Special Feature: Agatha Christie: First Lady of Crime by H.R.F. Keating

Is there really any argument when it comes to who the first lady of crime is? No, no there is not. Agatha Christie is the queen of crime and mystery novels. She has written many a beloved series and I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t read at least one Christie novel or at least seen a film or two based on one of her books.

I know that I have enjoyed her books as well as some of the films and tv series based on her books, and while I have enjoyed the films and such, nothing beats her actual books. I think one of the things that I often ask myself though is what was this amazing woman like in real life? What is her story? Where did she get her inspiration from? Beyond her books, I don’t really know much about her as a woman which is one of the reasons this book caught my eye.

I don’t read a lot of non fiction or biographies but this one sounds really interesting and I think that fans of Christie will find something to enjoy in getting to know the beloved author a little better. The author of this book, H. R. F. Keating, is a mystery writer in her own right and I am eager to see how her love of writing mysteries translates in this lovely non fiction work about one of the most beloved authors of all time! If biographies are your thing, I think you should check this one out and discover a bit more about the woman behind some of the most iconic mystery novels of all time!

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Review: Crazy about a Cowboy (Tying the Knot in Texas #3) by Dylann Crush

Every year my family and I attend the St Paul Rodeo for the 4th of July here in Oregon and every year after the rodeo I am dying for a cowboy romance! So this was the year that I was like ‘OK I need to read one’ and I reached for the closest cowboy romance I could find. I did a special feature on this book when it was first released and I thought—why not start reading it now?!

I don’t know that this was the cowboy romance that I was hoping for but it was sweet and a quick, easy read for sure. I picked it up just before I hopped on the plane for Arizona and thought it would be a nice little bit of fluff reading and that’s exactly what it was—fluff. But not in a bad way! Sometimes I need fluff to get me through stressful situations like flying with a toddler and being stuck in an airport with said toddler for 7 hours with a delayed flight! This was just the book I needed once I got on the plane!

I haven’t read anything by Dylann Crush before and I thought this was a sweet book that made me want to read more by her, especially in this series. I actually ordered the other two books in this series after reading this one because as much as I wasn’t sure about it at times—by the end I was in love with the characters and the hokey town of Ido Texas!

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Review: Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman

I have read all of Sara Ackerman’s books and I haven’t been disappointed once! I love how her books are set in WWII but they always seem to feel different than the usual WWII books that I have read. I think location really plays a part here. All of her books are set in Hawaii, not only does that add an exotic feel to the books, but it makes them feel fresh—like I am reading something totally new!

While her books might have similar themes and settings, I always feel like I am reading something different each time I pick up one of her books. I know that the author has also said a number of times that there are endless tapped into stories in Hawaii and I tend to agree with her. Almost all WWII novels are set in Europe or maybe in Japan but few are exclusively set in Hawaii.

Prior to reading Ackerman’s books, I never had any real desire to visit Hawaii or see Pearl Harbor, but after reading her books and I totally inspired to visit Hawaii and Pearl Harbor in the near future! She writes with such love and passion for the landscape, people, and the island’s history that it is infectious! I absolutely love her books and I highly recommend checking them out especially if you love WWII novels but want something truly different and new!

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Special Feature: When We Meet Again by Caroline Beecham

If you are like me and you love war time romances with a touch of mystery, then this book is for you! I know that the WWII era might feel a bit saturated but there is always room for one more great story in my opinion! I simply love this time period and I love reading books set during this era even if I feel like it’s similar to some other books in subject matter.

There is something about the drama and intensity of war that amplifies the emotion and impact of a novel and that was one of the things that drew me to this book! It promises to get you right in the feels and I couldn’t be more excited to read something with some emotional impact. It also incorporates some mystery which is always fun but it sounds like it will be more of the suspense variety rather than a murder mystery. I am really looking forward to this one.

If you are looking for a war time novel to read this summer then you don’t want to miss this one! I have this one on my radar for the fall and I hope you guys check it out too! Also, the cover is stunning and really how can you pass on this book with a cover like that! It’s just begging to be read! War time novels are clearly a passion for the author as she has written a few others, so I expect this one to be well researched and written!

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Special Feature: Love Blooms (Rendezvous Falls #4) by Jo McNally

If you have spent more than five minutes in line at the grocery store, no doubt you have seen one of Jo McNally’s books! She’s written a number of romance books and anyone who has that kind of staying power and large fan base, has got to be doing something right! Not to mention in the summer I love throwing a solid romance in my purse and heading to the beach. Why not start with a tried and true author!

If contempo romances are your thing and if you haven’t read anything by McNally before—you definitely need to! Her characters feel real and while maybe not overly complex, they are all addressing real feeling situations and I love how quickly I can connect with one of her characters. I haven’t read all the books in the Rendezvous Falls series yet but the one I have read was great and this one sound great too!

Romances always leave me feeling happy and content and McNally is a top selling romance author! It would be hard to find anyone better. If you love romances (especially contempo romances) don’t wait to explore the Rendezvous Falls series. Like many romance series, the focus is on the romance rather than a larger connecting story so don’t worry if you haven’t read the other books. Today I have a bit about this one to share with you guys!

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