Announcement: $0.99 on Amazon Kindle: Lip Service by M.J. Rose

Are you looking for a sexy, sizzling romance to read over the last long weekend of summer? For today only on Amazon Kindle, you can pick up M.J. Rose’s erotic novel, Lip Service for only $0.99!

As many of you guessed, I am a fan of M.J. Rose’s The Reincarnationist series! I recently read Seduction which was a wonderfully intriguing historic fiction novel full of suspense and the occult! I loved both the book and Rose’s storytelling style. I know she also writes a more modern erotic novel series known as the Butterfield Institute series which Lip Service is also part of! If you are interested in erotic lit and are a fan of good story telling, the you should pick up a copy of Lip Service for your Kindle today! For just $0.99 you can’t go wrong!

About Lip Service

A sizzling and sensual journey into an erotic world few women dare to enter . . . On the surface, Julia Sterling’s life seems blessed. Married to a renowned psychiatrist and living on Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side, Julia deeply loves her stepson and is forging a career as a journalist.

When a writing job exposes her to the world of phone sex, Julia gets a glimpse into a world that stirs her erotic fantasies but threatens her carefully constructed reality. As she explores her emotional and sexual connections to the men she knows and several she will never meet, she confronts evil, perversity, and her own long-forgotten passions.

Tracing the currents of desire, illusion, and psychological manipulation, Lip Service is an astonishingly vivid journey into one woman’s inner life. At the same time, this electrifying thriller grips the reader as it blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and builds toward a shattering climax.

About M.J. Rose

M.J. ROSE is the international bestselling author of twelve novels, one of which (The Reincarnationist) was the basis of the television series Past Lives. She is a founding board member of International Thriller Writers and the founder of the first marketing company for authors: She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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