Review: The Light at Wyndcliff (Cornwall #3) by Sarah E. Ladd

I have only read one or two books by Sarah Ladd and I have enjoyed them but this isn’t an author that I would go in search of at a bookstore—until now.

This cover is what initially drew me in but the description of the book is what made me agree to reviewing it. Before this book, Sarah Ladd would have been an author that I would have picked up if I saw the book on an end cap or something or other, but after reading this one, I would gladly go in search of her novels the next time I go to a bookstore.

There is something so mysterious and alluring about the Cornish coast for me and this book captured all the things I like best about historical romances. I have also decided that I need the other books in the series as well because I am not ready to leave the Cornish coast just yet.

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Special Feature: A California Christmas (Silver Springs #7) by Brenda Novak

The stores are already getting all their holiday decor out and all the holiday reads are hitting store shelves as well. I was just at the grocery store this week and one of the checkout lines had a bunch of Christmas reads lined up tempting readers in line!

While I am still reveling in all the fall goodness right now, I am still building up my holiday reading list and Brenda Novak is one holiday romance writer to watch! Not to mention that cover is giving me major holiday vibes right now!

Today I have her latest holiday romance up for special feature and I am thrilled to bring a little bit about this one to all of you guys. If you love the Hallmark Channel and all the holiday movies then this might be the book for you. She always writes such great holiday romances so don’t miss out!

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Review: The Orphan of Cemetery Hill by Hester Fox

I read Hester Fox’s debut novel a couple of years ago and I was immediately drawn her to story telling style and characters. I adored her first book and the second book was even better. So to say that I was excited for this one is an understatement.

I am such a fan of her Gothic story telling and how quickly I can read her books, while they might not be as spooky as some other books I have read this Halloween season, this one was still a spooky treat for fans of Gothic novels. Also this one is set in Boston which is such a great spooky city and perfect for a novel like this.

And let me just say, that cover is to die for and I absolutely love it. I think it is my favorite so far. Fox has written three books that all feature some of my favorite Gothic elements but they are not a series so new readers have no worries that what they are picking up to read is not part of a series, they are all standalones!

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Special Feature: Return to Virgin River (Virgin River #19) by Robyn Carr

I have only read a few of Robyn Carr’s novels but I have really enjoyed the ones that I have read. I haven’t watched the Netflix series, Virgin River, yet but I know that a lot of people have been raving about it!

This is a series that I just haven’t picked up yet because there are so many books in the series. Though I think they could be read as standalone books, I would still like to read it from the beginning to get the complete experience.

Carr is such a prolific writer with a large fan base, but I think this is probably her biggest and most well known series. I think fans of Carr as well as the Virgin River series are going to be excited for this installment. Today I am so happy to bring you all a little bit about this one. It has romance, Christmas, and of course the town of Virgin River. Get excited!

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Review: Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten

This was a book that I was looking forward to all year. I was pitched it way back in March or April I think and I had it circled on my calendar for my fall reading. I don’t know that I loved the cover art but I thought the story sounded great.

I don’t know much about the Russian monarchy but because I don’t know much about it, I always find books about Russian monarchs fascinating. Like many readers, whenever I think of Russian historical fiction I always think of the Romanovs but this book is not that which was just one more reason why it appealed to me—-something different.

When it was time to start reading this one, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to sit down and get lost for a few days into a new world of courtiers and politics of the Russian monarchy.

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