Special Feature: Valentines Day Reads

Valentines Day is here book lovers! Maybe you are gearing up for a weekend of chocolates and roses with your significant other while others might be curling up alone with their favorite book boyfriend or girlfriend!

Whatever your plans are for this V Day, if you are looking for a little romance in literature there are plenty of books out there to choose from.

Please welcome Spencer Blohm, a regular contributor on my blog, as he talks about some of today’s most popular YA romance novels!

Hopefully this will get you into the romantic spirit!

You’ve Got the Love – The Best YA Books for V-Day

In case the rows of cards, inflatable cupids and conspicuous displays of everything from chocolate to cheap champagne didn’t fill you in, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re a cynic or a steadfast participant in this yearly celebration of l-o-v-e, there’s no denying it’s presence in popular culture.

Of course, if you’re reading this website, chances are you’d much rather curl up with a good book than sit through another sappy rom-com. So in honor of St. Valentine, let’s take a look at a few novels that will surely steal your heart.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

It would be impossible to write a romance book list this year without mentioning John Green’s smash hit book. It tells the story of one girl’s teenage experiences – made all the more complicated by the fact that she’s battling cancer. However, this is not a “cancer” novel: it chooses to focus on life, and the beautiful moments that many of us choose to overlook. Central characters Hazel and Augustus will break your heart as they both fight their illness and fall in love. By now, you’re likely aware of the film adaptation, which is already playing on both Netflix and DTV (more info here). Shot in an endearingly “low budget” style, teen stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort bring all the sweet melancholy of the original story to the big screen. If you don’t cry after watching this film, you might need to get your tear ducts fixed.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Another contemporary romance novel by the celebrated Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is a modern classic. Of course, there is a movie version of this book as well, but the written iteration succeeds at building anticipation and emotional attachment where the film falters. (Ryan Gosling fans, step aside). In the story we follow two former lovers, Allie and Noah, who reunite by chance after 14 years. Despite Noah having had his heart crushed by Allie and her being currently engaged, the two of them find the undiminished urgency of their passion too much to resist. Old feelings come rushing back, and Allie is pulled in two different directions with no way out.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

As the cornerstone in a series by Lauren Kate, Fallen is perfect for those looking for something that strays from traditional romantic fare. The book starts by introducing us to Lucinda (Luce) as she’s being admitted to a reform school after she’s accused of causing a fire that killed a boy she had a crush on (she has no memory of the incident). While at the school she becomes entangled in a love triangle with the brooding and standoffish Daniel, whom she feels a deep, unexplained connection to, and Cam, a boy whose advances eventually wear her down. If that wasn’t enough, Luce is having an increasing number of visits from “Shadows” which are smoke like figures she’s seen since childhood, and the visits take an aggressive and scary turn. In her quest to find out more about the mysterious Daniel she learns secrets about him and the school. Soon she finds out that nobody at the school – not even herself – are who them seem.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Another popular YA novel that’s recently been given the film treatment is this tale of young love by Gayle Forman. It’s the powerful story of Mia, a 17-year-old cellist and musician who, after a horrific car accident, falls into a coma. While unconscious in the hospital, she has out of body experiences that flash between her life up until this point and moments with her family – whose fate is still unknown. During these experiences she’s faced with the prevailing dilemma that plagued her life before it was turned upside down: choosing to leave town for Juilliard, or stay with her boyfriend and pursue love instead. An unflinching tear-jerker, the book poses incredibly mature and thoughtful questions to all readers.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great love stories to immerse yourself in this Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are many other literary fish in the sea, and with a little looking you’re sure to find one that speaks to both your heart and mind.

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