Review: Recipe for Persuasion (The Rajes #2) by Sonali Dev

Sonali Dev was a new to my author when I read her Pride and Prejudice retelling, Pride Prejudice and Other Flavors, last year.

I was thrilled to see that she would continue the story of the Rajes family and do a retelling of my favorite Austen novel, Persuasion. Dev has a great sense of humor and a way of capturing difficult family issues and difficult sibling relationships but yet keeps her focus on the romance at hand. So basically, I couldn’t wait to reacquaint myself with the Rajes and start this one.

One of the things that makes Persuasion so great for me is that it’s a second chance romance and I was so excited to see how that unfolded in this book, not to mention all the food in this book. Sign me up! Continue reading “Review: Recipe for Persuasion (The Rajes #2) by Sonali Dev”

Special Feature and Excerpt: Sister Dear by Hannah Mary McKinnon

When I read the summary for this book, I thought it sounded a bit different than the hot releases in thrillers right now.

Currently the market is so full of domestic thrillers with husbands and wives or twisted mother/daughter relationships, but this book examines the tedious dynamic between two sisters.

I am thrilled to be able to bring you guys a little sneak peak into this hot new thriller today so keep reading and see what some of today’s hottest thriller authors are saying about this one! Continue reading “Special Feature and Excerpt: Sister Dear by Hannah Mary McKinnon”

Special Feature and Excerpt: The Summer Set by Aimee Agresti

Who doesn’t love a great rom-com? I know that I can’t say no to one and this book sounds absolutely wonderful!

But what makes a rom-com just a little better? When it’s inspired by Hollywood and Broadway! This book promises a fun romp behind the entertainment scenes and I can’t wait to dive in and check it out!

Today I have a fun excerpt for you and if you enjoy it then you definitely want to add this book to your summer reading schedule! I know I am! Continue reading “Special Feature and Excerpt: The Summer Set by Aimee Agresti”

Special Feature and Excerpt: A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him (Feuding Billionaire Brothers #1) by Dani Collins

Harlequin is always my go to when I am looking for something to take my mind off reality and just escape for a while.

Right now they have a bunch of great books coming out to get readers in the mood for summer reading and this book sounds like a great book for just that.

Billionaire romances are always fun for me, they are a completely different world from what I live in and that fact alone makes me interested in the characters. Keep reading to check out this latest romance from Harlequin today! Continue reading “Special Feature and Excerpt: A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him (Feuding Billionaire Brothers #1) by Dani Collins”

Review: The Sun Sister (The Seven Sisters #6) by Lucinda Riley

This series is one of my absolute favorites. I adore the Seven Sisters and with each book I am always won over by the sister being featured. Some of the stories are better than others but it’s still an impressive series and never disappoints.

When this book arrived, it was massive. The ARC came in at just under 900 pages so easily the longest Seven Sisters book by far and since this is Electra’s story, I didn’t find it surprising at all.

I decided to start reading this one early to give myself a lot of time to finish it, but it turns out I only really needed about 6 days of aggressive reading to get it done. Continue reading “Review: The Sun Sister (The Seven Sisters #6) by Lucinda Riley”