Review: A Noël Killing (Verlaque and Bonnet #8) by M.L. Longworth

The Verlaque and Bonnet series is one that I came into a little late, but have always enjoyed the mysteries. They have a sophisticated feel to them but they still manage to maintain their charm.

I think one of the things that always keeps this series in the forefront of my mind is the covers. The covers are incredible and eye catching. Every time I see one I instantly think, ‘oh yes another Verlaque and Bonnet mystery!‘. The covers are so recognizable and admittedly why I picked up the series in the first place. This book features the new redesigned covers and while I think it’s a pretty design, it doesn’t stand out to me.

Maybe that’s because I am so used to the old covers. But at any rate don’t let the aesthetics fool you, this is a great series that I’ve been looking forward to picking back up! Continue reading “Review: A Noël Killing (Verlaque and Bonnet #8) by M.L. Longworth”

Excerpt: A Completing of the Watsons by Rose Servitova

One of my favorite authors in all of English Literature is of course, Jane Austen. She is the definition of classic if you ask me. She always writes timeless love stories and memorable but also relatable heroines.

Because she is such a popular author, many contemporaries have admired her so much that they put their own modern spin and style to their Austen retellings.

In this book, Servitova brings her own wit and humor to this lovely retelling and I am thrilled to be able to share an excerpt with you guys here! Continue reading “Excerpt: A Completing of the Watsons by Rose Servitova”

Review: Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber

I picked this book up because of the delicious looking pie on the front cover. I mean seriously, that pie looks so delicious and I hoped that the story inside would be equally satisfying.

I don’t think I even stopped to read what it was about, I simply saw pie and said YES. So when I picked it up, I basically went in blind and without any real expectations other than I hoped to read it while eating pie of my own (which did happen by the way!)

This book surprised me in a number of ways, both with the author’s practiced hand and with the little hints of magic sprinkled in each page. Continue reading “Review: Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber”

Review: Tidelands (The Fairmile #1) by Philippa Gregory (Audible Edition)

I have only read one Philippa Gregory novel and that was ages ago. I felt like I was long overdue for one of her books. When I saw that this was her latest book I was eager to check it out.

I thought that it sounded like an interesting setting and kind of far removed from what she is most well known for—royal courts.

I decided to pick it up on Audible instead of actually picking up a hard copy and I was glad I did because the narrator did a great job and made it very enjoyable to listen it, but that said I wasn’t sure that I loved the book itself. Continue reading “Review: Tidelands (The Fairmile #1) by Philippa Gregory (Audible Edition)”

Excerpt and Special Feature: This Son of York by Anne Easter Smith

This Son of York
by Anne Easter Smith

Publication Date: November 10, 2019
Bellastoria Press
eBook & Paperback; 504 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

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“Now is the winter of our discontent, Made glorious summer by This Son of York…” — William Shakespeare, Richard III

Richard III was Anne’s muse for her first five books, but, finally, in This Son of York he becomes her protagonist. The story of this English king is one of history’s most compelling, made even more fascinating through the discovery in 2012 of his bones buried under a car park in Leicester.

This new portrait of England’s most controversial king is meticulously researched and brings to vivid life the troubled, complex Richard of Gloucester, who ruled for two years over an England tired of war and civil strife. The loyal and dutiful youngest son of York, Richard lived most of his short life in the shadow of his brother, Edward IV, loyally supporting his sibling until the mantle of power was thrust unexpectedly on him.

Some of his actions and motives were misunderstood by his enemies to have been a deliberate usurpation of the throne, but throughout his life, Richard never demonstrated any loftier ambitions than to honorably discharge his duty to his family and his country.

In a gentler vein, despite the cruel onset of severe scoliosis in his teens, Richard did find love, first with a lover and then in his marriage to Anne Neville. Between these two devoted women in his life, he sired three and perhaps four children.

Bringing the Plantagenet dynasty to a violent end, Richard was the last king of England to die in battle. This Son of York is a faithful chronicle of this much maligned man.

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