Discussion: Who would you cast as your favorite Outlander character?

I got the idea for this post from one of my Outlander Reading Challenge participants (Jennifer–Outlander Fan Blog). She posted a really awesome post about who she would cast as her fav characters if Outlander were made into a movie.

I also saw that Diana Gabaldon posted a similar poll on her Facebook page.  So that got me thinking….who would I cast as my fav characters if Hollywood got on the stick and made Outlander a movie or the very least, an HBO series??

Outlander fans and challenge participants….what do you guys think? Who would you cast? Post your picks in the comments section. FYI this post is NOT part of the usual Outlander Monthly Meme/Discussion….this one is purely for fun 🙂

Here are my picks for the list so far…..and it is still a work in progress 🙂

Jamie Fraser: Alexander Skarsgard

  • Reasoning: Tall, blond, and handsome! He’s got an excellent body and can easily play cocky but sweet.
  • Potential problems: Swedish, therefore lacking hot Scottish accent.

Claire Randall Fraser: Kate Beckinsale (my next choice was Alex Kingston but I thought she might be a little too old…still toying with this casting….)

  • Reasoning: Older but not too old, can pass for intelligent ‘healer’
  • Potential problems: Sometimes lacks ‘passion’ in her roles

Dougal MacKenzie: Mark Strong

  • Reasoning: He has mysterious ambiguity down to a science
  • Potential problems: A little too Italian looking…but still convincing.

Captain Jack Randall: Jason Isaacs

  • Reasoning: He plays a complete asshole so well!
  • Potential problems: None, he’s perfect! 🙂

Frank Randall: Colin Firth

  • Reasoning: Regal looking British gent
  • Potential problems: Maybe a little too old

Brianna Randall Fraser: Emma Stone

  • Reasoning: Great red hair, young and pretty…perfect girl next door
  • Potential problems: None so far….

Roger MacKenzie Wakefield: Orlando Bloom

  • Reasoning: Perfect sad puppy dog eyes and plays kind hearted hero well!
  • Potential problems: None so far….

Laoghaire MacKenzie: Emilia Clarke

  • Reasoning: Beautiful and young, innocent looking with an edge….plus I love her with white blond hair!
  • Potential problems: None so far….

Lord John Grey: Rupert Everett 

  • Reasoning: Come on…no one play flamboyant better than Rupert Everett….he’s masculine/rugged looking but pretty enough to be convincing of the role.
  • Potential problems: None so far…

So there you have it…..my rough sketch of what my dream cast for Outlander would be! What do you think??

9 thoughts on “Discussion: Who would you cast as your favorite Outlander character?

  1. Gabaldon did such an effective job with characterization that I think the casting director should allow input from Outlander fans. In my mind’s eye, I’ve always seen Shia Labeouf as Ian. Always.

  2. Before I saw your picks, Kate Beckinsale came to mind. She’d be perfect. Maybe Rachel McAdams as a second pick. Alexander would make a great Jaime.

    I had a lot of issues with Outlander, but if it was pared down greatly and condensed into a movie, I think it might work. The book had a great concept but it felt all over the place to me.

  3. Great pics…I thought about Kate Winslet as the Claire for Voyager, but Kate Beckinsale is not exactly a shabby choice either 🙂

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