Review: Isabelle and Alexander by Rebecca Anderson

I have really enjoyed the ‘proper romance’ books from Shadow Mountain publishing over the years and their covers are so great. Every time I see one of them I know that I am instantly going to enjoy the book. Some more than others of course, but generally their proper romances are all great reads and for me, they read very quick.

When this one came up for review, I knew it was an easy yes. It sounded so great, an arranged marriage and two characters that ultimately fall in love against all odds. I had read a couple of other reviews before picking this one up and saw that many reviewers noted it was a slow burn romance and I love slow burn romances. So needless to say I was eager to check this one out.

If historical romance is your jam, then you should definitely check out Shadow Mountain publisher because they have a number of titles to choose from and many of them are off the beaten path and charming. I adore their titles. While I didn’t love this one as much as I had anticipated, it was still a good read and I am glad that I picked it up!

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Review: Mrs Boots Goes to War by Deborah Carr

Last year I read the first book in the ‘Mrs Boots’ books, titled Mrs Boots. I loved it and couldn’t wait to read the next book but then somewhere along the way I must have missed the second book. This one then came up for review (this third book) and I instantly realized that I must have missed book two (I thought this one was book two).

I should have probably set this one down and gone back to read the second book so that I could fully understand the scope of the story and all that had happened from book one until now, but I didn’t. It took me a few chapters to realize I missed a book but by that point I was already wrapped up in the book 3 story that I just kept reading.

If you love historical fiction, the Ms Boots books are wonderful. They have rich historical details as well as a wonderful story. I felt like these books could be read as stand-alones, I mean I inadvertently skipped around, but I am going to go back and read book two because they are so well written and full of historical detail that’s interesting and fun.

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Special Feature and Excerpt: New Girl in Little Cove by Damhnait Monaghan

I love books about small towns, especially if they contain a romance. I thought this one sounded fun, a little bit of a forbidden romance set in a small town sounded like just the thing for summer reading. I also loved that there was a Catholic element to this story which I thought would be fun to see how it translated in the book.

This one also sounded like it was going to be funny. I could just tell by the description that this one would have some witty dialogue and humor laced throughout. This is Damhnait Monaghan’s debut novel and so far it’s been met with rave reviews. A lot of reviewers are praising the humor and strong storytelling style in this one.

To give you guys a little sneak peak, I have an excerpt to share today! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The book is out now and it sounds positively delightful. If you are looking for something fun to read going into the summer, then don’t mis this one!

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Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

I absolutely loved Emily Henry’s novel Beach Read last year and I couldn’t wait to see what she came up with next. With any big hit, there is always pressure to recreate the magic and produce an even better second novel so while I had high expectations, I also tried not to get too excited as Beach Read was fantastic and topping that would be a tall order.

Normally I am not a huge fan of the friends to lovers troupe, I generally prefer enemies to lovers but in some cases the friends to lovers troupe works out well. Beach Read was more enemies to lovers where as People We Meet on Vacation is more friends to lovers. I was eager to see how Henry would portray Alex and Poppy in this book.

If you haven’t read anything by Henry before, I would say both of her more well known novels, this one and Beach Read, are probably your best bet. Personally I preferred Beach Read over this one, but this one was still wonderful and funny not to mention a quick read that will leave you satisfied and wanting to read more books by this author, not to mention ready for your next vacation!

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Special Feature: China: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd

When I think of truly epic reads, Edward Rutherfurd is at the top of my list. I picked up London more times than I care to admit and before I can even cracked it open, I found myself wondering if I am ready for something this epic? I finally did read it and it was so wonderful but the thing tat stood out above everything was the intense research!

Rutherfurd’s books cover hundreds and in some cases thousands of years of history! It’s a lot to wrap the mind around! The amount of research that he must do for just one novel is INSANE! Not to mention that he does a great job incorporating the character stories, lives and families in such a mind-blowing way, I mean his books should be required reading before on vacation!

When I saw that his latest novel China, is hitting shelves this month, I couldn’t wait to feature it on my blog! While this book focuses on a smaller portion of China’s rich history (it begins in 1839), it promises all the trademarks of Rutherfurd’s epic tales. I am so excited to read this one, I don’t know much about China’s history and I am eager to read more about it’s history and also follow Rutherfurd’s characters throughout the tale. If you love epic historical fiction you need to get this one on your radar now! It sounds incredible!

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