Special Feature: The Love Wager (Mr Wrong Number #2) by Lynn Painter

Who doesn’t love a Phoenix from the ashes story? I thought this new romance sounded interesting with the main character hits rock bottom the come back and reinvent herself as a full blown adult! New hair, new wardrobe, new apartment—-the whole nine yards! This book will no doubt appeal to the mid 20s-mid 30s demographic. When I was that age, I wanted nothing more than to reinvent myself as this sophisticated adult who at least looked like they had their shit together! So I think readers will connect with this main character for that very reason.

But this book isn’t just about a Phoenix rising from the ashes—it’s also has a fake dating romance that I think readers will enjoy. I love the fake dating troupe and I am looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds. It’s already out and getting high marks from readers so if fake dating romances are your thing then you will not want to miss this one! Also the summary mentions that taco dates happen and I am absolutely here for anything with tacos and dating!

While I couldn’t fit this one in for review, I am looking forward to checking it out a little later this year. I love a good contempo romance with a strong heroine at the helm and I think this book promises to do just that. Author Lynn Painter has quite a few rom-coms under her belt and this book is second in the Mr Wrong Number series, though you don’t have to read the books in order to enjoy this one as it takes place in the universe not a continuation of characters. Painter is known for her steam contempo romances so if that is your thing then I think this book will be right up your alley!

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Special Feature: The Sister Effect by Susan Mallery

I have been a Susan Mallery fan for some time now and I am always excited to check out whatever new book she comes out with! Susan Mallery is a prolific writer with many many many novels under her belt. Some run more toward romance while others are more women’s fiction but I always find something to love whenever I crack open one of her books! She is one of my top beach reads authors, I always feel like I read something well written and worth while when I read her books.

I couldn’t fit this one in on my review schedule—but I have all the details and a little sneak peak for you readers! Plus I am sure this one will be making a reappearance on my blog as a review later this spring/summer. This book sounds like it will be more on the familial relationships than some of her other books but I am totally excited to see what kind of story Mallery has for us this spring!

If you have read Mallery’s books before, you will know how talented she is. Her books feature well developed characters with strong, memorable personalities. I think readers will enjoy discovering the characters in this book as well as relate to some of the family struggles. Families are complicated across the board and I love how Mallery always manages to bring that to life in her books. If you haven’t yet discovered Susan Mallery, then you will find no shortage of fans and books to pick from! Fans all have their favorites so I would suggest picking up any of her books that catch your eye, they are all so good. But with a cover like this one, it will be hard to pass on!

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Special Feature/Excerpt: Johanna Porter is Not Sorry by Sara Read

Something about this book just spoke to me. Hot rising star in the art world, turned no body soccer mom. I mean isn’t that the fear of every woman who has a child—that they will fade into obscurity. Not that I would regret ever having a child, but I can totally relate to just this single summary sentence. The second I had my son and became a stay at home mom, I felt completely out of the loop at my old job. I never heard from anyone and the education world moved on without me which was hard to process. So when I saw this little part of the summery I was like SOLD, I need to read this book.

But my reading calendar was full, so I opted for a feature and excerpt instead but know that this book is on my TBR list for the upcoming spring/summer. I had a few early reviews online and I am certain this is going to be a book I will really enjoy. A mom who loves the F word—-yes! The main characters receives a mysterious invitation to the art world—-also yes! It sounds sassy, smart and I love the whole middle aged female lead who decided to take back what is hers. I am simply so excited for this one!

I think this book has so much to offer especially to readers who are in the 40 year old demographic like me. I can already relate to Johanna Porter and I cannot wait to read this book. Today I have an excerpt for you guys to check out and if you are as compelled as I was after reading the excerpt, you will definitely want to get this one on your TBR list for the spring!

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Review: Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson (Audible Edition)

When I saw this book, I absolutely knew I needed to read it! I thought the title was catchy and I couldn’t pass on it. I even downloaded a copy for Audible as well as ordering a hard copy. I was hat sure I would be devouring this book in a matter of days. In today’s modern world, so many women are fascinated by murder mysteries. I know for a fact that in my office of 10 women, 8 listen to murder podcasts while working or working out/cardio. Myself included! I love a good murder mystery.

It really is the ‘time of serial killers’ and I thought that having a romance where the main character is sure her neighbor is a serial killer, really hooked me, I mean when I was pregnant and a new mom, I was up in the middle of the night feeding my baby and our neighbor was constantly coming and going in the middle of the night (he is a teacher so I knew it wasn’t his job that took him away from home). I was convinced he was up to something nefarious. So this book sounded so appealing to me!

When this one came out, I was knee deep in all my Laura Griffin books so reading something light and romantic featuring serial killers sounded right up my alley. The book makes a note that there isn’t actually murder in the books so readers know they are getting an actual romance instead of a murder but I think that should have been implied by the summary, but I was thankful for the reminder as a reader anyway.

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Special Feature: The Fraud Squad by Kyla Zhao

Before the film Crazy Rich Asians came out, I tried to read the book before watching the movie. But I didn’t like it, not even a little bit. I actually liked the movie so much better. I loved the movie so much though that it actually made me want to go back and try to read the book again plus it made me so excited for other books that might be coming out similar to Crazy Rich Asians. Enter this book. I read the description and noticed that it was frequently recommended to fans of Crazy Rich Asians—-so naturally I wanted to check it out!

I love books that take me to different locations and a glimpse into a life that is far removed from my own. That’s what the film Crazy Rich Asians did for me and that’s what I am hoping this book does for me too! I couldn’t fit it into my review calendar this month but I am going to check it out later this spring because this one sounds like just the thing to transport me to some place new and exotic feeling. I am eager to explore the high society of Singapore and enter a world where I know nothing about—-the rich and famous!

This book sounds like it has a little something for every reader—a mystery, high society gossip, glamour, and a romance. I am fully on board with this upcoming release and I cannot wait to crack open the pages of this one and see what kinds of things the characters get up to! In Oregon the long dreary months of winter creep by and this is the time of year I start looking for exotic locations to read about and this one is right up there on my TBR list! It’s out now so be sure to keep reading to see if this is the book you have been waiting for this winter!

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