Review: Mother Daughter Traitor Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal

Big big big fan of Susan Elia MacNeal here! I have loved her Maggie Hope series over the years and when I saw this one was coming out, I actually thought it was maybe a novella or something tied to the Maggie Hope series. If you are familiar with the Maggie Hope books, then you will know that spying and familial connections play a big role. So just based on the title I thought surely this book would tie into the Maggie books some how. However, it’s actually a stand alone book! No connection to the Maggie books.

I I know that for some authors it’s hard to branch out into a world of standalone books. Authors get to be ‘known’ for a character, or series etc and next thing you know they have become pigeon holed. I think what works for this one is MacNeal sticks to familiar territory. She knows her history and always does such a great job developing the historical context. While this book wasn’t a Maggie book, I felt connected to the time period and setting in the same way that I would with one of her series books.

I love this book for new fans of MacNeal. The Maggie books are about 10 books into the series and sometimes it can be intimidating to go back and read the whole series in order to get caught up before the next release comes out. This book gives interested and new readers the chance to explore MacNeal’s writing and style without having to go back and read a whole series. It is a great standalone novel and should not be missed!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception (The Secret Life of Mary Bennet #3) by Katherine Cowley

Mary Bennet was my least favorite Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice. I even liked Lydia better than Mary if you can believe that! Mary was alway the mellow-dramatic one and the one with the most limited character and plot lines etc. Which is one of the reasons this book made me really excited was it offered to give Mary Bennet a personality and her own chance to be the hero!

This is the third book in the series that turns Mary from a piano playing ensemble character and turns her into a spy for the crown in a thriller series! I am super excited to share this excerpt from the third book with you guys today. Based on the excerpt I would say that you could easily pick up this book and not feel lost in the series itself.

I think this book will appeal to historical fiction fans as well as thriller fans and no doubt classical English Lit fans will love exploring Mary Bennet in a new way. This little diamond in the rough is available now, and receiving a lot of positive feedback. So if you are looking for a thriller with a fun classical twist then you want to check this one out! Keep reading for an excerpt!

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Special Feature: Local Gone Missing by Fiona Barton

Fiona Barton is a fairly well known thriller/mystery writer. She is probably most known for her Kate Waters series which has been on the New York Times Best Seller List. With this latest book, she steps away from her well known protagonist and creates a standalone book begging to make it’s way into your beach bag this year! I know some people like reading romance or ‘beach reads’ while on vacation but I gotta say there is something about a thriller that scream beach read for me!

I haven’t read anything by Barton before so I am eager to check this one out. I love books about missing people and dark, buried secrets and this book sounds like it’s going to be full of twists turns, missing persons, and dark secrets! I cannot wait to start this one especially since it has been receiving rave early reviews! I especially like that this one is set in a small seaside town, I think it will make great reading for the summer and vacation reading!

This book is out today and just in time for summer. If you love twisty mysteries with a smart protagonist and a plot full of intrigue from an established author then you definitely want to get this one on your radar for the summer! I love that this is a standalone book and not a series so that I can read it quickly and not have to worry that I would be missing out on some larger narratives etc. Anyway, I am so excited to check this one out a little later this summer and of course share a review with you guys as soon as I am done!

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Review: The Night Shift by Alex Finlay

I had this book sitting on my TBR shelf forever. While I was on vacation I knew I wanted to read a fast paced thriller/murder mystery but I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to read or what might fit the bill. But this one kept coming up on my recommended lists in Goodreads and on Audible. Finally I gave in and picked it up on the plane ride down to Salt Lake City.

This book was an absolute perfect fit for me. It was fast paced with short chapters that advanced the plot nicely. I loved the characters and the mystery so overall it was a solid read and a good choice for a vacation read for those that prefer murder over beach reads while on vacation. Author Alex Finlay is a seasoned writer with quite a few well received thrillers under his belt and while this is my first book by him, it will NOT be my last!

I think the biggest thing that appealed to me about this book was the nostalgia factor (the original murders are set in 1999 in a video store) mixed with the now modern day copy cat murder. I knew this would be a book that I could get into quick but also set down if I needed to for something and come back to without feeling lost and that’s exactly what I got. A well written thriller that held my attention but that I could get through quickly.

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Special Feature: Midnight Dunes (The Texas Murder Files #3) by Laura Griffin

I always love a murder mystery with a side of romance! I haven’t read any of Laura Griffin’s books but I do know she has written murder and romance alike and I love that she is combining them in this new book! The Texas Murder Files is three books into the series and while I have not read the others, from what I have read it sounds like new readers can jump into this one with out an problems.

Early reviews for this new mystery have all been in the 4-5 star review range and I am so excited to check this one out a little later this summer. What mostly drew me to this one was the romantic suspense/mystery categorization. I just love murder and romance together so naturally I saw this one and my ears perked up and couldn’t wait to check it out!

By all accounts this book and overall series sound like they are all fast paced with a lot to love about the characters. Since Griffin is a seasoned writer in both genres that is hardly a surprise! I cannot wait to check out this sexy romantic mystery book and if you love murder with smart characters and vulnerable but honest main characters this is going to be a book for you this summer! Be watching for my review a little later on!

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