Help Save Undershaw House (Home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

A games a foot!

Who could forget the eccentric detective that made forensics so dashing and exciting? Science and investigating became ‘cool’ thanks to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes has become an iconic fixture in pop culture….I hear in the BBC has remade Holmes into a modern day hero in the TV show, Sherlock (which I am dying to watch by the way!), it also goes without saying that the Robert Downey Jr/ Guy Ritchie films have made the classic literary figure and his partner Dr Watson into a charming, sexy heros–thus appealing to new generations and audiences.

As a result of the recent ‘Holmes’ craze, the public is re-discovering Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. I know I did! After watching the first Sherlock Holmes film, I read the Conan Doyle books (The Hound of Baskervilles was one of my favs!) and I have also been reading lots of ‘Sherlock-ish’ detective novels (The Mary Russell series, the Hatton and Roumande series, and the Charles Lenox series to name a few).

Can’t you just see Conan Doyle sitting in his study, looking out over his garden dreaming of new adventures for the detective? I know that 221b Baker Street London, has become a museum dedicated to our beloved Sherlock so why not his creator’s home?

Yesterday, my friend and author of the the Hatton and Roumande series D.E. Meredith, sent me an interesting article that I couldn’t help but share with my readers. 

Progress is threatening to demolish Conan Doyle’s house, Undershaw House, and in it’s place…building luxury flats. Meredith is not the only one objecting to this tragedy….there is a whole organization of people behind the Save Undershaw campaign–the group is called the Save Undershaw Preservation Trust and they are hoping to get the word out there about the historic significance of this residence.

Conan Doyle designed and built the house himself in 1897. Though it has notable Victorian and Edwardian architectural interests, they are not significant enough to be deemed part of the English Heritage. For some time now, Undershaw House has fallen into major disrepair.

Meredith recently made a visit to Undershaw House and noted that vandals have destroyed many of the stainless windows and other architectural interests. As you can imagine, this is utterly disheartening to read. For someone like me who loves history (especially this period) and Edwardian architecture and to say nothing of my love for books of this period and Sherlock Holmes mysteries….this is horrid!

There are other literary figures whose homes have been preserved or turned into museums all over London and the UK….Charles Dickens London residence and Jane Austen’s home in Bath to name a few. Why NOT turn Conan Doyle’s home into a museum?

There are people all over the world coming together to do just that! The Save Undershaw House Preservation Trust has a number of links, blogs, and ways that you can support their cause.

Make it YOUR business to know what other people do not….spread the word about what other people do not know Save Undershaw House! 🙂

My name is Sherlock Holmes and it is my business to know what other people do not know.


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