Review: West Side Love Story by Priscilla Oliveras

The second I saw this cover for the cover reveal, I nearly swooned! It’s so pretty and I absolutely love the colors—plus the pose was absolutely eye catching. I couldn’t WAIT to start reading it! I was never a fan of West Side Story, I think I watched the film once in high school and just never felt invested in the story, even though it was a Romeo and Juliet retelling.

However, I could totally get excited for this book even if it was a retelling of Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story. I couldn’t wait to see the story come to life in the pages of this book. Plus mariachi and margaritas? It’s literally the perfect book to read this spring on a beach somewhere! I am so excited to finally share a bit about this book with you guys and of course share my thoughts.

This is my first book by Priscilla Oliveras but it won’t be my last! I have seen a number of other books by Oliveras pop up on my radar off and on over the years but it was this book that finally made me want to read her books! I am so thrilled to discover this amazing new to me author! I loved this book and I cannot wait for the next one! Also today is Cinco de Mayo so I thought this would be the perfect book to review in celebration of Latinx heritage!

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Special Feature: The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews is arguably the queen of beach reads! She is a prolific writer with a number of amazing books under her belt but it’s her spring/summer releases that I find myself looking forward to the most! Every time I see one of her beach reads coming up I just know it’s going to be a book full of things to love and this one is no different. This is a book about home renovations so lovers of DIY Network lovers this is your book!

A close friend go mine just bought her first home and it’s a fixer upper so her and I have been talking non stop about home renovation projects. It has me itching to do things to my own house plus I have had HGTV on repeat at my house since the people accepted her offer so naturally this book comes at an opportune moment! I am itching for more DIY things and I love that this book features a home renovation team and has a fun little HGTV-esque plot to it!

I am simply thrilled to be sharing about this hot new release. If you haven’t read MKA before, know that you are getting a quality book with charm, heart, and always well written! I have loved many of her books and am really looking forward to this one specifically! I think it’s going to be a fun read for the beach or an airplane ride! You need this on your vacation reads list! Keep reading to get all the details!

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Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Emily Henry earned a spot on my auto buy author list after Beach Read! I absolutely fell in love with her! She is charing witty and her story telling style is second to none. I love how her rom-com characters interact and have so much chemistry together. People We Meet on Vacation was equally as charming a follow up to Beach Read and absolutely put me in the mood to travel! ‘

When I saw this book was coming out—one I needed NO convincing to read this not with a title like Book Lovers! For me personally I love an enemies to lovers trope over the friends to lovers troupe which is why I liked Beach Read a little better than People We Meet on Vacation. I personally felt like the chemistry and tension was better in Beach Read and that is generally the case for me when I pick up an enemies to lovers troupe. So when I saw that this latest novel featured an enemies to lovers plot I was all for it!

This book has me written all over it. I was absolutely primed to fall in love with this book before even picking it up. Emily Henry is simply a fantastic writer and I cannot say enough good things about this latest book! I knew I would enjoy this one but I was not fully prepared for just HOW much I was going to love it. If you don’t read anything else this spring—read this one!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: The Murder of Mr Wickham by Claudia Gray

Has there been a more infamous character in Austen literature than George Wickham? Unlikely. When I think of Austen villains he is the first to come to mind! As a huge Austen fan I have often found myself wondering what his back story is? I would have loved to see Austen write his story and really explore his character more but alas that wasn’t in the cards.

Instead, I have to rely on fictionalized stories about Wickham in various other genres. The story of Pride and Prejudice has been remade and reimagined in so many genres ranging from horror to mystery typically casting George Wickham as the villain. When I saw this book come up I was eager as this one focuses on Mr Wickham not necessarily the traditional P & P narrative but rather his actual character. And of course it has a murder twist and I am absolutely here for it!

Today I have a charming excerpt for you guys to check out so be sure to keep reading for that little sneak peak! What I am most excited about though is the supporting characters! Avid Austen readers will recognize names like ‘Tilney’, ‘Knightly’ and of course ‘Darcy’ as part of the supporting cast of this book! I am so excited to check this one out, I think it will please many Austen fans and bring in new readers to discover the excitement of the Austen characters but in a new way. If you love Austen naturally you will find lots to love in this one! Keep reading to check out the excerpt and see if this classic villain can tempt you into reading it!

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Special Feature: The Viscount’s Lady Novelist (The Linfield Ladies #2) by Alissa Baxter

Publication Date: April 26, 2022
Vinspire Publishing

Genre: Historical Romance
Series: The Linfield Ladies, Book 2

Harriet Linfield is a lady novelist who has been disillusioned by love. She sets out to write more realistic tales about the emotion when she returns home to Linfield Court for the summer. Vowing to avoid any romantic entanglements along the way, she focuses instead on her writing and her plan to turn the estate she inherited from her uncle into a refuge for orphans.

Oliver, Viscount Wentford, is determined to restore his family fortunes. But his plans for the estate he inherited are in direct opposition to the wishes of Harriet, his new neighbour. Upon meeting her, Oliver is amused when, in response to his provocative comments, she informs him that she intends to make him the villain of her next book. But his amusement swiftly turns to dismay when circumstances align to show him in that exact light.

When an enemy comes back into Harriet’s life, she sees that love isn’t as clear-cut as the romantic tales she pens. But will the viscount manage to discard his villainous mantle to become Harriet’s real-life hero?

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