Review: Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1) by Anne Rice (Audible Edition)

I have had Interview with a Vampire on my TBR list for YEARS. The 1994 film was a favorite of mine and I was eager to read the books when I was older.

My sister and mom gave me the book on more than one occasion to read but it just never felt like the right time, but for some reason, after Halloween this year felt like that right time.

That was when I started this audiobook…..early Nov and here it is the first part of Jan and I am just now finishing it. Simon Vance was the narrator and he did a fabulous job with the narration, but I still had mixed feelings about the overall story. Continue reading “Review: Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1) by Anne Rice (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor (Audible Edition)

I’ve been a huge fan of Hazel Gaynor for quite some time and when I saw this book was being released last year, I couldn’t wait and had it no my pre order for months!

It arrived and all the reviews were outstanding and I couldn’t wait to crack it open…..and then I just didn’t. I don’t know why but it just never seemed like the right time to read it.

As many of you know, I got hooked on Audible earlier this year and have been using it as a tool to supplement my reading. I only listen when I am running errands and if I get really into the book, I pick up a physical copy and keep reading but mostly my ‘reading’ of audiobooks is done in the car.

I decided to download this one and see if I could finally make some headway on a book that had been on my TBR for far too long in my opinion! Continue reading “Review: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Girl in the Castle (Deverill Chronicles #1) by Santa Montefiore (Audible Edition)

I read one of Santa Montefiore’s standalone novels recently and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved Secrets of the Lighthouse and I was desperate to get my hands on another one of her novels.

I logged on to Audible and immediately downloaded this book, as the Deverill Chronicles had been highly recommended and is probably one of her most well known books.

Most of Montefiore’s novels are standalone but this book is the first in a series that spans 4 books so I knew it would be more epic in nature just based on the scope of this series and time periods each book covers. Continue reading “Review: The Girl in the Castle (Deverill Chronicles #1) by Santa Montefiore (Audible Edition)”

Take Two Review: The Pearl Sister (The Seven Sisters #4) by Lucinda Riley (Audible Edition)

As I have been making my way through this series again, I was wondering how I would feel about this one again. I read it for the first time through back in early 2018, so not that long ago. The other two books I originally read a few years ago and then the third one was a first read for me.

But this one I had read not that long ago, so the story is still relatively fresh in my mind, so I was eager to see how I felt about CeCe’s story this time around.

CeCe was my least favorite of the sisters and having freshly come off of Star’s story, I was acutely aware of how much I disliked CeCe….again. Riley does have a knack for making you forget why you didn’t like a particular sister though, so I was eager for that to happen again, because frankly I just never cared for CeCe in any of the books, but especially after the third one…..but I did give it 4.5 stars the first time around, so let’s see if that rating held up this time around. Continue reading “Take Two Review: The Pearl Sister (The Seven Sisters #4) by Lucinda Riley (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Shadow Sister (The Seven Sisters #3) by Lucinda Riley (Audible Edition)

The Seven Sisters series has been a long time favorite of mine, yet somehow I managed to miss the third book!

I started off reading the first two books from the publisher and then a long time seemed to pass on then The Pearl Sister showed up for review and I assumed it was the next book, as I always seem to forget about Star in the family anyway!

But as soon as I started The Pearl Sister I realized that I had missed this book somehow, but by then I was too engrossed in CeCe’s story to put it down so I just skipped The Shadow Sister all together.

Now that I am doing a re-read of this whole series, I figured it was high time that I read this one so I downloaded it on Audible and listened to it while running errands with my son, which took a few weeks but I found that this book was a diamond in the ruff! Continue reading “Review: The Shadow Sister (The Seven Sisters #3) by Lucinda Riley (Audible Edition)”