Review: The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

Can it even be summer without a new Mary Kay Andrews book? The answer is no—no it cannot! I started reading some of MKA’s books a couple of years ago and they are always good as a beach read or a quick read on a plane on the way to your latest vacation destination! I picked this one up and read it in a matter of days which is what I expect when I pick up any of her books.

This book featured both a romance and a little bit of a murder mystery and I just loved that combo. If you love beach reads you no doubt have read MKA and know how great of a writer she is. She is the Queen of Beach Reads and I cannot dispute that. She is a prolific and seasoned writer who knows exactly how to craft a well written novel.

If you haven’t read MKA before, you really can’t go wrong with any of her books so just grab one and dive in and if you have managed to read this far I would encourage you to just grab this one because it’s another classic MKA book and if you haven’t read anything by her then this one is just as good as any so why not grab it!

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Special Feature: The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French

I have read a few books by Nicci French and I have enjoyed most of them. I always get excited when I see that a new book is coming out because the mysteries have been intelligent and well thought out. Some I have liked better than others but overall they have been entertaining reads and I have been content with how they finished.

One of the reasons I am really excited for this latest novel, is the summary. It sounds like it’s going to be a sexy, tempting thriller full of twists and turns. It sounds a little different from the other Nicci French novels that I have read which is exciting. I know it’s been out in the UK for a while now and the reviews look solid so I am really looking forward to this new release here in the US.

If you are looking for an established and proven author, the duo that is Nicci French is a great option! They are a husband and wife writing team and I think it adds an interesting perspective to the novels. While seamless, their approach is unique and fun to read. I am super excited to share a little bit about this one today and I plan on reading it later this summer so be watching for my review then!

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Special Feature: Death with a Double Edge (Daniel Pitt #4) by Anne Perry

If you love mysteries, Anne Perry will be a familiar author to you! While I haven’t read her books, I absolutely know the name! Her books are the ones that I walk past at the bookstores and think, ‘I need to read her books!’, but knowing that there are currently 32 books in her most popular series, Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, it just seems daunting to go back and read them all!

That’s why this series sounds so much more manageable! This latest book is fourth in the Daniel Pitt series and reading four books sounds much easier than reading 32. Perry is a prolific mystery writer with numerous, successful series under her belt! If you are looking for a tried and true mystery writer there are few who can achieve Perry’s caliber!

I think the most intriguing part of all Perry’s stories is she actually served time for murder. In my mind that adds some authenticity to her stories as she has first hand knowledge of murder, solving crimes, and the trial which is what makes me so excited to read her books. I actually have the first two books in this series on my iPad and I think I am going to be moving them up on my TBR list as this one in particular sounds wonderful plus the detective duo are mother and son and really how cute is that! I cannot wait to start this one!

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Special Feature: Her Three Lives by Cate Holahan

The first thing that attracted me about this book was the summary. Right away it was clear that there would be a lot of secrets. There are three different things going on for one of the main characters—a public life, a personal life, and a secret life. I thought it sounded very intriguing and it instantly put me on edge.

I also liked the idea of a home invasion. When I was living in Arizona, home invasion robberies happened fairly frequently since there was a lot of cartel activity in that area while I was living there. It was absolutely terrifying to think of someone breaking into my home while I was there. Home is the once place you are supposed to feel safe and to violate that feeling is crippling. So the summary coupled with this home invasion already made me feel uneasy and anxious to find out what was going on!

I have this one on my TBR and I hope that you do too! It sounds like it’s going to be dark and twisty and I am so here for it! It’s out today and I am really looking forward to checking it out! It’s been getting great early reviews so be sure to snag yourself a copy because it sounds like a thriller you do not want to miss!

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Special Feature: When A Stranger Comes to Town by Michael Koryta

Where are my murderionos at? Are you obsessed with mysteries? I know I sure am! I love a classic whodunnit and while I love full length novels, there is something enticing about an anthology of short stories. Anthologies or short stories always seen to have one or two really good stories and then a few that just aren’t as great which always makes me a little wary when it comes to reading them, however, I really liked the idea of shorter mysteries for one reason—they reminded me of a tv show set up.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had terrible nausea all day. I spent 6 weeks in bed watching ID Discovery Chanel and some of my favorite shows were ones that featured multiple different mysteries in the episode. That’s what short stories remind me of—-short tv shows versus a longer feature fill (like a novel) so I was instantly attracted to this book and I loved the ‘stranger danger’ troupe!

I love that it takes the ‘stranger danger’ component and really brings that to the forefront of the mystery anthology! There are some serious powerhouse writers featured in this anthology (Joe Hill!) and I cannot wait to check it out. If you love mysteries and are looking for a different approach to mysteries then this might be a great anthology to start with! Be sure to check it out, it’s coming out tomorrow!

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