Review: All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)

Team W is an auto buy group of authors for me! I have read all of Lauren Willig’s books and many by Beatriz Williams and Karen White and I have read all of the Team W books so far, each one is so wonderful.

These three authors are tried and true writers and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this latest Team W read. I decided to download it on Audible rather than read the physical copy as I have had great luck with the narrators of the Team W books and I was pleased with my choice to listen instead of physically reading.

I couldn’t wait to get through my last audiobook so that I could start this one and I found myself driving around aimlessly sometimes just so I could listen to one more chapter. Continue reading “Review: All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Light After the War by Anita Abriel

Post WWII era books have become rather popular lately and while I haven’t read too many of them, I thought it would be good to get a few under my belt.

I have read a lot of post WWI era books which I love, but I haven’t read too many post WWII era books and this one sounded like it would provide and interesting glimpse of life after the war and I thought I would enjoy seeing how these characters navigated the post war period.

I liked that the story was based on real events as the author’s mother was a Holocaust survivor so I thought this book would really add a personal touch and perspective that would make a great read! Continue reading “Review: The Light After the War by Anita Abriel”

Review: The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey

Sometimes I get pitched books months and months in advance and sometimes I simply forget a title until I pull up my calendar for the following month to see what I have coming up to read.

That’s what happened with this book. I pulled up my December calendar…..the day after I made my Book of the Month selection for December. If you guys didn’t know, this book was a Book of the Month pick for December and Evie Dunmore who wrote Bringing Down the Duke (one of my favorite read of the year) recommended it so before I could look at my upcoming calendar, I selected this one and was set to watch my mailbox for it to arrive.

The following day (once my box shipped mind you) I pulled  up my December review calendar and low and behold there was The Glittering Hour on my schedule! I had been sitting on the ARC e-copy this entire time and hadn’t read it yet! Well you can imagine how fast I downloaded my ARC to my iPad and started reading. Continue reading “Review: The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey”

Review: The Girl I Left Behind by Andie Newton

WWI or WWII novels are usually a pretty easy sell for me. I love them. There is something about the back drop of a war that adds drama and interest to a novel and I always enjoy reading modern war time novels set in this period.

That said, not all WWI or WWII novels are created equal. While I enjoy books set in this time period, I don’t always love every single story that is set here. Often the historical fiction market is saturated with books set in WWII and I sometimes find myself worrying that the books I have read will just run together and not stand out.

When I picked up this novel, it sounded like a good read and one that I would probably enjoy, but I found myself hoping that there would be something about the plot or characters to make this one stand out. The cover is beautiful and the summary sounded wonderful, but would the story be unique or would it blend in with the other historical fiction novels set in this same time? Continue reading “Review: The Girl I Left Behind by Andie Newton”

Review: The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

I have had this one on my radar since last year! I was so excited to be part of the paperback release and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book when it finally arrived!

WWII adds so much drama and interest for me when it comes to novels—especially those set in London. From a historical standpoint, I prefer WWI but when it comes to war time romances, WWII is where it’s at for me.

Julia Kelly has written a number of historical romance novels and this appears to be a little different than her usual books but knowing that where was a romantic element in this story made me excited to read it especially knowing she was so successful with her historical romances. Continue reading “Review: The Light Over London by Julia Kelly”