Review: A Tempest at Sea (Lady Sherlock #7) by Sherry Thomas

This series started out as a DNF for me. I couldn’t get into the first book when I picked it up the first time so I put it down as a DNF and almost wrote the series off all together. But it bugged me so bad that I didn’t like this series! So many of my friends around the blog-o-sphere loved it and honestly it SHOULD be a series that I love. So after some consideration, I picked up the first book and decided to try again. I am so glad I did because I loved it and binge read all the books that had some out at that point so I could be ready for more in the series!

Sometimes that happens with readers—it’s like the right book and the wrong time and it can be so hard to decide if it was that I wasn’t in the mood for that book or if I really just didn’t care for it. Some books I can absolutely tell that I just don’t like it but with others it could be that I am just not in the right headspace for a particular book, which is why this series needled me so bad! I am glad I decided to give it another go as it has been a very enjoyable series and this book was another great installment.

If you haven’t checked this series out yet it’s great for fans of Sherlock Holmes but with a feminine twist! Author, Sherry Thomas, does a great job staying true to the character of Sherlock Holmes but with a gender bender, but the methods and problem solving that Holmes is known for is seen reflected in these charming characters. If you love historical mysteries this is a great place to start! Both familiar but new!

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Special Feature: The Sister Effect by Susan Mallery

I have been a Susan Mallery fan for some time now and I am always excited to check out whatever new book she comes out with! Susan Mallery is a prolific writer with many many many novels under her belt. Some run more toward romance while others are more women’s fiction but I always find something to love whenever I crack open one of her books! She is one of my top beach reads authors, I always feel like I read something well written and worth while when I read her books.

I couldn’t fit this one in on my review schedule—but I have all the details and a little sneak peak for you readers! Plus I am sure this one will be making a reappearance on my blog as a review later this spring/summer. This book sounds like it will be more on the familial relationships than some of her other books but I am totally excited to see what kind of story Mallery has for us this spring!

If you have read Mallery’s books before, you will know how talented she is. Her books feature well developed characters with strong, memorable personalities. I think readers will enjoy discovering the characters in this book as well as relate to some of the family struggles. Families are complicated across the board and I love how Mallery always manages to bring that to life in her books. If you haven’t yet discovered Susan Mallery, then you will find no shortage of fans and books to pick from! Fans all have their favorites so I would suggest picking up any of her books that catch your eye, they are all so good. But with a cover like this one, it will be hard to pass on!

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Special Feature: The Romanov Heiress by Jennifer Laam

The Romanov Heiress by Jennifer Laam

Publication Date: March 20, 2023

Genre: Historical Fiction/Russian

Four sisters in hiding. A grand duchess in disguise. Dark family secrets revealed…an alternate future for the Romanov sisters from Jennifer Laam, author of The Secret Daughter of the Tsar and The Lost Season of Love and Snow.

With her parents and brother missing and presumed dead, Grand Duchess Olga Romanova must keep her younger sisters safe. The Bolsheviks are determined to eliminate any remaining holdovers from the tsarist regime, hunting down the last Romanovs and putting them to death. Now living in England, the Romanov sisters remain hidden to protect their identities, even as isolation strains their relationships.

But they can’t distance themselves from the world forever.

Olga learns that a peer of the realm has accused the late Empress Alexandra of betraying Russia and her allies during the Great War. Under the spell of the scheming Grigori Rasputin, Alexandra disclosed military secrets to the enemy and pursued a separate peace with Germany. If this rumor becomes history, it will destroy her legacy and her family’s future.

Disguised as “Olivia,” a wartime nurse turned maid, Olga accepts a position in Lord Hammond’s household. There, she works to discover the truth about her mother. When Olga meets his lordship’s heir—an alluring, enigmatic war veteran—her situation grows even more precarious. Could she fall for the son of her new enemy? As she learns more about the tragedies of his past, Olga realizes the connection between their families is more complicated than it appears.


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Special Feature/Excerpt: Johanna Porter is Not Sorry by Sara Read

Something about this book just spoke to me. Hot rising star in the art world, turned no body soccer mom. I mean isn’t that the fear of every woman who has a child—that they will fade into obscurity. Not that I would regret ever having a child, but I can totally relate to just this single summary sentence. The second I had my son and became a stay at home mom, I felt completely out of the loop at my old job. I never heard from anyone and the education world moved on without me which was hard to process. So when I saw this little part of the summery I was like SOLD, I need to read this book.

But my reading calendar was full, so I opted for a feature and excerpt instead but know that this book is on my TBR list for the upcoming spring/summer. I had a few early reviews online and I am certain this is going to be a book I will really enjoy. A mom who loves the F word—-yes! The main characters receives a mysterious invitation to the art world—-also yes! It sounds sassy, smart and I love the whole middle aged female lead who decided to take back what is hers. I am simply so excited for this one!

I think this book has so much to offer especially to readers who are in the 40 year old demographic like me. I can already relate to Johanna Porter and I cannot wait to read this book. Today I have an excerpt for you guys to check out and if you are as compelled as I was after reading the excerpt, you will definitely want to get this one on your TBR list for the spring!

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Review: The Paris Notebook by Tessa Harris

I absolutely adore Tessa Harris! I have read some of her books over the years and I have yet to read a book by her that I haven’t enjoyed! Harris is probably best known for her mystery series, Dr Thomas Silkstone and Constance Piper series respectively. But the book that stands out most for me was her standalone historical fiction, Beneath a Starless Sky. I recall loving how well researched this particular book was, and how much I enjoyed getting to know the characters and exploring their forbidden love story.

So naturally when this new historical fiction novel came out but Harris, I was totally on board with reading it. I thought the plot sounded compelling as it features a new angle, on a report surfacing that Hitler was deemed mentally unfit for office. I thought this sounded so good. I know that Harris really researches her historical fiction books so I knew that I would not be disappointed in the historical details and content. For me that is half the battle, some authors focus more on the characters than historical details but as a historian I personally really respect the historical details and the pains and author goes through to get things ‘just right’.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, I am sure you have seen Tessa Harris’s books around the blog-o-spear. It’s a rare treat to have an author who writes both historical mysteries AND historical fiction. When I picked this one up I had no doubt I would find something special inside and I couldn’t wait to start reading. If you love historical fiction, this book and author are certainly one to watch! Be sure to add to your TBR list immediately!

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