Special Feature: The Officer and the Spy by Jenny Ashcroft

I have read and adored two of Jenny Ashcroft’s books! She has this great flair for exotic feeling books with romance, history, and intrigue. I have really really really loved the books she has put out and I am so excited for this one as well! Set on the island of Crete during WWII, I cannot wait to dive into this book and be fully transported! I was so sad that my spring reading schedule filled up so fast so I had to opt for a feature for this one but you better believe I have it on my TBR for the summer!

I am most excited by how compelling this book sounds—-a romance between two young kids gets turned on its head with war and the occupation of the small island of Crete. The two main characters are now enemies and yet they have this romance that is undeniable. I cannot wait to see how that plays out and how the characters work through those issues. It sounds like a wonderful book and romance!

One of the things that I have always felt with Ashcroft’s books is she does a fabulous amount of research. I wasn’t even aware that the Nazi’s occupied Crete so knowing that she has written a book about it makes me so excited since she always illustrates history so well. If you haven’t read anything by Ashcroft yet, you need to remedy that situation! She is a great writer and the attention to detail is top shelf! I know I am going to get a beautiful love story full of history and an exotic location, if that doesn’t sound like a winning combo then I don’t know what is!

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Special Feature: The House on Prytania (Royal Street #2) by Karen White

Over the years I have read some of Karen White’s collaborations and standalone novels. I have also jumped around a bit in her other mystery series and always find her writing well thought out and enjoyable. I enjoy smartly written novels and White’s books have that as well as a little bit of a paranormal element. It’s not so much that it takes the book to a full on paranormal or horror story but it’s enough to make the books memorable and fun.

This latest series by White will have many of the things that her Tradd Street books had, mystery, ghosts, charming houses, and great characters. I haven’t started this series yet but it is on my TBR if for nothing else beside the fact that I have loved a lot of her books, not to mention I love the old houses on the cover! This book promises atmosphere, mystery and all the Southern hospitality that White is known for! I cannot wait to dive into this book as well as the first in the series!

If you love old houses, ghosts, mystery, and a charming story then this book is going to need to get on our TBR list. I have seen some of the early reviews and everyone is raving about this book! I am thrilled to bring a bit about this book to you guys today and I encourage you to check it out. Most of the reviews are saying that while reading the first book is helpful, White does a good job orientating readers who might be picking up book two first. I don’t know about you guys but I plan on reading this one later on this summer or early fall and I will be sharing a review when I do but until then check this one out!

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Special Feature: The Friday Night Club by Sofia Lindberg, Alyson Richmond, and MJ Rose

This is the second book this week that I have had on my blog that features a collaboration of three authors. I think collaborations are a fun way to incorporate very different writing styles and visions to work toward a common plot. I think it gives readers a glimpse of something different and allows for the authors to make something truly unique and give readers the feel they are reading very different characters. It can also be a big challenge for authors.

Culminating three different styles can come with its own set of challenges but considering all of these authors are tried and tested in their own individual books, I think this is going to be an interesting mashup! I have read a ton of MJ Rose’s novels over the years and always love escaping into her elegant prose and rich stories. Alyson Richmond has been another solid author for me who writes great historical novels that I have found pleasure in reading. Sofia Lindberg is a new to me author so I can’t speak to her ability but it sound like she is a popular Scandinavian author in her own right!

I am super excited to share this book with all of you guys. I couldn’t fit it into my review schedule but the book sound compelling with an interesting storyline, one that toggles between the past and present which is one of my favorite literary devices. Part of the story is set in Sweden and I think that’s going to be a new and fun location to take readers. This book is out now, keep reading to get all the details and pick up a copy of this book today!

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Special Feature/Excerpt: Funny Guy by Emma Barry

Who doesn’t love a modern rom-com. This friends to lovers romance that has as fun little comedic twist in that the main love interest is a stand up comedian! I have only been to a couple of standup comedy shows but I always wonder if the comedian is as funny in person as they are on the stage. Or if they are as charismatic as they appear on stage. I thought this book sounded really interesting for that very reason!

Author Emma Barry has written a number of romances that have developed quite a fan following and I was super excited to see what this book has in store for readers considering I haven’t read anything by her before. Friends to lovers isn’t my favorite romance troupe but after reading this summary and except I could easily be convinced to give it a go!

If you are a romance fan with a bit of a comedy twist then I think you are going to enjoy this book. I have a lovely excerpt to share with you guys today and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! This book is out now so be sure to pick up a copy today! It’s already getting some great reviews and since it’s on the short side, I think it will be a quick and easy by the beach read for you!

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Review: The Castle Keepers by Aimee Runyan, J’nell Ciesielski, and Rachel McMillan

Over the years I have enjoyed each of these authors on an independent basis. I love all of their respective books individually and I was so thrilled to see that these three powerhouse writers were teaming up to write a collaborative novel! Obviously no one had to twist my arm to get me to review this one, it was an absolute no brainer!

Sometimes collaborative novels can be difficult. I have only really seen a couple of writing teams successful with it. It can be hard blending different writing styles let alone character visions. I believe this is the first collaboration for these three authors as well which can sometimes bring its own set of challenges but I had so much confidence in these three authors that I knew I was going to read something special!

All three authors are so strong and have written such great novels prior to this do if you read this book and enjoy it, then you should certainly check out their own individual books as they are all so wonderful. But if you are looking for a book that feels a little more ‘saga ish’ and sweeping, this is a multigenerational novel with lots to enjoy, devour and unpack! I really really loved my time with the characters and plots!

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