Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy (Wyoming Cowboys #1) by Jessica Clare

After reading Holly Jolly Cowboy on vacation, I immediately needed another cowboy book to keep me entertained so I snagged the first book on my Kindle the second I finished with the other book. This series has quickly become my guilty pleasure and I am not even a little bit sorry about it. I love small town romances and this series has made me want to move to Wyoming and buy all the cows and do all the ranch things not to mention transform my husband into a sexy cowboy.

If you are looking for some steamy holiday romances, this series has you covered. Now not every book in the series is a holiday themed book but there are enough holiday themed cowboys in this series to warm you up through the winter. If you are looking for something a little more in the way of sweet romances then move right along as this one is packing some heat.

This was a quick and easy read that I could easily have finished in one sitting but we were driving back from Mt Rainier so I had to take a little break but the second I got home guess what I stayed up reading WAY TOO LATE? You guessed right, this book right here. While note earth shattering literature, it left me feeling happy and in the Christmas spirit which makes it a winner in my opinion!

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Review: Holly Jolly Cowboy (Wyoming Cowboy #7) by Jessica Clare

I literally have no idea where I saw this book or why but I think it must have been on Amazon and I was like ‘awwww look at that cute dog on the cover’ and next thing I know, this book is arriving in my mailbox. In all honesty, I didn’t think I would read this one. I thought it would be a holiday book that I picked up and then sat on my bookshelf for the next 12 months until next holiday season and by which time I would have forgotten all about. But I left it sitting on my coffee table and that cover just kept calling to me and next thing I know, I am binging this book and ordering all the other ones in the series!

I love small town romances and if they are set during the holidays so much the better! But this is my first cowboy Christmas/holiday book and honestly I want to sell my house and move to Wyoming and ranch cattle with my husband who I plan on buying Wranglers and boots for Christmas. I loved this book a lot more than I expected to. I mean, sure it’s cheesy and honestly a little silly but I loved it and read it so quick—not to mention I downloaded the next book in the series and ordered like all the other cowboy books in this series so that I could have them all at home (I read this one on vacation in the woods!).

If you love holiday cheer and enemies to lovers troupe with a surprising amount of steam then you need this book to warm you up during the holiday season! I mean cowboy romances aren’t for everyone but they sure are for this cowgirl and I cannot wait to read more of this series. While this might be a series, you can most definitely read them out of order. So if this one sounds cute to you then read it even if you haven’t read the others in the series.

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Review: Christmas in Peachtree Bluff (Peachtree Bluff #4) by Kristy Woodson Harvey

When I finished the last Peachtree Bluff novel, I thought it was indeed the last novel but then Kristy Woodson Harvey came in clutch with a Christmas installment and I couldn’t be more excited to read more about the ladies of Peachtree Bluff! I have adored all of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s books and obviously this was going to be a welcome read this holiday season!

I read it over the long holiday weekend and I was so happy to return to Peachtree Bluff and reconnect with the characters—I read this one super fast and enjoyed every single minute of it! And seriously check out that cover, doesn’t it scream CHRISTMAS!? I love it and it’s probably one of my favorite holiday book covers of the season!

Woodson Harvey writes such great small Southern town novels that are more contemporary with relatable characters that have real struggles but end up growing and thriving. I relate to many of her characters and having this lovely Christmas installment with some of my favorite characters was just what I needed this holiday season! If you haven’t discovered Kristy Woodson Harvey yet, you absolutely need to! She’s a fantastic writer and this book was a welcome treat for the holiday season!

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Review: Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnne Thayne

Is it even Christmas without a RaeAnne Thayne book? The answer is NO IT IS NOT! I adore Thayne’s Christmas books so obviously this book was an easy yes to reviewing. In all honesty, I had this one on pre-order months ago because I didn’t want to miss one of her Christmas books. Thayne is such a great romance writer without being overly steamy and I never want to miss one of her books!

This book is a standalone but there are mentions of other characters from previous books that she has written. But I want to be clear this is absolutely a standalone book! But if you are a long time fan of Thayne then you will recognize familiar characters in this book. I read this one in one sitting and found it really enjoyable and exactly what I was expecting from Thayne.

Thayne is a prolific writer and has written a number of novels (series and standalones) but for me her Christmas books are where it’s at! I have read her other novels which are great but she captures small town romance and Christmas so so so well and I often recommend her Christmas books to friends, family and of course people all over my social media! If you are looking for a quick, feel good holiday romance this is an excellent choice!

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Review: Mistletoe Season (Carolina Girls #2) by Michelle Major

It’s officially Christmas reading season for me and I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. I loved the cover and it just screamed Christmas magic for me even if I haven’t read anything else by Michelle Major, this one just screamed read me for some reason. I know that Michelle Major is we well known romance author with quite a few series under her belt so I felt confident that I would enjoy this book by a beloved writer!

While this is part of a series, it is not necessary for a new reader to go back and read the other books. I felt right at home in the book and with the characters without having read the first book which is usually typical for most romances. It was very evident that Major is a skilled writer with experience crafting romances and chemistry between her characters. I enjoyed this one so much and actually ordered a couple of her other books to read in the coming months.

If you love holiday romances this book is going to be a great option for you. The cover is stunning and eye catching, and not to mention the story within will warm your heart and make you feel cozy and satisfied. So pick up your eggnog or hot tottie and settle in for some holiday romance with this charming read!

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