Re Share Review: The Diabolical Bones (Brontë Sisters Mystery #2) by Bella Ellis

I never met a Bronte novel that I didn’t like. I love the Bronte’s and when I saw a series of books about the Bronte’s as detectives was coming out, I was chomping at the bit to dive into it! But I did have some hesitations. There was part of me that was thrilled for a new take on the Brontes, but another part of me was worried it would be a hokey series.

But after reading the first book, I was pleasantly surprised by how well written and developed the characters and plot were! I thought the first book was wonderful and was really looking forward to the second. I actually enjoyed the second book, The Diabolical Bones, a little better but both were wonderful!

Now the Diabolical Bones is out in paperback and I am so excited to be re-sharing my review with you guys today! If you are looking for a smart fun new series with familiar characters and historical figures then look no further! This mystery in particular was quite chilling and satisfying so be sure to pick up a copy of this wonderful read today!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

There are some tried and true romance writers whose names you recognize because they have such a huge fan following. Susan Mallery is one such author. I haven’t read any of Susan Mallery’s books but I recognize her name and anyone who has so many published books must be doing something right? Right? Susan Mallery is a New York Times Best Selling author with a dedicated fan base and in my mind that means her books much be amazing!

I have been in line at the grocery store plenty of times and seen Susan Mallery’s books and in my mind, plus I have seen plenty of people grab copies of her books at the grocery store or from airports. I’ve seen people reading her books on planes, trains, and buses and they always look like they are enjoying her books! So when I saw her latest book come up, I knew I wanted to help spread the word about it’s release!

With beach reads season coming up, this contempo romance/women’s fiction book will be the perfect book to toss into your beach bag this summer! I am thrilled to have this excerpt up for you guys today so pop by take a read and snag yourself a copy of this new title just in time for summer reading!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

This book has been all over the hot new romances list and I cannot wait to check it out! Representation in literature is so important and this novel hits so many high notes when it comes to representation—-racial representation as well as queer representation and I am here for it! I am loving all the Own Voices novels that are coming out and this one is one I have been looking forward to!

Honey Girl is Morgan Roger’s debut novel and I am so happy to see it getting all the advanced praise and buzz! The cover is stunning, the plot sounds delicious, and it sounds like something fresh, new, and hip for millennials readers as well as others! I think this is going to be a huge hit and I a thrilled to be spreading the word on it!

This one is high up on my TBR and I am thrilled to be able to share a little excerpt with you guys today. After reading this excerpt I am even more excited to read it! If you are looking for a romance novel that is relevant, hip, and representative and inclusive then check this one out! You won’t be disappointed!

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Review: Do No Harm by Christina McDonald

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, then this might be a book you would be interested in. I have only watched a couple of Break Bad episodes but I love the idea a regular every day person faced with an unprecedented choice to sell drugs to try and save themselves or someone they love.

This book caught my eye for that reason, the main character Emma, decides to sell drugs to fund her son’s cancer treatment and as a mother I can say that I would do anything if it meant saving my son’s life. I could immediately sympathize with the main character before cracking open the book based on the bonds of motherhood.

Not only did this book promise to be a unique medical thriller but it also explored the darker world of drugs, addiction, and all the dangers that come along with that lifestyle. I enjoyed this one a lot more than I anticipated. When I first picked it up I was coming off of a long romance binge and wasn’t in the mood to read a thriller……but this one grabbed me!

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Special Feature: The Minders by John Marrs

I don’t read a ton of sci fi but I do enjoy a good dystopian novel and this latest novel by John Marrs sounds like it strikes the perfect balance between dystopian and sci fi that will appeal to a wide audience! This one even has a bit of government conspiracy which is one of the reasons why it caught my eye!

Marrs has written a number of thrillers that have been widely praised but this appears to be his first dystopian/sci fi novel and I am so excited to check it out. It sounds like it’s also going to have some thriller elements so this one looks like it’s going to have broad appeal for audiences. This one boasts a lot of action and suspense which, in my mind, means it will read quick.

If you are looking for a new thriller with a heavy mix of sci fi and dystopian lit then you are going to want to get this one on your radar. Marrs has a large fan base and his thrillers have been widely praised by fans. This one in-particular has already received a lot of hight praise too! While I cannot fit this one on my review schedule for this month, I plan on reading it very soon in the future. It’s out now so if this one sounds appealing to you, then you should grab yourself a copy now!

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