Review: Shadowborn (Born Prophecy #3) by Katie MacAlister

I started reading this series last year and it’s been a decent fantasy series that had kept me mostly interested.

There were some parts of the story that I liked better than others but overall it’s been pretty good and I felt invested enough in the series to see it through until the end.

As this book is part of a larger series, I would not recommend picking this book up as a standalone as you would be missing out on large parts of the story. Continue reading “Review: Shadowborn (Born Prophecy #3) by Katie MacAlister”

Review: Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

At first glance this book wasn’t eye catching to me. I wasn’t really feeling the basic cover and there was nothing that stood out to me as a reader.

As I said the cover was just ok for me and the title wasn’t really unique but as I have said a million times before, I always read every pitch that comes across my desk because you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover, even though I think most of us are guilty of doing just that.

If I had gone just on first impression alone, I would have missed a really great rom-com! I loved the premise of this book and was thrilled with it cover to cover! Continue reading “Review: Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein”

Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (Audible Edition)

My murder mystery book club decided to read two books this month. The first book we selected for June we all read in like two days so we decided that we would pick a second book and this was it.

This book sounded interesting-ish, but then again, many psychological thrillers sound similar so I wasn’t exactly convinced that this was going to be a new and different book than any of the other psychological thrillers out there right now.

But I decided to listen to it on Audible and hoped for the best. Continue reading “Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls

I love how books find me. I have been eye balling the book The Foundling on Amazon for months now as well as The Familiars but I just haven’t decided to pull the trigger yet.

The covers are gorgeous and the premise for each book sounds excellent, but I have been trying to be good and not buy so many new books so I decided to hold off on purchasing The Foundling.

Flash forward to March when I was asked to review The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls. I thought it sounded interesting and said yes, all the while I kept my eye on The Founding oh so longingly. When it came time for me to pick up this book to start reading, the only book that kept coming up was The Foundling. Come to find out the books are one in the same! The Foundling in the UK and The Lost Orphan in the US. I was even more excited to read this book after discovering that I had been longingly eye balling it for months! Continue reading “Review: The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls”

Review: Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews

There are a couple of authors that I instantly think of when someone asks me what beach reads I recommend. Mary Kay Andrews is at the top of that list! She has written a ton of books and many of them carry a distinct summer feel. Reading one just puts me in the mood for summer!

This book came out in early May and I was so bummed that I couldn’t read it when it first came out because I definitely needed something warm and sunny to chase the spring rains away!

But I was able to pick it up this month just in time for all the big summer reads and I couldn’t have been happier with this one! Continue reading “Review: Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews”