Special Feature: Ruined by The Bachelor Marquess (The Bachelor #2) by Cecilia Rene

Publication Date: May 21, 2021

Series: The Bachelor Series, Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance

Will a second chance at love be enough to heal old wounds?

He failed everyone…especially her.

Henry Livingstone, the Marquess of Heartford, was destroyed by the fire that claimed his sister’s life. Haunted by her death, he fled his home and the woman he loved. When he finally returns to restore his family’s wealth, he’s met with his demons, both old and new, including Lady Julia St. John, his former fiancée and the woman he scandalously abandoned at the altar.

Once a diamond of the first water, Lady Julia St. John is a victim of cruel gossip and shunned from society. To salvage her pride, she focuses on family and rediscovers a passion for painting. Never did she imagine that she would ever see the Marquess of Heartford again…or face her utterly unresolved feelings for him. She should hate him…but hate is the last thing she feels.

When sparks fly under the same roof and attraction eclipses heartbreak, Henry and Julia are left with a choice—take the risk and fight their way to a second chance at love, or walk away forever.

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Review: The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels (Dangerous Damsels #1) by India Holton

A historical romance with pirates, sassy ladies, dashing heroes, assassins, and all the tea? Ummm yes yes yes please! I needed little persuading when it came to reviewing this one. I was so excited for this hot new historical romance and I cracked my ARC open instantly! This one has been on so many top anticipated lists this summer and clearly it was also on mine!

I am always looking for historical romances that have funny plots and snappy dialogues, not to mention charming heroes so this one sounded like a great place to start. But truth be told, I have been in a reading funk lately and I was hoping this would be the book that would pull me out of the funk. But as with many big hype books, there is always that fear that the book won’t live up to the hype. So I went into this one hoping it would live up to the hype, but also aware that it might not.

When I started this one, I was drawn in but also admittedly—–lost. Ok you ask—-lost in a good way or in a bad way? Well friends, that’s a complicated question.

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Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys #1) by Julia Quinn

After binge reading the Bridgerton books this winter, I immediately went out and bought a bunch of other Julia Quinn books and I couldn’t wait to dive in and read them! But I wasn’t really sure where to start. When it was time for our Arizona vacation, I thought this would be the perfect book to take with me since it was a light read that I could set down if I needed to.

We were flying with a four year old so I wanted to make sure I had a book that I could set down and pick up five minutes later and not have to go back and re-read the paragraph before to recall what was going on. That’s what I love about romances, they are so great for light reading that you can get distracted from and then come back to and not really miss a beat!

Honestly you can’t go wrong with Julia Quinn. Her dialogue is snappy, funny, and sassy. I love her characters and the romances are cute and believable with some steam but they don’t cross over into distasteful. I will gladly read any of her books and since finishing this one, I have ordered the next in the series as well as picked up a few others to read. I simply can’t get enough of her books!

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Special Feature: The Undercover Duke (Duke Dynasty #4) by Sabrina Jeffries

Publication Date: May 25, 2021
Zebra Books

Series: Duke Dynasty, Book 4
Genre: Historical Romance

Bridgerton fans and readers of Madeline Hunter, Eloisa James, and Lisa Kleypas won’t want to miss this humorous and clever new love story from the historical romance legend.

Along with his stepsiblings, Sheridan Wolfe, Duke of Armitage, is determined to finally solve the mysteries behind the suspicious deaths of their mother’s three husbands. Tasked with investigating a possible suspect, Sheridan finds himself in dangerous proximity to her captivating daughter, Vanessa Pryde. But still haunted by a tragically lost love, the duke is resolved to resist the attraction—and avoid any “scheming” husband-hunters. Besides, lovely Miss Pryde seems utterly smitten with a roguish London playwright…

Vanessa thinks a little scheming may be in order—for it’s Sheridan she truly has her sights, and her heart, set on. Her theatrical flirtation is intended only to break through his business-like demeanor and guarded emotions. And as Sheridan’s jealousy becomes aroused, the two soon find themselves propelled into a scheme of an altogether different kind, involving a pretend engagement, a secret inquiry—and a perhaps not-so-secret leap into true love…

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Review: The Missing Sister (The Seven Sisters #7) by Lucinda Riley

It’s finally here…..the last book in one of my favorite book series, The Seven Sisters. I have adored my time with the D’Aplièse sisters and their respective romances and stories. Some of the books I liked better than others but overall this series is rock solid with rich characters and stories. I love the alternating time lines and how epic and sweeping the stories always feel.

These books have so much content for readers to sink their teeth into in both the main modern story and the historic one. Personally I always enjoy the historical side better but the D’Aplièse sisters and the mystery of Pa Salt kept me engaged and curious throughout the series. Through the other six books I often wondered if there was truly going to be a 7th book. It was noted so many times in the series there there was a missing sister and honestly I wondered if there would only be six books.

However the sixth book, The Sun Sister, left zero room to doubt that a 7th book would be forthcoming and I couldn’t have been more excited. I hoped that all the lingering questions from the other books would be cleared up in this one…..but it didn’t. If anything it left me with more questions then answers.

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