Review: How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan

You all know how much I love a great rom-com right?! Whether it’s a movie, tv show, or book, I am always down for romantic comedies. If you are a fan of the genre, you will also know that the market is full of great rom-coms and I feel like there is always a hot new release just begging for me to read it. It is always so hard for me to pick which ones I want to read first.

So how do I decide which ones to pick? Sometimes it’s by feel and if I have openings on my calendar, other times I have to choose based on my favorite romantic comedy troupe (enemies to lovers). When this book came up for review that was what steered me in this direction. I love enemies to lovers because I think it sparks electric chemistry between the characters, so it’s always a hard troupe for me to pass on.

This one had the extra element of house fixer-upper added to the mix and of course I love home improvement shows so this book hit a couple of high notes for me just based on the description. I also know that this is Sophie Sullivan’s sophomore novel, while I haven’t read her first book I know a lot of others who did and all raved about her wit and storytelling so I jumped at the chance to read this one!

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Review: The Siren of Sussex (Belles of London #1) by Mimi Matthews

Mimi Matthews has been a long time auto-buy author for me. I’ve read all her books and have loved each and every one of them. Watching her author journey from early on has been so exciting and rewarding but in some ways sad. For me she was my best kept secret in the historical fiction genre and now the secret is out about how amazing she is with this big publishing house release!

Matthews is a master at creating realistic female characters with charming heroes that come together with electric chemistry. I have raved about her books to friends, family, and all over my social media! She’s amazing and I cannot wait for the masses to read this book. No secret, I adored it and read it in one sitting (which is often the case for all her books!).

If you are looking for a book to fill the Bridgerton sized hole in your life, then you need to pick this one up. I am also thrilled to see this one is the first in a new series for Matthews so I can come back and revisit this charming world and characters she has created. If you love historical romances and well drawn characters you need to read this book! Plus THAT COVER!!! I am in love with the cover, it adds such pizzaz and would make me snatch it right off the shelf!

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Review: Tough: Building True Mental, Physical and Emotional Toughness for Success and Fulfillment by Greg Everett

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you will know one thing—I do not review and/or read self improvement books. I have nothing against self improvement or motivational books I just simply don’t read them. They aren’t really my thing…..if they are yours, that’s awesome. They just aren’t typically for me. I like reading for escape and distraction not necessarily for self betterment if that makes sense.

So why this book and why start now? Many of you know that I also do competitive weightlifting. The last couple of years I have invested a lot more time, resources, and intension into the sport. It is a very mentally taxing sport which is one of the reasons why I love it. Anyone who is into weightlifting knows that Greg Everett is the guru when it comes to the Olympic lifts and training.

Currently I am trying to work on some mental obstacles with my lifts and my coach suggested that I read Everett’s book Tough as a way to help my examine and work on some of my mental challenges with the sport. Rather than hard pass and say no I don’t read self improvement books, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the audiobook so I could listen to it at work and Everett is the narrator which was awesome. I have been in a bit of a reading rut lately so I was excited to try something completely different as my first book of the new year.

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Special Feature: The Bookseller of Paris by Kerri Maher

There is something about bookstores and war time historical fiction that makes for such a great pairing! When I read the description of this book I knew I had to get it on everyones radar! It sounds so charming and well researched that I couldn’t pass up at least bringing a feature to you guys! May calendar for reviews has been so full and I have been scaling back on some of my reviews just to keep up with life, work, and blogging. This one was so hard for me to decide on because it sounds so wonderful! I wanted to review it of course but could only fit in a feature. Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t review it in the future because hot damn it sound wonderful!

Like so many readers the Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris is practically legend! I was there years ago and absolutely loved it, but that was before I knew much about its history and significance in the reading world. Since then I have read other books and heard other fellow readers raving about the shop—-clearly it has a magical draw for readers and authors alike. When I saw this book tells a bit of the story of Shakespeare and Company, I jumped at the chance to feature it on my blog today!

If you are a reader and love visiting used bookstores—-this is the book for you! Author Kerri Maher has written other historical fiction novels, all of which have received rave reviews and are hailed as being well researched. I am sure this one will measure up. It is out now and I am sure you will all want to get this one on your reading radar for the spring! Check it out now!

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Review: Well Matched (Well Met #3) by Jen DeLuca

Of all the books, I couldn’t wait to read April’s story! I think mostly because she and I are basically the same age and while I loved the other books I felt like this one was going to be the book I related to the most because of that reason. April is a single mom and divorcee who is a little antisocial and is counting down the days until her daughter graduates and she can start living her own life again.

While I am NOT a single mom, I felt this connection to April early on in the books. I am also a little reserved and struggle to fit into the whole ‘mom clicks’ like April does so I was super excited to read her romance. What I wasn’t super excited about was that it was with Mitch. While I adore Mitch in the books I always had a hard time taking him seriously. He’s basically marketed as this big dumb jock who is a serial dater. So I was having a hard time envisioning April and him together.

However if there is anything I have learned by reading this series, it’s Jen DeLuca has an amazing ability to capture readers attention and find something funny and lovable in all the characters and the quirky Renaissance Faire. I also downloaded this one to listen to since the narrator was the same as the other books in the series and she was fantastic (as per usual)!

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