Special Feature: Morality and Chaos: The Dark Knight

A fellow English major friend of mine and I were talking about the complexity of the Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan and she was kind enough to share her write up on The Dark Knight with me. Check it out here. I love many of her thoughts on the film and characters! Totally worth a read through!

Note: This was written after The Dark Knight released in theaters (and I saw it 3 times to take it all in). Mornin’ folks! I’m so excited to see The Dark Knight Rises (Friday at 10.30pm!!) that I wanted to share a post from my old blog. I did a review of the movie during its release and it was easily my most popular entry. I’m celebrating this superhero movie and thought the nerds would appreciate a flashback of the Dark Knight before we all went to see the new movie. I’ve also included the great comments I received from people, too, because they made some great points! I’ve officially gone to see “The Dark Knight” 3 times; once in a regular theatre, twice in IMAX. It’s unbelievable. Beautiful. Brilliant. Easily on my newly updated list of top 10 favorite movies. Perhaps even the top 5. For many people, they…

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