Review: The Inheritance (Charles Lenox Mysteries #10) by Charles Finch

One of my favorite ‘armchair detectives’ is back…..though he’s less of an amateur and more of a professional than he was in the first books!

Charles Lenox receives a cryptic note from a former classmate, pleading for help and eludes to the fact that he might be in danger. Lenox and his friend Leigh agree to meet but when Leigh doesn’t turn up, Lenox begins to worry.

Fortunately Leigh is found alive but his lawyer is not……and it’s clear that Leigh is being stalked by a group of gangsters but what is unclear is the why? Leigh was lured back to London after many years abroad, with the promise of a substantial fortune… a mysterious benefactor.

Lenox and Leigh are no strangers to the ‘mysterious benefactor’ AKA the ‘MB’ as it’s a mystery they have tried to solve (rather unsuccessfully) since childhood.

Could the fortune and the MB be the reason why Leigh is being targeted? Or could it be his work in science that has upset someone to the point of murder?

Lenox begins to unravel his longest mystery yet….who was the MB and who would want Leigh dead?


Review: Romancing the Inventor (Supernatural Society #1) by Gail Carriger

In the Parasol Protectorate books, one of my most favorite characters was the unconventionalĀ Genevieve Lefoux.

So when a short story was presented about the inventor I was totally on board.

I am a huge fan of Gail Carriger’s books and even though I don’t read a lot of short stories nor have I read any LBGTQ literature, I couldn’t help but want to read about the fascinating character that is Madam Lefoux.


Review: Dark Road to Darjeeling (Lady Julia Grey #4) by Deanna Raybourn

Fall is the perfect time to read a good mystery… fall reading is always full of mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and detective novel.

We have had a few foggy mornings here in the Pacific Northwest so I couldn’t help but read yet another Lady Julia mystery!

This book finds the newly married Lady Julia and her husband, Nicholas Brisbane, enjoying their honeymoon abroad when a couple of Julia’s siblings show up and beg them to join them on the road to India.

Julia’s sister, Portia, is sure that her long time friend and lover, Jane, is in danger. Jane recently abandoned Portia for a more ‘conventional life’ with Freddy Cavendish in India. When Freddy turns up dead under mysterious circumstance leaving his pregnant wife Jane alone in a foreign lan, Portia fears something sinister is afoot.


Review: Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey #3.5) by Deanna Raybourn

So I rarely do anything by halves…..especially when it comes to reading! Though I tend to shy away from novellas because I always feel they are incomplete or just fluff but something compelled me to read this Lady Julia novella.

On one hand, it was simply fluff but on the other hand I wanted to read in detail about Lady Julia and Brisbane’s wedding so I spent the $1.99 and bought the novella!

This ‘mystery’ basically covers the days leading up to the wedding with a little case of hidden identity thrown in. Lady Julia wants nothing more than to marry her friend and sort of colleague, Nicholas Brisbane.

The wedding is happening at her father’s estate on Midsummer Night. All of English society is going to be there, even the gypsies have made camp on her father’s land hoping for an invitation to the nuptials.

Even a former villain makes an appearance hoping to score big with all the wealth staying at the Abbey.


Review: Silent on the Moor (Lady Julia Grey #3) by Deanna Raybourn

Yes people, I am reading yet another Deanna Raybourn book. Sometimes it just so happens that I find a great series and fall in love with the characters and simply must binge read all the books in the series!

Which is exactly what’s happened here….I’ve fallen in love with Lady Julia and I think this is my favorite in the series so far!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wuthering Heights and anything set on ‘the moors’ so based on this book’s title, I knew I was going to love this one!

In this book, Lady Julia has decided once and for all to put a label on her relationship with her sort of partner, Nicholas Brisbane.

Throughout the previous books, there has been an electric relationship forming between the two and though they have a basic understanding, neither of them are ready to make any kind of grande gesture or define their relationship.


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