Special Feature: The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

While some people like their summer reading fluffy and warm, others prefer their summer beach reads with a little spook and creep factors! Personally I can go wither way but with a sea of warm fluffy beach reads on my list I thought it might be nice to add a litlte bit of the unknown into my summer reading line up! Enter this book which I thought would be more ghost story but from the sound of it, it’s going to be more about a ghostwriterbut might have an element or two to satisfy your spooky reads urning.

I am so excited for this book that merges the paranormal, chick lit, romance, and beach reading all into one! So many people have been reading this book and raving about it and saying so many positive things like how uplifting and happy it makes them when they read it. All these reviews have made me so excited to read this one and I cannot wait to check it out this summer. I personally love ghost stories and I cannot wait to check out a book by a ghostwriter with some actual ghosts of her own.

Who doesn’t need some humor in their lives right now? I am pretty sure no one will say they laugh too much and don’t need something else to make them laugh and be happy. So with that in mind why not check this one out? Some reviewers have described it as Adams Family with romance and I cannot WAIT to check it out based on that description! Funny, emotional, romantic, and poingent are some of the things that people have said about this book and I am here for all of them! Check this one out today and be watching for my review in the coming weeks!

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Review: The Beach Trap by Ali Brady

I love beach reads season! I love the carefree, relaxed, fluffy appraoch to beach reading every year and as the summer approaches I usually have a list of books that I can’t wait to read on vacation over the summer. This book was right up there for me. It sounded like a blend of The Parent Trap and an HGTV show that I could absolutely get behind. Plus a friend of mine recently went to Destin, Florida and the photos looked amazing so I could completely visualize what this beach house might look like!

But as I got into this one I found that it was NOT in fact a fluffy easy read that I had been expecting. This one had some teeth and substance with some heavier content that I wasn’t exactly expecting. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good because it absolutely was! But I felt like the cover was a little misleading in some ways. The summary clearly promised some family drama and sibling/friendship stuggles but it also promised creative rennovations and romance so when I picked it up I thought it would be a little heavier on those topics but it was actually more focused on the sisters and their relationship.

This was a book that grew on me and took my by surprise. When I realized that it was more emotionally intense that I was expecting, I almost just wanted to pass on it because I was in the mood for easy fluff, but then this one just took hold of me in a surprising way and I was reluctant to put it down and I am glad that I didn’t because it was absolutely wonderful! If you are looking for a beach read that has some teeth this is the book for you, plus it really is a little Parent Trap mixed with an HGTV show but with so much more to recommend itself in the process!

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Special Feature: Out of the Clear Blue Sky by Kristan Higgins

You all should know by now that I am a sucker for book covers with adorable dogs on them! And this book—-that sweet dog lounging on the beach living his best life just GOT ME! I am definitely taking this one on my trip to Cabo this summer but since today is the release day I just couldn’t resist sharing this book with you guys!

I mean don’t we all need more cute pets in our lives?? I know I do! But beyond the adorable dog on the cover lies a story that promises to satisfy your beach read craving! Author Kristan Higgins has penned over 20 books and many of which have made it to the New York Times, USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling lists! So obviously she is a strong and well loved author.

This book promises something for everyone—romance, family dynamics, second chances, and an ending that will leave you happy and satisfied. I am so excited to check it out this summer! Many of the early reviews are raving about this one, rating it at either 4 or 5 stars so this one moved right on up my TBR list for those reasons. It is out now and you can snag a copy for yourselves now! Be sure to get this one added to your TBR list today!

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Review: Starry-Eyed Love (Spark House #2) by Helena Hunting

Last year I read Helena Hunting’s first book in the Spark House series, When Sparks Fly. It was ok (came in at 3 stars for me) and while I didn’t LOVE it in the way that I had hoped, I was invested enough in the story and characters that I felt excited to try another book by Hunting. I liked the sound of this one as it sounded like a cross between a missed connection and workplace romance. Overall I thought it sounded cute and just a nice breezy read going into the spring.

So I said yes (obviously!) to reviewing this one and I was glad I did. While this book is part of a series, I would not have been lost in the story if I skipped over the first one. This book has new characters and storylines, the connecting part centers around Spark House and that’s about it—save for the occasional character cross over etc. So if you are worried about reading this one out of order, I would not worry you will be absolutely fine jumping in this series with this one instead of the first book.

If you love more contempo romances, Hunting has quite a few romances under her belt and this book will leave your romance reader heart feeling full! I am glad I decided to give another book by Hunting a go, I did find that I liked this one better than the first book I read by her. I love when that happens!

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Special Feature: Emma Project (The Rajes #4) by Sonali Dev

I have read and enjoyed all three of the Rajes saga so far and I was so sad I couldn’t fit this one in my review schedule for the spring. But I WILL be reading this one as we get into the fall. I have really loved how the author has taken the classic Austen books and turned them on their head and made them more modern and with an Indian flair. The one I am looking forward to as a retelling is Northanger Abbey—can’t wait to see what Dev does with that one!

Emma is still such a readable and relatable classic, more than any of the other Austen books in my opinion. It’s such a great book for teens and naturally it’s been remade time and time again in various different styles. I was thrilled to see that Dev is going to not only put a modern and Indian twist on this one but she is making the Emma character into the male lead! I cannot wait to see how Vansh makes Emma’s classic character into something completely different but yet still familiar!

If you love classic Austen but are wanting something fresh and new, this is the series for you. I have loved getting to know the Rajes family and I love seeing what magic Dev does with each of the respective novels. While part of a series, I feel that each book can be read as a standalone so new readers should not feel like they need to go back and read the other books first. I am so excited to share this one with you guys and am looking forward to reading it and sharing some. thoughts with you guys in the fall!

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