Prague Day 9: Carry Ons and the Metic System

So here we are in our room on our last night in Prague and we have got to figure out how we are going to get our doll and other souvenirs home!

It’s late…..we packed carry on only……we still packed too much stuff and now we have souvenirs to content with.

Sam and I start trying to figure out what we can leave behind if it comes to that….do we leave our PJs? Our extra socks? What?? For me there is no leaving anything behind!

So we start re-packing…..thankfully I am able to pack all the contents of my entire ‘small purse’ carry on into my suitcase carry on so I can just carry the doll on board.

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Prague Day 8: Germany and Sprechen Sie Englisch

Well it’s finally here, our last official day abroad and we are heading to Germany. Sam and I really debated between Vienna and Dresden Germany for our one long day trip.

We went with Germany simply because it was a closer drive and I am glad that we did that because Dresden was only about an 1.50 drive one way while Vienna was more like 3 hours one way.

I really wanted to go to Bratislava, Slovakia but that too would have been about a 3.5 hour drive and I really wanted to have time to enjoy the city we visited.

So in the end Germany won out. Our tour company was supposed to pick us up at our hotel at 8:15……well that didn’t happen. It was more like 8:45 and our tour bus was supposed to depart at 9…..and we had to pick up yet another person, traffic in Prague is ridiculous so we quickly realized we would NOT be making the 9:00 am Germany bus departure.

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Prague Day 7: Communism and The Castle

So after yesterday’s tourist meltdown, we had yet another day free to do whatever we pleased in this wondrous city.

Many of our tour guides had told us that we needed at least 3 hours at the main Prague Castle to go through it all, so we figured that today would be our Castle day.

The Castle itself, is more the fortress like buildings surrounding the massive St Vitus Cathedral. The Castle is actually listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world.

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Prague Day 6: Holy Relics and the Huddled Masses

Today, shit got real….real quick. Today was the day for beautiful places of worship and annoying ass European students on holiday.

I should have known when I couldn’t sleep last night that today was going to be challenging. For some reason I’ve had the hardest time adjusting to the time change, normally when I travel to Europe, I have no issues as long as I get one solid 12 hour night of sleep which usually happens the first day I’m here so then I’m good to go for the rest of vacation.

Well this time I’ve slept about 4-6 hours a night in intervals. Tuesday night I slept a straight 7 hours and last night, only 4. So needless to say I woke up this morning irritable. After 3 cups of coffee at the hotel, we decided it was time for get up and out for the day.

Since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow we decided to get in all of our ‘outdoor’ things in today since it was going to be sunny and 61. We decided to try and get off the beaten tourist track, since yesterday the Asian tour groups were enough to do us both in. So we headed to St Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is about a 3 mile walk from our hotel. We left early (9:00 am) so we could avoid the ‘crowds’. The walk itself wasn’t bad but the last quarter mile or so was all uphill with stairs and considering our feet are already pretty fatigued, that climb was tiring.

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Prague Day 5: Kutna Hora and Mother Russia

One of the things that I like most about Prague is that it’s like this weird time capsule/melting pot. Every morning when I get up it’s like time has literally stood still.

I look out the window and it could be 1348 or 2015…..but this morning it is 2015 and I know that because once again I’ve not been able to sleep a complete night and I’ve watched the minutes tick by on my iPhone.

This morning we plan on touring Kutna Hora, a mining town to the south east of Prague. There we plan on seeing the Bone Chapel and St Barbara’s Cathedral as well as the Italian Court.

As per usual we start our morning with a bit of cereal, eggs, and large amounts of coffee. Every single morning I look at the hot dogs and bakes beans and wonder who in the world eats this for breakfast and every single morning someone grabs a large portion from the chafing dish……why this should perplex me so bad I have no idea but for some reason it just does.

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