Special Feature: Sparks Like Stars by Nadia Hashimi

One of the thing that I love about own voices novels is experiencing a story within a story. On the surface you have the actual story and characters etc, but there is a second story within the novel and that’s the authors own unique narrative and how they interpret or experience the story and characters based on their own unique cultural perspective.

This hot little own voices novel is out now and it sounds incredible! Author Nadia Hashimi has written a number of novels and all have been met with rave reviews! I haven’t read any of her books but I have seen them on many best seller lists and on ‘most anticipated’ lists. I am really looking forward to reading this one a little later this year but since it’s out now and sounds incredibly promising, I thought it would be great to share a little about this one with you guys!

I am most excited to see how this one plays out as the main character was a child in Afghanistan and is adopted by an American and lives in America and from the sound of things, basically assimilates and plans to never think about her time in Afghanistan again. I am curious to see explore how the character feels about her home country after returning as an adult and now an ‘American’. I think there will be a lot to unpack and explore in this one and this might be a good pick for book clubs!

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Review: Shipped by Angie Hockman

This is a book I bought all thanks to ‘the gram’. This book has been all over my Instagram and I finally caved and bought it. I thought the cover was cute and I was looking for a quick easy read that I would enjoy and escape for a little while and since I am dealing with a major case of wanderlust, I thought this book would tick all the boxes.

The cover is adorable and the enemies to lovers troupe is one of my favorites. The two characters, Henley and Graeme, are up for the same promotion and I thought that scenario might bring up some interesting competitiveness between the sexes. Not to mention this book is set mostly on a cruise ship in the Galapagos Islands!

YES PLEASE. I couldn’t wait to read this one the second it arrived. I was fully ready for the romance, escapism and the exotic location. I was not disappointed by any of it. Sure it wasn’t a perfect romance but it made me happy and kept me entertained and really that’s all that matters.

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Review: The Family Ship by Sonja Yoerg

I am eternally grateful for Sonja Yoerg reaching out a few years ago asking if I wanted to review her debut novel, House Broken. I fell in love with it and knew that Yoerg was going to be one to watch! I have since read all of her books and am always excited to see when her next book is going to drop.

Her books are always well written with powerful story telling that will draw readers in. Basically it’s a no brainer when I see one of her books come up for a review—-yes! I saw the cover for this one and was instantly drawn curious about what was going to be inside to discover.

Many of Yoerg’s books focus on familial relationships (mother/daughter etc) and I love seeing the dynamics between all the characters and their respective families. This book promised to be the most complex familial relationship book yet and I couldn’t wait to dive into the characters and their family dynamics!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

There are some tried and true romance writers whose names you recognize because they have such a huge fan following. Susan Mallery is one such author. I haven’t read any of Susan Mallery’s books but I recognize her name and anyone who has so many published books must be doing something right? Right? Susan Mallery is a New York Times Best Selling author with a dedicated fan base and in my mind that means her books much be amazing!

I have been in line at the grocery store plenty of times and seen Susan Mallery’s books and in my mind, plus I have seen plenty of people grab copies of her books at the grocery store or from airports. I’ve seen people reading her books on planes, trains, and buses and they always look like they are enjoying her books! So when I saw her latest book come up, I knew I wanted to help spread the word about it’s release!

With beach reads season coming up, this contempo romance/women’s fiction book will be the perfect book to toss into your beach bag this summer! I am thrilled to have this excerpt up for you guys today so pop by take a read and snag yourself a copy of this new title just in time for summer reading!

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Special Feature: Ladies of the House by Lauren Edmondson

Sense and Sensibility has always been my favorite Jane Austen novel. I adore the Dashwood sisters and their respective beaus and the dynamics between the sisters and their mother is so great and I simply can’t get enough of that book! When I saw that author Lauren Edmondson wa doing a modern day retelling of Sense and Sensibility, I had to job on it!

I am reviewing it in March but it is out now and I wanted to give a little info about this book and make sure that it is on your radar too if you are a Jane Austen fan! It has been receiving a ton of advanced praise and getting a lot of buzz on social media! I cannot wait to check it out, sometimes I shy away from super buzzy books but I don’t think this is going to be one of those. It simply sounds too promising!

If you love sister stories that bring laughs and a little romance then this is going to be a great choice I think, not to mention it adds a little twist on the classic by adding in some politics. This should be an interesting read for sure! It is out now so be sure to check it out and be watching for my review in the next few weeks!

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