Review: A Little Bit of Grace by Phoebe Fox

I had no idea what this book was going to be about. I mean sure it had a summary of course, but in the sea of women’s fiction, many of the summaries as well as the covers tend to blend together.

That’s what was happening for me with this book. The cover was cute but didn’t really stand out for me, the title also cute but didn’t grab me, and the summary sounded nice but not memorable.

But let me tell you what was memorable—-the little notecard that came with the ARC stating ‘be a peacock not a pigeon’. It brought the biggest smile to me face and I immediately put it on my fridge. I loved it and every morning that I opened my fridge for the coffee creamer, it made me laugh and look forward to reading this book. Continue reading “Review: A Little Bit of Grace by Phoebe Fox”

Special Feature: Behind the Red Door by Megan Collins

I used to read a ton of thrillers when I was younger. The Kay Scarpetta novels got me hooked on reading again as a teen/young adult and once I devoured them, I moved on to some true crime as well as a number of other thriller/mysteries.

But then I kind of stopped reading them in favor of historical fiction. But over the last couple of years I have started to pick one up here and there. Now I am part of a murder book club and we are always looking for new and twisty murder mysteries to read.

This is one of those books that jumped out at me from my desk when it came up for review. Maybe it was the bright red cover or maybe it was the author but either way this book is a big contender for our September book pick. I am thrilled to be sharing all the info with you guys today. It’s getting a ton of advanced praise and I am looking forward to reading it soon, hopefully for our book club! Continue reading “Special Feature: Behind the Red Door by Megan Collins”

Review: Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon (Audible Edition)

I’ve seen this book off and on my social media the last couple of months but I wasn’t entirely sure about it. I mean I grew up playing The Oregon Trail game on the computer (best game ever!) and since I live in Oregon I have studies the Oregon Trail extensively and frontier culture especially for my masters.

But for whatever reason this book just didn’t grab me right away when it came out. But after a few dud books I really wanted to read some thing that I was sure would catch my interest and feel different.

I decided to bite the bullet and download the Audible edition as something to listen to while I ran errands. Continue reading “Review: Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Last Mrs. Summers (Her Royal Spyness #14) by Rhys Bowen

I have been a long time Rhys Bowen fan and I have been trying to get caught up on the Royal Spyness series for the last year.

I have been reading the later mysteries out of order but going back and trying to read the earlier ones so I can have a better appreciation for the characters and their back stories.

I love Georgie and all the quirky characters in this series and when I saw another book was coming out I couldn’t wait to check it out even though I wasn’t entirely caught up with the series over all. Continue reading “Review: The Last Mrs. Summers (Her Royal Spyness #14) by Rhys Bowen”

Special Feature: A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder by Dianne Freeman

A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder
by Dianne Freeman

Publication Date: July 28, 2020
Kensington Books

Genre: Historical Mystery
Series: A Countess of Harleigh Mystery, Book 3



In Dianne Freeman’s charming Victorian-era mystery series, Frances Wynn, the American-born Countess of Harleigh, finds her sister’s wedding threatened by a vow of vengeance.

London is known for its bustle and intrigues, but the sedate English countryside can host—or hide—any number of secrets. Frances, the widowed Countess of Harleigh, needs a venue for her sister Lily’s imminent wedding, away from prying eyes. Risings, George Hazleton’s family estate in Hampshire, is a perfect choice, and soon Frances, her beloved George, and other guests have gathered to enjoy the usual country pursuits—shooting, horse riding, and romantic interludes in secluded gardens.

But the bucolic setting harbors a menace, and it’s not simply the arrival of Frances’s socially ambitious mother. Above and below stairs, mysterious accidents befall guests and staff alike. Before long, Frances suspects these “accidents” are deliberate, and fears that the intended victim is Lily’s fiancé, Leo. Frances’s mother is unimpressed by Lily’s groom-to-be and would much prefer that Lily find an aristocratic husband, just as Frances did. But now that Frances has found happiness with George—a man who loves her for much more than her dowry—she heartily approves of Lily’s choice. If she can just keep the couple safe from villains and meddling mamas.

As Frances and George search for the culprit among the assembled family, friends, and servants, more victims fall prey to the mayhem. Mishaps become full-blooded murder, and it seems that no one is safe. And unless Frances can quickly flush out the culprit, the peal of wedding bells may give way to another funeral toll…

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Continue reading “Special Feature: A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder by Dianne Freeman”