Special Feature: Two Wars and a Wedding by Lauren Willig

You only need to say the name Lauren Willig to get me hooked! I am a huge Lauren Willig fan and have read almost all of her books. She writes such well crafted historical fiction with some romance and I simply cannot pass on any of her books. Though her Pink Carnation series is still my favorite, I have enjoyed may of her standalone books and collaborations as well! Seeing this latest novel from her got me so excited to get back to reading more of her books! Initially I thought this was going to be a WWI historical fiction but I see now that it’s set during the Greece-Turkey conflict and the Spanish-American war and I think that’s going to be a wonderfully untapped period and I cannot WAIT to check this one out!

Willig truly has a gift for historical fiction. She does an incredible amount of research and she always tries to explore untapped history and time periods for her stories rather than sticking to safe time periods like WWI or WWII. She ventures out into other time periods and settings whenever possible. I have loved reading her books and I cannot imagine a world in which I wouldn’t love one of her novels. This book is out now and already receiving rave reviews from early readers so naturally this one is HIGH on my TBR list right now!

I couldn’t fit this one into my reading schedule presently but you better believe I downloaded a copy of this book and will be starting it soon so I will of course share a review here once I am done! If you love well written historical fiction, with excellent characters, a bit of romance and stories that feel ‘sweeping’ then you don’t want to miss anything by Willig. I am eager to start this one based simply of the cover (though I feel like the title needs some work)! How gorgeous is this cover? Historical fiction fans get this one on your TBR!

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Review: The Paris Notebook by Tessa Harris

I absolutely adore Tessa Harris! I have read some of her books over the years and I have yet to read a book by her that I haven’t enjoyed! Harris is probably best known for her mystery series, Dr Thomas Silkstone and Constance Piper series respectively. But the book that stands out most for me was her standalone historical fiction, Beneath a Starless Sky. I recall loving how well researched this particular book was, and how much I enjoyed getting to know the characters and exploring their forbidden love story.

So naturally when this new historical fiction novel came out but Harris, I was totally on board with reading it. I thought the plot sounded compelling as it features a new angle, on a report surfacing that Hitler was deemed mentally unfit for office. I thought this sounded so good. I know that Harris really researches her historical fiction books so I knew that I would not be disappointed in the historical details and content. For me that is half the battle, some authors focus more on the characters than historical details but as a historian I personally really respect the historical details and the pains and author goes through to get things ‘just right’.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, I am sure you have seen Tessa Harris’s books around the blog-o-spear. It’s a rare treat to have an author who writes both historical mysteries AND historical fiction. When I picked this one up I had no doubt I would find something special inside and I couldn’t wait to start reading. If you love historical fiction, this book and author are certainly one to watch! Be sure to add to your TBR list immediately!

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Review: One Woman’s War by Christine Wells

Ya’ll should know by now that I am a sucker for basically any historical fiction, but I have a soft spot for war time historical fiction. This book has a strong espionage angle that I thought sounded interesting. I love spy novels and espionage, lately a lot of historical fiction novels include an espionage angle so naturally I gravitate towards book that include this.

When I saw this one come up for review, it was an easy yes. I loved that the real life story of Victoire Bennett, was the inspiration for the classic James Bond character, Moneypenny! For someone who loves spy novels, there can be no passing on a book whos character inspired such an iconic character in the Bond series. I couldn’t wait to check this one out.

Author Christine Wells, has written other books about women in resistance work throughout history and I felt excited to read this book even if she was a new to me author. I know that sometimes spy novels can be a big undertaking, but since Wells has experience writing historical novels where espionage and spying are the focal point, I had no problem saying yes to this one!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: The Girl from Guernica by Karen Robards

I love historical fiction with a new twist and this book sounded like it fit that bill! So many war time historical novels follow similar plot narratives or settings—typically the novels are set in London, France, or Germany. But this novel follows the Spanish experience and location which promises to give readers a fresh new perspective while still being a familiar bit of history to follow and orientate themselves with.

I was super excited when I saw this one. Author Karen Robards is no stranger to historical fiction. Her book, The Black Swan of Paris, received rave reviews a couple of years ago and this book promises all the magic and romanticism that Robards was praised for. I don’t know much about how Spain was involved in the war so I am eager to see what story this book has to tell us!

Today I have an except on the blog and it sound like it’s going to be a great read! No doubt historical fiction fans will be looking forward to this one! Not only because of the talented writer but because of the beautiful historical fiction narrative that promises something new and refreshing to read this fall! Take a look at the excerpt and get this one on your TBR list today!

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Review: A Certain Darkness (Verity Kent #6) by Anna Lee Huber

Anna Lee Huber is one of my most favorite historical mystery writers! I have read all of her books and called in love with her different characters and series. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to pick up a book and know that you are going to enjoy it. Perhaps some books more than others but overall, each of the books she has written have been entertaining, engaging and I have no problem escaping into them each time a new Huber book is released.

The Verity Kent series has been an interesting series for me. It’s a bit of a break in her usual style of heroine and historical setting. Her Lady Darby books are set in a different time period with the heroine being strong and independent but she still fits the traditional gender norms of the period that the book is set in. Her other series is a Gothic mystery series, also set in a similar period as the Lady Darby books. So reading the Verity Kent books takes us to a new time period, again with a heroine who fits the gender norms of the period but also stands out as brave and complex.

When series’ are in their early stages, it’s easier for readers to jump in without having to read the other books. But eventually, you reach a certain point where new readers miss larger parts of the story. For me, this is the book where this happened. This book opens with a back story already established from an earlier book and I would say if you are a new to the series, I would pause and go back to read the others first and then enjoy this one! If you are interested in the series, be sure to check my Instagram later today for a chance to win the entire set of this series!

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