Review: The Ex Hex (Ex Hex #1) by Erin Sterling

This book I snagged on a whim as my Book of the Month pick for October. It sounded like funny fluff reading and even if I haven’t been a fan of Erin Sterling AKA Rachel Hawkins, I was still excited to read something a little funny and distracting for the bewitching season. And yes I know that it is now November and I am just now getting around to posting my review of this one. Things have been a little crazy so while I did read this one back in October my review calendar has been pretty full so here we are.

So what exactly attracted to me to this book? Well the cover is cute and it sounded so funny—-drunk witch mistakenly hexes ex-boyfriend using a harvest apple candle. I was dying of laughter just picturing it. Erin Sterling is a pen name for Rachel Hawkins who wrote The Wife Upstairs—which I wasn’t a fan of. But just because I wasn’t a fan of the thriller she wrote, doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy a witchy romance for Halloween. So when I was struggling with my spooky Halloween book for the month, I decided to flip the script and read this one instead.

If you are wanting a funny quick read that has some romance and witch-craft then I think you will love this book. It wasn’t earth shattering literature but it was a fun way to spend a few days enjoying some funny moments and electrifying chemistry and of course a talking cat!

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Review: City of Time and Magic (Found Things #4) by Paula Brackston

I have been a long time fan of Paula Brackston and I have read the other books in this series so naturally when this one came up for review, it was a no brainer to say ‘yes’. If you haven’t read the other books in this series, I would not start with this one. This book picks up where the last book left off and continues to build on the series and established characters.

Brackston is known for the ‘witch books’ which I have enjoyed and they are not necessarily part of a ‘series’ but they all maintain similar themes of witchcraft and a bit of a love story. The Found Things books have been different yet have the same trademark story telling style that Brackston is known for. And this book in particular introduces readers to some other characters from the other ‘witch books’ she has written which I thought was fun. I would say you don’t have to read the ‘witch books’ to enjoy this series but the Found Things books should be read in order.

While this is the last book in the Found Things series, Brackston leaves plenty of room to revisit familiar characters and expand on the possibility of spin off series. If you love witchy stories with some history, romance, and time travel this is definitely a series not to be missed! Brackstone is a magical story teller with talent and experience that will delight readers.

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Review: The Garden of Promises and Lies (Found Things #3) by Paula Brackston

It’s been a hot minute since I read one of Paula Brackston’s novels. I have read almost all of her books though and I have loved many many many of the stories. This novel is the third in her Found Things series which I have really enjoyed thus far.

I was so excited to see that this one was coming out this month and while I tried to keep my calendar open for all the Christmas books this month, I made an exception for this one and added it to my December calendar because I simply love her books!

If you love historical fiction with some time travel and paranormal/magic then you don’t want to miss this series, or the author’s other books for that matter. I highly recommend reading this series from the beginning though because you will definitely feel lost jumping in this late in the game!

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Review: Secrets of the Chocolate House (Found Things #2) by Paula Brackston

Paula Brackston is a favorite author of mine. I’ve read almost all of her books and with each read, I feel like I walked away satisfied and looking forward to the next book.

She has a deft hand with magical realism and all things ‘witchy’. She is probably most known for her ‘witch’ books of which I have read almost all of them (The Silver Witch, The Midnight Witch etc) as well as a host of other works by her.

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Special Feature: Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven #2) by Pat Esden

We are quickly approaching Halloween and if you guys are anything like me, your TBR stack for October is probably full of stories about vampires, witches, and ghosts!

Are you still trying to sneak in another paranormal or suspense read before the big day? Well if you are then look no further than this fun paranormal witchy book!

I know it’s the second in a series, but from what I have heard you can pick it up as a stand alone! It’s also been getting rave reviews and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you guys!

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