Review: A Princess by Christmas (A Royal Wedding #3) by Julia London

Well friends, this is it—my last review of 2020! I wasn’t sure that I would finish it before the New Year but I finished it just in time and with one day to spare. I was really looking forward to this one, I had it up for a special feature and excerpt when it first came out back in October. I also loved the dress on the cover (I know I am easily distracted) so I was eager to check out this holiday read!

I haven’t read anything by this author before and I noticed that this was the third in a series but I didn’t think that would be a big deal. The excerpt was interesting and more often than not, the focus is on the romance with little connecting the main character to the larger story other than a few reoccurring secondary characters from previous books.

I read so many holiday reads this year. More than I have in any of the previous years. I had high hopes for this one and while I enjoyed it, it didn’t quite pack the holiday punch that I was expecting this year.

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Review: The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

Unless you have been living under a rock, this book has been just about everywhere. At least on my social media it has been! Its seems like everyone has been reading this one and raving about it.

So needless to say, in all my holiday reading I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I thought for sure this was going to be a book that I would breeze through and it would leave me feeling all full of Christmas cheer and happiness.

But instead this one left me feeling a little like a Scrooge. I didn’t love it. It wasn’t awful but it definitely wouldn’t have been my pick for a holiday romance. I had hoped for a lot more humor but I got an angsty vibe that I didn’t anticipate.

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Review: Christmas in Harmony Harbor (Harmony Harbor #9) by Debbie Mason

I picked up this book for a couple of reasons. One, I was looking for all the holiday romances I could get my hands on, two I say that RaeAnne Thayne recommended this book, and third it had an adorable dog on the cover. I was super excited to check it out.

I love enemies to lovers troupes and this one sounded like it had a little bit of a You’ve Got Mail vibe going on so I was obviously looking forward to something like this to help get me in the Christmas spirit.

I noticed that it was part of a series but I also know that often in books like these, series mostly means reappearances of other characters from previous books rather than having the previous been play a larger part in the overall story. So I dove right into the holiday cheer and romance!

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Review: Christmas at Holiday House by RaeAnne Thayne

RaeAnne Thayne was an author that I didn’t think I was going to like when I picked up one of her books for the very first time. The cover reminded me of something that my grandma might read…..a small town country romance with cliche characters.

After reading the first book by Thayne, I fell in love with her books and have read a number of them since the first one! I especially love her holiday romances. JOLLY. GOOD.

I have devoured them in single sittings and this book was no different. This one is a standalone so I was really really excited to check it out and I absolutely fell in love from the very first page.

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Review: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

This book was my December Book of the Month and I couldn’t wait to read it. I cleared my December reading calendar so I could enjoy all the holiday books this year and this one was top on my list! I have never read anything by Christina Lauren but I am about to buy all her books!

Holiday rom-coms are my one of my weaknesses. I mean, I used to mock my friends who watch all the Hallmark holiday movies, but then I watched one and now I secretly stayed up late to sneak in a couple during the holiday season… I may or may not have watched Love Actually a million times!

So basically this book was high up on my reading list and I was so excited to read a fun little holiday romance that was all about unrequited love at the holidays—oh and a little time travel.

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