Review: The Siren of Sussex (Belles of London #1) by Mimi Matthews

Mimi Matthews has been a long time auto-buy author for me. I’ve read all her books and have loved each and every one of them. Watching her author journey from early on has been so exciting and rewarding but in some ways sad. For me she was my best kept secret in the historical fiction genre and now the secret is out about how amazing she is with this big publishing house release!

Matthews is a master at creating realistic female characters with charming heroes that come together with electric chemistry. I have raved about her books to friends, family, and all over my social media! She’s amazing and I cannot wait for the masses to read this book. No secret, I adored it and read it in one sitting (which is often the case for all her books!).

If you are looking for a book to fill the Bridgerton sized hole in your life, then you need to pick this one up. I am also thrilled to see this one is the first in a new series for Matthews so I can come back and revisit this charming world and characters she has created. If you love historical romances and well drawn characters you need to read this book! Plus THAT COVER!!! I am in love with the cover, it adds such pizzaz and would make me snatch it right off the shelf!

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Special Feature: The Bookseller of Paris by Kerri Maher

There is something about bookstores and war time historical fiction that makes for such a great pairing! When I read the description of this book I knew I had to get it on everyones radar! It sounds so charming and well researched that I couldn’t pass up at least bringing a feature to you guys! May calendar for reviews has been so full and I have been scaling back on some of my reviews just to keep up with life, work, and blogging. This one was so hard for me to decide on because it sounds so wonderful! I wanted to review it of course but could only fit in a feature. Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t review it in the future because hot damn it sound wonderful!

Like so many readers the Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris is practically legend! I was there years ago and absolutely loved it, but that was before I knew much about its history and significance in the reading world. Since then I have read other books and heard other fellow readers raving about the shop—-clearly it has a magical draw for readers and authors alike. When I saw this book tells a bit of the story of Shakespeare and Company, I jumped at the chance to feature it on my blog today!

If you are a reader and love visiting used bookstores—-this is the book for you! Author Kerri Maher has written other historical fiction novels, all of which have received rave reviews and are hailed as being well researched. I am sure this one will measure up. It is out now and I am sure you will all want to get this one on your reading radar for the spring! Check it out now!

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Special Feature/Interview: Beautiful Little Fools by Jillian Cantor

The Great Gatsby has long been the darling of the literary world, especially for just about every high school sophomore. For mer personally, I never liked Gatsby. I read it in high school like so many others and didn’t enjoy it. I re-read it as an adult and didn’t enjoy it any more then than I did as a teen. Now that said, I have enjoyed watching Gatsby or Gatsby inspired films. I feel like the visual appeal of the roaring 20’s really enhances the literary experience for me.

While I might not have enjoyed the book, I have loved the film versions of the classic. And I am usually open to reading Gatsby inspired books or retellings. It’s one of those classics that I feel like I should have loved but just didn’t so I am always trying to find ways in which I can experience the classic but in a medium or format that I might actually enjoy if that makes sense.

That leads me to this exciting new book, Beautiful Little Fools! I am so excited for a new and exciting take on the classic that includes a female perspective and a murder mystery. I am super excited to share my interview wit the author with you guys as well. She has some wonderful insight into the writing process and I can’t wait for you to read it! The book will be available in February but has already been receiving rave early reviews. I have it up on my spring TBR list and will be sharing a review a little later this year. But until then take a look at all the details and check out my interview with the author below!

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Review: Under the Golden Sun by Jenny Ashcroft

I was first introduced the Jenny Ashcroft’s wonderful writing ability in her novel Meet Me in Bombay last year and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read anything by her before. So when I saw she had another historical fiction novel coming out this year I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s now a foregone conclusion, I need all of her books. I love that she writes historical fiction novels that are set in exotic locations—Egypt, Singapore, Bombay and now Australia.

This book is set in WWII (her other books also have a war backdrop) and I think this is such a wonderful pairing because so many historical fiction novels are set in either Paris or London during WWII and the war was a WORLD WAR meaning it impacted many other areas and I love that Ashcroft takes us to some new and exciting places while theres a war on and explore what impact that war has on said area.

If the history and exotic location wasn’t enough to tempt you, then the romance should. Ashcroft write beautiful romances with memorable characters. I can still recall Meet Me in Bombay and the characters even over a year after reading it! If you want a new refreshing historical fiction novel then look no further. This is a wonderful choice!

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Review: Shadows of Swanford Abbey by Julie Klassen

I read one of Julie Klassen’s books a few years ago and absolutely loved it. She reminds me of a modern Victoria Holt and by modern I don’t mean her stories, as they are all historical fiction, but modern in that Klassen is a modern woman and she writes strong, vibrant heroines! I was super excited to check out this latest novel from Klassen so when it came up for review, naturally it was a no brainer as a YES!

In the historical fiction world, there are a ton of Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart fans and for good reason. Their novels really took the small ‘Gothic romance’ genre and brought it forward into the modern era. Now tat both of these talented writers have passed away, I know that I am always looking for a new writer to rise to the top of the Gothic romance genre.

Sure there are plenty out there who claim to be similar to Holt or Stewart, however when I think of an author who is most like Holt I always come back to Klassen. I know a lot of people have described this one as Christie meets Austen which I agree with but I still always think of Victoria Holt when I read Klassen’s books! I just love how well done the romances are and how new the mystery or family secrets feel and this book did not disappoint! If you are looking for an excellent gothic romance with a lovely crumbling and possibly haunted abbey—then look no further! I simply adored this book and I am sure you will too!

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