Product Review: Plum Deluxe Teas

Photo credit: Plum Deluxe website

There is nothing like the marriage of tea and books in my opinion! I almost always have a cup of tea on hand when reading. It’s so relaxing and soothing.

I gave up drinking coffee a little over a year ago and though I have been known to sneak a cup or two here and there, tea has all but replaced coffee for me. I found a couple of teas that I was pretty excited about, but I am always looking for new tea to try and as I was scraping the bottom of my latest tin, I was approached by Plum Deluxe Teas to see if I would like to give their teas a shot.

Without hesitation absolutely! The first thing that stood out to me was their mission and the fact that they are a local tea company for me. I live in Salem Oregon which is an hour south of their location in Portland. I love small local businesses because I always feel like there is such care and affection for their products that larger manufacturers have lost. Continue reading “Product Review: Plum Deluxe Teas”

Review: Adagio Tea Book Blends

There is nothing like drinking a cup of warm tea while curling up with your favorite book in front of the fire. Especially in the winter time.

Adagio Teas is a unique line of teas that does a number of literary inspired tea blends and pairings. Now I am far from a tea connoisseur but I know that I like chai, black, and orange teas so surely I would be able to find something that I liked on their website.

I was blown away with how many different fan blends they have for book lovers! There are literally over 100,000 blends! This is mostly a site where readers and fans can create their own blends which I love because it allows the fan to create something special an unique.

You can make your own blend with ease as well as find adorable art (or create/upload your own) to go with whatever book you are reading! It’s truly a wonderfully unique way to get involved with your book and share your love with other readers and tea lovers.

So I decided to try a few blends. I selected 10 based on my tea tastes and book tastes and here is the list:

Jon Snow 

Lady Mary 

Pumpkin Potion 

Perfect Pumpkin Pie Chai 

Pumpkin Chai Latte 

Ours is the Fury 

Orange Spice Rooibos 

Mr Darcy 

Dark Prophecies Draft 

Targaryen Spirits 

Now you can find out more about each tea blend and what they contain as far as flavors and teas by clicking on each link above.

I spent about a month showcasing, reviewing, and pairing my tea samples on my Instagram page which was a super fun way to interact with my readers and followers. I got to meet lots of new people and book lovers in a way that I hadn’t thought of before. So be sure to head over to my Instagram page and follow along.

Anyway, the teas arrived super fast and in small little sample tins. The samples were inexpensive and made about 5 cups depending on how strong you like your tea. Fast shipping as well so I didn’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive. The teas smelled super fresh and the samples were in tins so nothing leaked out in the box.

The first one I busted into was the Jon Snow blend. I was really impressed with the balance of the blend. The person who created this one had a vision and it was spot on. It had a little hint of ginger for edge and a kick, but the other ingredients balanced it out making it smooth and memorable.

I won’t go into detail about every single tea I tried because that would take pages. But I feel confident that I leaned a lot about teas in this experiment. There are literally hundreds of blends you can try or create your own. The website is easy to navigate and the teas have a gourmet feel for a fraction of the price. And seriously who can resist a tin with your favorite book character or title on it?

This is such a fun company and I highly encourage anyone who loves tea and books to try them out. Or send a few samples to your relative for holiday gifts! I know I am wording a bunch as stocking stuffers for all my bookish friends and family members!


Announcement: Short Break From Aug 2016-Oct 2016

Hello fellow readers and fans!

The prince who was promised is arriving in the next week! For those that didn’t know…….I have a baby coming in Aug and he will be ‘the stallion who mounts the world’!

I plan on taking off a couple of months from blogging/reviewing to celebrate the birth of our new baby.

So from July to the middle of Oct 2016, I will be taking a break and my posts will be minimal as I don’t know how busy I will be with a new baby, I thought it best to limit my reviews for a couple of months.

Now obviously if time allows I will be posting reviews and other things but only as time permits. I have more availability to post things like special features and book blasts so please keep an eye out for those types of posts, but as for reviews, I am scaling back for a couple of months.

I will return the middle of Oct with new fall reviews and reading! I already have a couple of great books on the calendar to review for Oct…..I can’t wait to share with you!

I am still accepting/considering books for review so please feel free to email me your pitches at and I will continue to respond as time allows but know that my calendar will not be open until Oct. Thank you all! I will be sure to post a picture of ‘the prince who was promised’ on the blog and my social media when he arrives!

Prague Day 9: Carry Ons and the Metic System

So here we are in our room on our last night in Prague and we have got to figure out how we are going to get our doll and other souvenirs home!

It’s late…..we packed carry on only……we still packed too much stuff and now we have souvenirs to content with.

Sam and I start trying to figure out what we can leave behind if it comes to that….do we leave our PJs? Our extra socks? What?? For me there is no leaving anything behind!

So we start re-packing…..thankfully I am able to pack all the contents of my entire ‘small purse’ carry on into my suitcase carry on so I can just carry the doll on board.

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Prague Day 8: Germany and Sprechen Sie Englisch

Well it’s finally here, our last official day abroad and we are heading to Germany. Sam and I really debated between Vienna and Dresden Germany for our one long day trip.

We went with Germany simply because it was a closer drive and I am glad that we did that because Dresden was only about an 1.50 drive one way while Vienna was more like 3 hours one way.

I really wanted to go to Bratislava, Slovakia but that too would have been about a 3.5 hour drive and I really wanted to have time to enjoy the city we visited.

So in the end Germany won out. Our tour company was supposed to pick us up at our hotel at 8:15……well that didn’t happen. It was more like 8:45 and our tour bus was supposed to depart at 9…..and we had to pick up yet another person, traffic in Prague is ridiculous so we quickly realized we would NOT be making the 9:00 am Germany bus departure.

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