4 thoughts on “Policy

  1. Hello Lit Bitch.

    I would like to know if you would have an interest in reviewing my two novels (Columbus Avenue Boys and Cameron Nation). If you have time, a review of both would be great as one is a prequel to the other. However, if you are limiting to one, then Columbus Avenue Boys would be the one I would like you to review.

    Take a look and please let me know. CAB tells the story of avenging a massacre of the Scalamarri family in 1935. Part Mafia – FBI infiltration in the 1990s and the other part a walk throught the 20th Century of an Italian immigrant family that was massacred at the hands of Bugsy Siegel in 1935.

    Thank you ahread of time.


  2. Dear Lit Bitch, I love your reviews and look forward to your opinions. Do you, or would you review my first novel? It will be released in 2016, woman’s fiction.

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