Discussion #3: Outlander Reading Challenge 2012

The third discussion post for the Outlander Reading Challenge is up! As noted, I will be posting monthly meme’s/discussions for both reading challenges I am hosting, Outlander and Game of Thrones. These are meant purely for fun and by no means required to participate in the challenges. I will post five questions for you all to mull over and I will answer one of the questions myself to start off the discussion. I also invite you to post your favorite quote or passage from the book as well.

Remember to link your responses or reviews back to your blog using the Mr Linky on the corresponding Monthly Meme page or you can simply leave your response in the comments. The goal is to have some fun discussions and talk about the books.

Challenge participants I hope you are all making progress in the series, but if not no worries we do have all year. No matter where you are in the book or series, you are more than welcome to discuss the book right along with us….

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of Jenny trying to convince Jamie to marry?
  2. Discuss your thoughts on Major Grey? How did you feel about Grey making a pass at Jamie and Jamie’s reaction to it?
  3. What were you feeling as Claire approached Jamie’s print shop?  Do you think it took too long to get Claire there? Did Jamie and Claire’s reunion live up to your expectations?
  4. How did you feel about the change in setting? Did the West Indies setting appeal to you as a reader or was it strange to have the story not set in Scotland? In what ways did it help or hinder the story?
  5. After Jamie explains the situation to Claire, do you think she has really forgiven him for marrying ?

Bonus Question: Gellie mentioned she had met one other time traveler.  Who do you think it was?

The Lit Bitch’s Response

Question #4: Having the characters all travel to the West Indies was a mixed dynamic for me. Initially I thought it was a good plot twist….the wild untamed seas I thought would bring an element of adventure and exotic-ness to the story. But….for me, the Outlander series has always been about the Highlands and it’s culture/history….so having this book be set in an alternative location was a little difficult for me to completely enjoy.

When Jamie and Claire made sail for the West Indies I thought I was like to be seasick by the time they actually reached the islands! Besides Jamie being sick every minute of their time abroad, the typhoid epidemic and injuries and the general description of the livings conditions and the swells of the seas was enough to make me wish I WERE seasick! I was glad when they finally reached shore, the journey took to long for me. I was so tired of the ship when they landed I was really ready to move on to something else.

But that said, I did think the Caribbean setting and creole culture offered an exotic turn of events which played up the ‘super natural’ elements in the story that the previous two books were lacking. I liked that there was more witchcraft and we start delving into the time travel question in more detail. However, I did have to go back and re-read what was going on since I am not very familiar with African culture and voodoo/witchcraft history I felt a little lost and confused toward the end. I was also confused by all the island hopping, all the cultures (Chinese, African, Spanish, Scottish, English, French, Dutch…the list goes on)–there was just a lot going on with the setting I think, almost a little too much– my head was spinning by the end trying to figure everything out. We have spent so much time reading about the Highlands and the history/culture going on at this time that to move the characters and change setting at this point in the story was a little off for me…but in did add some ‘new-ness’ and exotic-ness to the series.

Bonus Question: My guess is going to be Raymond (the Apothecary that Claire met in Paris in DIA).

Favorite Quote/Passage

Are some people destined for a great fate, or to do great things? Or is it only that they’re born somehow with that great passion — and if they find themselves in the right circumstances, then things happen? It’s the sort of thing you wonder…

2 thoughts on “Discussion #3: Outlander Reading Challenge 2012

  1. Butting in here! I wish I’d known about this challenge earlier. Just read OUTLANDER for the first time (completely OBSESSED) and jumped right into DRAGONFLY IN AMBER. Will likely not be able to control myself and gulp down VOYAGER next.

    1. I know exactly how you feel! I literally read one book after the other in rapid secession I could’t contain myself LOL :). You are more than welcome to signup for the challenge no matter where you are at in the series…..we do run it all year so sign up via the Linky anytime!! 🙂

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