Review: Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven #2) by Pat Esden

When I started reading this one, I didn’t know that it was part of a series. I read the summary and I thought it sounded interesting and I was totally on board with reading it.

I started to notice fairly quickly that I was missing some gaps in the story and I went on to Goodreads and noticed that it was in fact the second book in a series. I decided to keep plugging away at this book though rather than go back to read the first book.

While I was missing some bits of the larger story, I thought the author was doing a reasonable job keeping the reader up on the goings on of the previous book. Continue reading “Review: Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven #2) by Pat Esden”

Special Feature: A Sanctuary of Spirits (Spectral City #2) by Leanna Renee Hieber

Leanna Renee Hieber is such a strong writer when it comes to historical fiction mixed with the paranormal. I have read her Strangely Beautiful series and thought it was wonderful!

I also read the first book in this series and thought it was equally exciting and well written. I was so sad that I couldn’t fit this next installment into my review calendar but I am thriller that I get to share a little about this book with all of you guys!

I adore Hieber’s books, it’s like she gets me, I love the Victorian/Gothic/Gaslight Fiction so much and you can tell that she loves this time period and style in her books. If you love historical fiction mixed with some paranormal and sizzling romance, this is your writer. Continue reading “Special Feature: A Sanctuary of Spirits (Spectral City #2) by Leanna Renee Hieber”

Review: The Shining by Stephen King

Every year my sister and I pick a scary book for October and do a buddy read. Last year we did Frankenstein and we both hated it so much that we both DNF!

This year we vowed to pick something better. We tossed around a few options but ultimately settled on this classic horror novel by the king of horror Stephen King himself.

Neither of us have read King before so we thought this one would be a good starting point. Wait—I take that back. I started reading The Gunslinger and I had no idea what was going on so I stopped reading it so I don’t count that as a ‘read’ King book. Anyway, The Shining is such a classic film and book (we haven’t seen the film yet either!) in pop culture and we both agreed that starting with this one would be a good option. Continue reading “Review: The Shining by Stephen King”

Review: A Golden Grave (Rose Gallagher #2) by Erin Lindsey

I read the first book in this historical mystery series, Murder on Millionaires’ Row, back in 2018 and thought it was a solid beginning to her new series.

This author has written other fantasy novels but the Rose Gallagher series is a new genre for her and I thought she made a nice transition but I wasn’t completely sold on the series as there were some things that I thought needed a little working out and polishing.

While I had some reservations, I know that the transition from fantasy to historical fiction can be challenging so I decided to give this series another stab and see how things evolved with this latest installment. Continue reading “Review: A Golden Grave (Rose Gallagher #2) by Erin Lindsey”

Review: The Ghost of Hollow House (Mina Scarletti #4) by Linda Stratmann

Everyone knows that I am a sucker for Victorian gothic novels. I just can’t get enough of that genre and the ghost element of this book totally appealed to me.

An isolated mansion with a ghost—how was I supposed to say no to that? Especially going into fall?

The answer is, I couldn’t.

The premise sounded too intriguing and like something that was right up my alley.  I don’t know that the cover was doing a whole lot for me—to me it seemed more like the cover for an adventure novel, rather than a novel with a haunted mansion, but I was open to reading it either way. Though this book is the fourth in a series, I was hoping I hadn’t missed too much by picking it up so late in the game. Continue reading “Review: The Ghost of Hollow House (Mina Scarletti #4) by Linda Stratmann”