Product Review: Simplicity Teas II

It’s been about a month now since I received my first Simplicity Teas box and I am loving all the teas that came. Some more than others, but overall I am so satisfied with the box! What is in said box you ask? Well let me tell you a little bit about Simplicity Teas before I get into one of my favorite teas from the subscription box!

Simplicity Tea is a monthly subscription box where you can try out a couple of their teas in a smaller version before committing to a larger amount of the tea. They have both a subscription box and fully stocked shop with infusers and full orders of tea. I opted for the subscription box so I could try a couple of different types of tea.

My tea box came with an adorable strawberry infuser and enough tea for a month! I had 4 different teas to pick from, two black teas and two herbal teas. One of my black teas was decaffeinated, which was actually perfect because I never think to have decaffeinated tea in the afternoons but then at 10 when I am still awake and wondering why I am always like ‘oh ya that’s right I did have caffeine this afternoon!’.

I reviewed my first tea from them earlier in the month and loved it. I then tried the other teas in my box and decided to review the Sweet Dreams sample as my second review. I drink sleepy tea every single night and most of my sleepy tea has valerian root in it as a sleep agent, the Sweet Dreams tea from Simplicity didn’t have the valerian root in it but I thought it has a pleasant taste with flavorful ingredients.

This particular blend features apple, rose hip, cranberries, spearmint as well as a few others. It has a nice herbal creme flavor to it and I thought it was soothing. I don’t know that it truly acted as a sleep agent in the way that my normal sleepy time tea does, but I thought it was soothing all the same. It would be a nice post dinner tea to start helping you wind down for bed time.

I am not sure that I would purchase this one again or have it be a replacement for my usual sleepy tea, but I thought that the sample was a perfect size to try out and it was a well balanced and flavorful tea that I think tea drinkers will enjoy. In the sample there was enough for about a week (6-7 cups of tea) and I have about enough left over for 2 cups now and I will continue to enjoy it in the evenings until it’s gone.

If you have been considering Simplicity Tea I highly recommend the subscription box. It’s perfect for instances like this…..where you want to try new products and teas but aren’t sure you will love it or not. Simplicity Teas will send you just enough tea to give a fair trial and then you can decide if you want to order more or not. Maybe you love it and need more or maybe you are like me and you enjoyed it but are open to trying other kinds. This is a win win all around and I strongly encourage you to test them out!

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