Review: Love Poems for Married People by John Kenney

Poetry isn’t really my genre. Something about it always makes me feel so inadequate and most of it just seems to go over my head. I do have a few poems (and when I say a few I mean like 4) that I like but by and large, poetry just isn’t for me.

This book showed up for review about three weeks ago and the minute I tore it open, I was literally laughing so hard. The poems in this book are perfect for married couples. If you have been married—even for a couple of months—this book will resonate with you.

I have been married for fifteen years and we just had our first child two years ago—-and this book of poetry literally spoke to me in a way that no other ‘mommy and marriage’ article on the web could possible come close to.  Continue reading “Review: Love Poems for Married People by John Kenney”