Interview: ACROSS THE RIVER by Richard Snodgrass

Civil War buffs, this is a novel you might want to put on your radar!

In the summer of 1863, Judson Walker, a captain of Morgan’s Raiders, and Jonathan Reid, a young engineer, come to Furnass to appropriate two of Colin Lyles’ steam-powered road engines. The purpose is to outfit the engines with iron plate and the newly developed Gatlin Guns, and, with Morgan, deliver the war engines to General Lee’s army in Central Pennsylvania. Amid Walker’s growing involvement with Lyle’s wife Libby, deserting soldiers, and Reid’s own agenda, Walker learns Morgan isn’t coming. The novel reaches its climax with Lyle trying to sabotage the war engines. Walker must decide between Libby and duty toward his men, the war and individual human values.

The Books of Furnass tell the story of a fictitious mill town, ten miles from Pittsburgh in southwestern Pennsylvania. At the heart of the series is the Furnass Towers Trilogy, about the efforts of men and women to maintain their lives, and the life of the town, in the face of the mill closings. In addition to contemporary life, the series chronicles the town when it was just an outpost after the French and Indian War…the town as it grew around an iron furnace in the wilderness…as it became an industrial center from the time of the American Civil War to the Vietnam War. And the series tells the story of the Lyle family, who were involved with the town from its founding to its struggles to survive after the mills went away (summary from Goodreads

Author Interview

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Special Feature and Interview: THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB by Craig Davidson

I think I am part of the 1% of the population that hasn’t watched Stranger Things. It’s on my list to watch but lately I’ve been reading so much and mourning the ending of Game of Thrones, that I have struggled to find something new to watch. But Stranger Things could easily be that show!

When I saw that this book was for fans of Stranger Things, I couldn’t help but be interested, because I know so many people adore that show, but then the publisher went the extra mile and likened this book to a cross between Stand By Me and Stranger Things. How could I say no?!

I loved Stand By Me and if there is a book that involves ghosts, then I am all ears! I am going to have this book up for review later this summer but until then, you guys need to have this book on your radar! I thumbed through my copy and couldn’t be more excited to start reading it! And the best part is, it’s our tomorrow! So read the rest of this post for a Q & A with the author and then order a copy because it sounds like it’s going to be the hot summer ticket! Continue reading “Special Feature and Interview: THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB by Craig Davidson”

Interview: A conversation with JULIETTE WELLS to celebrate 200th anniversary edition of EMMA by Jane Austen

Who doesn’t love Jane Austen? She is timeless and tells timeless stories about timeless women. I have read almost all of Austen’s novels and Emma is one of my absolute favorites.

Emma Woodhouse is one of Austen’s most unique characters because she is independently wealthy and doesn’t really ‘need’ anyone which I absolutely love. Not to mention the story of match making has the upmost potential to be comical and a bit of a blunder. This story has been remade time and again, including pop culture icon film, Clueless.

Penguin is releasing a 200th anniversary DELUXE edition of the book! I am thrilled to be able to offer not only a giveaway for the book but a conversation with the author as well!

Please welcome Juliette Wells wrote the introduction of the EMMA:200TH ANNIVERSARY ANNOTATED EDITION, to The Lit Bitch!

Editor and Introducer of EMMA: 200th-Anniversary Annotated Edition

(Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition; on-sale September 29, 2015; 9780143107712; $16.00)

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Interview/Special Feature: DEAR DAUGHTER by Elizabeth Little

LA IT girl Janie Jenkins has it all. The looks, the brains, the connections. The criminal record.

Ten years ago, in a trial that transfixed America, Janie was convicted of murdering her mother. Now she’s been released on a technicality she’s determined to unravel the mystery of her mother’s last words, words that send her to a tiny town in the very back of beyond. But with the whole of America’s media on her tail, convinced she’s literally got away with murder, she has to do everything she can to throw her pursuers off the scent.

She knows she really didn’t like her mother. Could she have killed her?

To celebrate the upcoming release of this thrilling mystery, I am spotlighting an interview with Elizabeth Little! Without further ado please welcome Elizabeth Little to The Lit Bitch!

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Interview: Last Words by Rich Zahradnik

In the darkest corners of New York City, LAST WORDS examines the city during its harshest period in 1975.

While New York burns, Coleridge Taylor, a reporter for the Messenger-Telegram, hunts down a killer, hoping to redeem himself for writing an invented news article.

Laura Wheeler, a co-worker, joins Taylor on his adventure, dodging the mob and crooked cops. Will they be able to achieve justice in time or will they be engulfed by the rest of the city?

To celebrate the upcoming release of this thrilling mystery, I am spotlighting an interview with Rich Zahradnik! Without further ado please welcome Rich Zahradnik to The Lit Bitch!

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