Special Feature: London House by Katherine Reay

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know how much I love historical fiction but especially war time fiction. Typically WWI is MY ERA however I wouldn’t pass on a WWII novel though either. I think the backdrop and drama of war really creates natural drama in historical fiction which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.

In recent years there has been a lot of novels that have highlighted the influence of women in the two world wars and especially in the area of spying and espionage. I think this is such a great way to add intrigue and show how badass women really were. Every time I see a new historical fiction novel come up I want to read each and every one. This one in particular sounds fascinating and while I couldn’t fit it on my review schedule I definitely added it to my future TBR.

This one sounds so great and has been getting wonderful reviews and early praise. You need to stop by the other tour stops and see what others are saying. After reading a few reviews I moved this one up on my TBR. So be sure to keep reading for all the details and check out the other blog tour stops for reviews and more!

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Special Feature: The Name Curse by Brooke Burroughs

This summer I did all the outdoor things! I have always had an adventurous spirit and love things like hiking and exploring new places. As a child I did a lot more of this with my family (camping, hiking etc) and as an adult I have traveled and such but have not done as much hiking as I would have liked. Until this year. I live in Oregon so we have hikes and the great outdoors in spades! So this summer I did all the outdoor things, National Parks, hiking, cave exploring. All the things.

But then suddenly the summer was over and I had to return to reality (work) but I wasn’t quite ready to say good bye to adventuring. Enter this book. This book sounds like it will fill my desire to keep connected to the great outdoors and the adventure spirit while being stuck at home and behind a desk! I have’t read anything by Brooke Burroughs before but this one sounds like it’s going to tick a lot of boxes for me!

I love the sound of this one! As soon as I read the summary I loved the enemies to lovers troupe that was hinted at plus a hike through the Alaskan wilderness sounds so perfect as a place for two people to fall in love and get to know themselves too. I have this one to review a little later on this fall, but for right now I wanted to share a bit about the book and if you are hoping to extend your summer explorations from the comfort of your house, then this might be the book for you!

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I don’t know about you guys, but summer is the perfect time for a little light romance reading and I couldn’t be more excited to share some of that romance with you guys today! There is also a giveaway happening with this feature so please before to enter below by commenting on this post!

I normally don’t read too many novellas or short stories but I do love Regency romance and sweet romances, not to mention I have had good luck with one of these author’s (Josi Kilpack) so I was super excited to hear that there was a collection of sweet Regency romances coming out and then to discover that there is a whole bunch of them was like a dream come true!

Keep reading to get all the details for the collection and be sure to enter to win a copy for yourselves!

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Cover Reveal: Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner

When I saw that Natalie Jenner was coming out with a new book I was really excited. Her debut novel, The Jane Austen Society, was good for a first time novel, but now that she’s cut her teeth a bit in historical fiction, it’s time to see how the follow up novel is going to unfold. Finding your voice and rhythm is hard to do but I am looking forward to seeing how this sophomore novel compares to the debut.

I really like the time period—there are a lot of WWII novels in historical fiction but not that many post war novels and I think it will be a fun landscape to explore. And need I say more about the setting than it’s set in a rare bookstore?!

The cover is fantastic, the summary sounds great and I am looking forward to getting to know new characters from Jenner! Keep reading to check out all the details of this book and be sure to get it on your TBR. The only thing I am sad about is that it won’t be out until next spring! Way too long but it gives me something to look forward to this winter!

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Re-Share Review: Horror Stories by Liz Phair

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will notice that one genre is particularly lacking and that’s memoirs! I don’t read lot of memoirs/autobiographies/biographies/non-fiction but occasionally one of two pop up on my radar, such as this one!

I read this book in Oct 2019 and really enjoyed it! Liz Phair is the soundtrack of my teenage years so reading her book was such a treat for me and I loved giving into her world and life for a few days of reading! Now her book, Horror Stories, is out in paperback and I thought it would be fun to re-share my original review with you guys!

Liz Phair is such a talented musician and I was thrilled to see that her talents didn’t just stop at music, but crossed over into writing. If you are a fan of her music or simply candid takes on important issues, I think you will really enjoy her story! It’s out in paper back now so be sure to snag yourself a copy!

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