Discussion #4: Game of Thrones Reading Challenge 2012

Here is the fourth monthly meme/discussions for the Game of Thrones Reading Challenge. Yes I do realize this post is a bout 5 months late, but it’s been a busy reading year :). This month’s discussion is on A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire #4)

As usual, I will post five questions for you all to mull over and I will answer one of the questions myself to start off the discussion. I also invite you to post your favorite quote or passage from the book. These are meant purely for fun and by no means required to participate in the challenges.

Make sure you link your responses or reviews back to your blog using the Mr Linky on the corresponding Game of Thrones Monthly Meme page or you can simply leave your response in the comments. The goal is to have some fun discussions and talk about the books.

I hope all you challenge participants have had some time to read third book in the series, but if not no worries we do have all year :) . Please remember, no matter where you are in the book or series, you are more than welcome to discuss the book right along with us :) .

Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the new POV characters was your favorite and why. 
  2. Discuss the similarities and differences between Jamie ‘The Kingslayer’ and Brynden ‘The Blackfish’. Are they really that different? Who is more honorable?
  3. How do you feel about Asha Greyjoy’s statement “I don’t want to have a dozen sons, I want to have adventures”. Do you admire her? Asha really challenges  gender stereotypes in the Iron Islands. Do you think she is suitable leader for the Iron Islands?
  4. What do you think of the relationship between Jamie and Brienne? Do they love each other or do you think their relationship is platonic based on mutual respect? Discuss their relationship dynamics.
  5. Jamie finally sees Cersei for what she is, a bitch. How did you feel about his statement: “I thought I was the Warrior and Cersi was the Maid but all the time she was the Stranger hiding her true face from my gaze”. Did you feel bad for him? Why do you think it took him so long to see her for what she was?

The Lit Bitch’s Response

Question #5: Oh Kingslayer, how could you be so blind!? This scene was one of the most memorable in the series for me. Up until that point, Jamie could continue making excuses for Cerseri…..all the accusations of infidelity and treachery could easily be explained away in Jamie’s mind. But when Lancel confesses to Jamie that he was sleeping with Cersei, there really isn’t any way to excuse that. I felt so bad for Jamie at this moment. Here is this man who was clearly in love with Cersei, devoted to her and willing to kill for her. Think back to Book I when he pushes Bran out the window and declares “the things I do for love”.

In some twisted way, this shows how self-less Jamie is. Unlike Cersei, Jamie is willing to do things for others where Cersei always has ulterior motivations for the things that she does and she is always the beneficiary. Jamie pushes Bran out of the window to save Cersei the embarrassment of their secret affair. He tries to act like he thinks of no one but himself but really deep down there is still some shred of self-less honor left in him.

Clearly Jamie sees himself as her savior and protector….her own personal warrior. But when he realizes she was just using him like she uses everyone else, he is crushed. He thought he was different, that there could be no one more devoted to Cersei than himself…..well he was wrong. There is only one person Cersei Lannister loves and that is herself. It was sad to see Jamie just now discover this when it was so clear all along.

It took Jamie so long to realize the obvious because he loved Cersei, and some part of him probably always will but it no longer clouds his judgement. He finally sees Cersei for what she is…..a stranger to him.

Favorite Quote/Passage

A man does not need to be a wizard to know truth from falsehood, not if he has eyes. You need only learn to read a face. Look at the eyes. The mouth. The muscles here, at the corners of the jaw, and here, where the neck joins the shoulders.” He touched her lightly with two fingers. “Some liars blink. Some stare. Some look away. Some lick their lips. Many coer their mouths just before they tell a lie, as if to hide their deceit. Other signs may be more subtle, but they are always there. A false smile and a true one may look alike, but they are as different as dusk from dawn

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