Review: A Dangerous Duet (Victorian Mystery #1) by Karen Odden

Karen Odden is an author I have had on my radar for a while but I just never seem to pick up any of her books.

Well that changed when I was asked to read the second book in the Victorian Mystery series. I thought I had better read the first book in the series before jumping into the second book, so I ordered this one and dove right in!

As many of you know, I never met a historical mystery that I didn’t like—ok well maybe there were a couple, but by and large, I love historical mysteries and I love discovering new heroines and heroes to admire. Continue reading “Review: A Dangerous Duet (Victorian Mystery #1) by Karen Odden”

Special Feature: Louisiana Lucky by Julie Pennell

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to win the lottery? Let’s be real, we all have thought about it at one point or another especially when we see those huge Powerball numbers. Honestly what would someone do wit 500 million dollars? It’s a number the boggles the mind.

Well this book explores just that thought. Three sisters win the lottery and each sister uses those winnings in different ways and making what they think are all their dreams come true.

I love that this book sounds like it’s also going to explore the dark side of winning the lottery. It’s easy to imagine what life would be like winning the lottery but the reality I am sure is far from idillic. More money more problems or so the saying goes. Today I have this book up for special feature and I can’t wait to read it and I hope you will enjoy it as well! Continue reading “Special Feature: Louisiana Lucky by Julie Pennell”

Special Feature and Excerpt: Her Hidden Hope (Colorado Grooms #4) by Jill Lynn

Who doesn’t need a little uplifting right about now? I know that I do and what better way than to escape for a few hours into a happy and uplifting novel?

That’s exactly what the Love Inspired books are all about, uplifting romances about faith, hope, and of course love. Today I have an excerpt of Jill Lynn’s latest novel, HER HIDDEN HOPE, for you all to check out.

I love the cover and the premise of this story and I am looking forward to checking out more Love Inspired titles like this one. Keep reading to see more books similar to this one and if you like the little excerpt from this sweet romance, then you can download a copy today! Continue reading “Special Feature and Excerpt: Her Hidden Hope (Colorado Grooms #4) by Jill Lynn”

Special Feature: Exile Music by Jennifer Steil

If you are in any way a fan of historical fiction, you need this book on your radar! It’s already being met with rave reviews and takes us from the music rooms of Vienna to the unknown country of Bolivia during WWII.

May people know the story of many Jews who went into hiding during WWII and perhaps were smuggled out of the country to places like England or even the United States, but I can’t think of a single book that explores the role that Central and South American played in the war for Jewish exiles.

Which is precisely why this book sounds so amazing and new! It’s out now and you definitely want to snag yourself a copy of this one as I am sure a lot of people will be talking about this one in the coming months! Continue reading “Special Feature: Exile Music by Jennifer Steil”

Review: Beyond the Ghetto Gates by Michelle Cameron

Recently I binge read the Sebastian St Cyr mystery series and while I was reading that series, this publishing house contacted me and said if I loved books set in the Napoleonic Wars, then this might be a book that I would be interested in.

I confess, I was intrigued. I don’t in fact know much about the Napoleonic as it isn’t my speciality, but while reading the Sebastian St Cyr novels, I found that there was a lot of this era that sounded ripe for reading and researching. So when I was approached about reading this one, it most certainly caught my eye.

I love when publishing houses take some time to find out what I have been reading lately and why so when I was asked to read this one, the publisher pointed out that I had mentioned that I wanted to know more about this time period and that I was Catholic and this would be a very interesting book for me, so I let myself be sold on it. Continue reading “Review: Beyond the Ghetto Gates by Michelle Cameron”