Special Feature: The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle by Jennifer Ryan

It’s funny how war changes so much about society in unexpected ways. I loved that this book really wanted to tell the story of how war changed life for these three very different war brides. Sewing really used to be such a bonding experience for women not to mention a point of pride. I can remember my my grandma telling me about sewing with her friends and sisters and the pride she took in the fact that she sewed her own wedding dress (in the 1930s!).

In the age of everything including wedding dresses being at the tip of our fingers, it’s pretty amazing to think about women sitting around making their own wedding dresses. One of the reasons that I wanted to feature this book (and will later read) is for this reason! It just sounded so charming and really a way to nightlight a bygone era. I cannot wait to dig into this one a little later this year. It sounds like a wonderful work of historical fiction and one that historical fiction fans won’t want to miss!

When I got married in 2004, I actually had my grandma help me make my wedding veil. It was an experience and item that I will forever cherish. I am so excited to read this book because I understand how meaningful working on a project like this with someone can be. I can’t wait to check this book out. Plus Jennifer Ryan has a couple other successful novels under her belt and I can’t wait to see what magic she weaves with this one!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: Boardwalk Bookshop by Susan Mallery

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a HUGE Susan Mallery fan! She has written so many books though and I haven’t been able to read every single one but man does she write some fun books! Her books are always uplifting but full of heart, drama, and romance which makes for wonderful beach reading. But here’s the thing with Mallery—I never feel like I am reading ‘fluff’.

Her books have well written characters with lots to relate to and enjoy. I always feel a solid connection with her characters and the stories have enough to keep me interested and invested in the plot. She is clearly a successful writer for a reason—she knows how to hook people into a good story! I cannot WAIT for this latest book by Mallery. I have it all ready to go on my iPad when I am in Cabo this summer! Nothing like reading a Mallery beach read ON the beach!

Today I have a special treat for all of you with this lovely excerpt from Boardwalk Bookshop. If you are looking for your next beach read this is one you don’t want to miss. The excerpt sounds like it’s going to be right up my alley and another winner for Mallery! Plus I mean, it’s about a bookshop, how can you go wrong with that?!?!

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Review: A Rip Through Time (A Rip Through Time #1) by Kelley Armstrong

If I could have one superpower it would be to time travel! It should therefore be no surprise that I LOVE time travel books! When I saw that a new time travel murder mystery novel was coming out, I was absolutely on board for a review! I have read a couple of other time travel murder mysteries and loved them so much so naturally I am always looking for another to satisfy my desire to time travel!

And why does it always seem like every time travel book is set in Scotland? I don’t have the answer nor do I care, because I love how well Scotland works for time travel books. I mean Outlander, need I say more?! When I saw this book was being labeled as a cross between Outlander and The Alienist, I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on it! I loved both of those books and couldn’t wait to read something in a similar vein that was also different.

To be fair though, not all time travel murder mysteries are created equal and just because a time travel murder mystery set in Scotland calls to my heart, I didn’t want to overly build it up in my mind only to be disappointed. That has happened. to me before so I didn’t want to experience a let down, however I simply couldn’t help but build it up in my mind before I even started it!

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Special Feature: Midnight Dunes (The Texas Murder Files #3) by Laura Griffin

I always love a murder mystery with a side of romance! I haven’t read any of Laura Griffin’s books but I do know she has written murder and romance alike and I love that she is combining them in this new book! The Texas Murder Files is three books into the series and while I have not read the others, from what I have read it sounds like new readers can jump into this one with out an problems.

Early reviews for this new mystery have all been in the 4-5 star review range and I am so excited to check this one out a little later this summer. What mostly drew me to this one was the romantic suspense/mystery categorization. I just love murder and romance together so naturally I saw this one and my ears perked up and couldn’t wait to check it out!

By all accounts this book and overall series sound like they are all fast paced with a lot to love about the characters. Since Griffin is a seasoned writer in both genres that is hardly a surprise! I cannot wait to check out this sexy romantic mystery book and if you love murder with smart characters and vulnerable but honest main characters this is going to be a book for you this summer! Be watching for my review a little later on!

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Special Feature and Excerpt: An Affair at Stonecliffe (Stonecliffe #1) by Candace Camp

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that I ADORE historical romances. As a younger reader, I would have balked at historical romances calling them ‘fluff’ but as I have gotten older, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with historical romances and read more of them than almost anything else. I have always loved a great love story even if not exclusively historical romance, but I love books with a romance line regardless of genre.

When I saw this one come up, not only was I drawn to the cover but I also loved the sound of the story, widow who married for love now faced with a menacing relative only to find out that the menacing relative might actually be a nice guy with a potential for love! This one is going to be an enemies to lovers troupe but with a little bit of a twist and ya’ll know how I love enemies to lovers! SO MUCH CHEMISTRY!

I am just so excited to share about this one because the premise sounds charming and just what I am looking to read this coming summer—-happy fluff that leaves me believing in true love! Today I have this lovely excerpt for you guys to check out and after reading it, I am even more excited to check it out. It also looks like the first in a new series so I am looking forward to exploring a new series at its inception! Get this one on your radar now and enjoy this fun excerpt!

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