loves the F word—-yes! The main characters receives a mysterious invitation to the art world—-also yes! It sounds sassy, smart and I love the whole middle aged female lead who decided to take back what is hers. I am simply so excited for this one!

I think this book has so much to offer especially to readers who are in the 40 year old demographic like me. I can already relate to Johanna Porter and I cannot wait to read this book. Today I have an excerpt for you guys to check out and if you are as compelled as I was after reading the excerpt, you will definitely want to get this one on your TBR list for the spring!

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Review: The True Love Bookshop (Somerset Lake #3) by Annie Rains

Prior to reading this book, I had never heard of Annie Rains. But then when I looked her up on Goodreads, I found that I did recognize some of her book covers! They all look like Hallmark holiday movie covers and I am totally here for it! After recognizing her covers I was even more excited to read this book, considering I had in fact picked up one of her holiday books in line at the grocery store this year to check out while waiting to check out!

So what made me say yes to reading this one? Well, when it came across my desk for review, I couldn’t wait to pick up something light hearted and happy! I am almost always game for something light and happy especially at the holiday season. But the last few months I have been on a full tilt murder mystery kick and I needed this light and happy book now more than ever! So I wholeheartedly agreed to review this one in an instant! I am so glad that I did too!

This book came at the perfect time for me, and even though it’s part of a series, I didn’t feel lost or anything in this one. It had it’s own unique storyline and characters and honestly how could I pass on a book about finding love in a bookshop?! The answer is—-I couldn’t! What I didn’t count on was the unexpected mystery contained in this story. It was the perfect book to segue from all the intense thrillers I’ve been reading—a book with a bit of a mystery to satisfy my mystery craving, but also a HEA with romance and books!

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Special Feature: In it to Win it by Sharon C Cooper

In the last few years, the publishing industry has been blasting our bookshelves with BIPOC authors and novels and I am absolutely here for it! I think representation is so important even if I am Caucasian, I have a biracial child and LOVE seeing diversity in books, television, and movies! I also love all the focus on having more plus size characters in books, overall this movement for inclusion and representation has been such a welcome change in many different media—books being one of them!

Author Sharon C Cooper has written multiple successful romance novels and series and this latest novel, In it to Win it, is just her latest! This book features a modern competitive romance story with strong characters and I think readers of multiple demographics will find something to love in this one based on the early reviews I have been reading! I was so sad that I couldn’t fit it into my review schedule but was excited to share it with you guys!

The first thing that caught my eye about this one was the plot. I liked the ‘in the trenches’ female lead, Morgan, who is fighting hard to make a life for herself and help children in her community. Then you have this billionaire developer who has a history with Morgan who also wants two buy the property Morgan is interested in. This sounds like such a great story filled with tension, chemistry, and a modern story line! If. you are looking for a new romance to check out then you don’t want. to miss this one!

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