Review: The Man She Married by Cathy Lamb

I always love meeting new to me authors in roundabout ways. Earlier this year I happened to be invited to book blogger week over at Tall Poppy Writers and found an outstanding community of authors who are dedicated to interacting with their audiences.

I have read and reviewed a number of authors from this group, but at the time I didn’t know they were part of this amazing community… fact I only just discovered the group a few weeks ago as I mentioned, and I had been reading a number of Poppy Writers for years!

Anyway, so I participated in their book blogger week met a number of new to me authors, one of which was Cathy Lamb, who also happens to live in the Portland, OR area which is about 45 min north of where I live. Small world!

She asked if I would be interested in reading her latest book, The Man She Married, and I was happy to do so. I didn’t really know much about the book or the author, but I was at least willing to support a fellow Oregonian by reading the book…..but was I in store for something that was not only interesting, but also different that I hadn’t been expecting. Continue reading “Review: The Man She Married by Cathy Lamb”


Review: True Places by Sonja Yoerg

I have been long impressed with Yoerg’s novels and when she has a new one come up, I am always happy to review it! One of the things that I love about Yoerg’s books is that they are standalone novels and the character arcs are wrapped up in the book rather than stretching it out to multiple novels.

She writes strong and impactful stories that leave readers satisfied with a resolved story that will stand out in the readers minds. This latest book is no different—a strong and memorable plot the left me wanting more yet left me feeling satisfied by the resolution.

A girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, and alone…and collapses.

Suzanne Blakemore hurtles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, away from her overscheduled and completely normal life, and encounters the girl. As Suzanne rushes her to the hospital, she never imagines how the encounter will change her—a change she both fears and desperately needs. Continue reading “Review: True Places by Sonja Yoerg”

Review: Season of Wonder (Haven Point #9) by RaeAnne Thayne

If I’m judging this book by it’s cover, the first thing that goes through my mind is ‘pass’ mostly because it reminds me of something my grandma would read.

Most of Thayne’s books have a quaint cottage on the front and it just doesn’t scream romance to me. Over the last few years, I’ve tried to pick books based on what the summary says versus what the cover looks like.

That was how I found Thayne in the first place. When I was pitched my first Thayne book, the image of the book cover wouldn’t load. I enjoyed the summary and agreed to read it. Then I hoped on Goodreads and was like ‘ugh why did I decide to review a granny book?’

It was too late to back out so I went ahead and decided to soldier on… my surprise, the book wasn’t my grandma’s romance novel! It was like watching a Hallmark movie on steroids but in book form! Continue reading “Review: Season of Wonder (Haven Point #9) by RaeAnne Thayne”

Review: Another Woman’s Husband by Gill Paul

This book kept hoping up randomly as an advertisement on Goodreads. At first I kind of ignored it but then I stared seeing people talking about it on Twitter and Instagram

The next thing I know, I am picking it up at the library to read. Clearly the title indicates that this book is probably going to contain a little love triangle of sorts, but it’s so much more than that. This was an exceptional read and I was thrilled to crack it open each night.

1911: When fifteen-year-old Mary Kirk meets Wallis Warfield at summer camp, she’s immediately captivated by her fearless, brazen, and self-assured personality. And Wallis has a way with the boys who are drawn to her like moths to a flame. Continue reading “Review: Another Woman’s Husband by Gill Paul”

Review: The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani

One of the things that caught my eye with this book was the beautiful cover. I love the white flower against the red backdrop and the little gold/yellow details and accents.

I also loved that this book was set in India. There is something about India that seems so beautiful and exotic and I just loved that this book was going to incorporate that rich culture.

The summary sounded interesting but it was really the promise of something new and different culturally, that drew me into this story.

Nothing prepares Jaya, a New York journalist, for the heartbreak of her third miscarriage and the slow unraveling of her marriage in its wake. Desperate to assuage her deep anguish, she decides to go to India to uncover answers to her family’s past. Continue reading “Review: The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani”