Review: The Queen’s Accomplice (Maggie Hope Mystery #6) by Susan Elia MacNeal

I’ve been a fan of Maggie Hope for quite some time now. I read the first book when it came out and fell in love with that sassy red head.

Over the years, Maggie’s adventures have been one part spy and one part detective/mystery series. Maggie has also evolved immensely as a character which if both exciting and at times a little sad when you look back on how much she has changed over the course of the books.

In this book, there is a madman on the loose, systematically murdering women in the fashion of Jack the Ripper. Dubbed ‘The Blackout Beast’ by the press and the women of London disappearing only to turn up mutilated, Maggie is recruited by MI-5 to assist on the case.


Review: The Pursuit of Pearls (Clara Vine #4) by Jane Thynne

In the spring of 1939 war is on the horizon. Clara Vine is living in Nazi Germany working as an actress but that’s not the only thing she’s doing.

She is also there to spy on the personal lives of top Nazi leaders for British intelligence. Each day that Clara remains in Berlin is a day closer to war and should she be caught, she would be in grave danger.

Suddenly, someone close to Clara is found murdered. The victim is Lottie Franke, an aspiring costume designer and student at the prestigious Faith and Beauty finishing school that trains young women to become the wives of the Nazi elite.

While the press considers Lottie’s death the act of a lone madman, Clara uncovers deeper threads, tangled lines that seem to reach into the darkest depths of the Reich—and to a precious discovery that Hitler and his ruthless cohorts would kill for.


Review: Midnight in Berlin by James MacManus

I am a sucker for war romances…..and that’s sort of what I thought I was getting with this book.

While it does have elements of romance, it’s more of a book about the beginning days of WWII and what was going on behind the scenes with diplomatic discussions etc.

Berlin, 1938. Newly-appointed diplomat, Noel Macrae and his wife Primrose arrive at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Prime Minister Chamberlain is intent on placating Nazi Germany, but Macrae is less so.

Convinced Hitler can be stopped by other means than appeasement, he soon discovers he is not the only dissenting voice in the Embassy and finds that some senior officers in the German military are prepared to turn against the Fuhrer.

Gathering vital intelligence, Macrae is drawn to a Nazi bordello and its enigmatic Jewish hostess Sara Sternschein. Sara is a treasure-trove of knowledge about the Nazi hierarchy in a city of lies, spies and secrets.


Review: A Prisoner in Malta by Phillip DePoy

Someone is plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham has changed the nineteen year old Christopher Marlowe with tracking down the truth of this impending threat.

The only thing anyone knows for sure is there is a prisoner who has information about the plot and Walsingham feels sure that Marlowe can rescue the prisoner and discover what there is to know about the threat. Christopher Marlowe has quite the reputation….he’s known as a brawler, womanizer, genius, and social upstart at Cambridge.

His investigation will take him through a treacherous world of Catholic sympathizers, the Spanish government, and double agents…..this isn’t going to be an open and shut case… will challenge Marlowe in many ways! But can he solve the case before it’s too late?


Review: Mrs Roosevelt’s Confidante (Maggie Hope Mystery #5) by Susan Elia MacNeal

Maggie Hope has just landed state side after being in England for quite some time. She has come with Prime Minister Churchill and the rest of his cabinet to meet with President Roosevelt weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The two world leaders plan on presenting a unified front to the world as allies in the wars against Germany and the Japanese but their relationship is tedious. Any little scandal could threaten to undo their diplomatic relationship.

And the murder of a White House aide qualifies as a scandal!

Mrs Roosevelt’s secretary, Blanche, failed to show up for work and Mrs Roosevelt herself insists on checking up on her. She takes Maggie along with her, and when they arrive at Blanche’s apartment, she is already dead. It appears that she committed suicide but as the story unfolds, murder appears to be more likely. They also discover a rubbing of a note that incriminates the First Lady in a scandal….but the original note is missing.

Maggie plans on protecting the First Lady and solving the murder before the note gets leaked to the press and over turns the diplomatic relations between the two nations. (more…)

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