Prague Day 9: Carry Ons and the Metic System

So here we are in our room on our last night in Prague and we have got to figure out how we are going to get our doll and other souvenirs home!

It’s late…..we packed carry on only……we still packed too much stuff and now we have souvenirs to content with.

Sam and I start trying to figure out what we can leave behind if it comes to that….do we leave our PJs? Our extra socks? What?? For me there is no leaving anything behind!

So we start re-packing…..thankfully I am able to pack all the contents of my entire ‘small purse’ carry on into my suitcase carry on so I can just carry the doll on board.

Sam got everything into his suitcase and backpack (which ended up weighing a ton) but luckily we got everything in and only had to leave behind two undershirts!

We went to bed early and our hotel gave us a am wake up call to go to the airport. They were right on time to get us and dropped us off right in front of the airport.

When we got inside, there was a ton of kiosks….apparently you only go to the counter if you are checking a bag and have a pre printed boarding pass from the kiosk. So we go to the kiosk and it doesn’t print one for us. It says error and report to agent. So we go to the agent and she gives me the biggest attitude.

St Nicholas Church at night

She’s like ‘where is your boarding pass?!’ I’m all….well… didn’t print. She gives me the deepest eye roll ever complete with sigh and grabs my passport and starts looking for us. Then she asked if we wanted to check any bags….we said no.

She looked at our bags and was like…..oh no that’s too big you must check it and proceeds to try and rip it out of my hands.

I’m like whoa whoa whoa  lady we came here with our bags all carry on what do you mean it won’t fit?! She shows us this metric weight requirement and is like your carry on bags are too heavy (23 lbs) we were like what?!!? She’s like give me the bags you can’t carry them on.

Sam and I in Germany in front of Dresden Cathedral

So we were like ok fine….we are less worried about our bags not making it home because we know they will show up eventually and we can drive to Portland to get them if needs be. So basically we did all that packing for nothing.

We stopped in the airport to get a light breakfast (more apple strudel) which was delicious as per usual. Then we boarded our plane from Prague to Amsterdam which was totally fine. We landed in Amsterdam….again no issues and we took our leisurely time to purchase some tulip bulbs for my mom (which had the US Customs label on them already) and proceeded to board out plane.

Sam and I weren’t sitting together which was fine by me because I had an aisle seat……Sam on the other hand was stuck in the middle row in the middle between two LARGE men.

Sam and I in front of the Franz Kafka memorial

We touched down in Seattle with 1 hour in between the connecting flight back to Portland. I assumed that the 3 security check points in Amsterdam would have been sufficient and that we wouldn’t have to go through Customs and/or security…..again.

Our plane took forever to deplane…..and when we realized that we needed to go through Customs we started to panic. We ran to the Customs security point which had a line of about 500 people. PANIC! I had to go through secondary clearance for my tulip bulbs……and then go back through another security check point and another place to claim my bulbs.

Inside St Peter and Paul

At our second security check point we were literally starting to panic since we had to make our connection in 20 mins.

We got through security and then they told us we had to take a shuttle bus to the ‘domestic’ airport. We were happy at that point that we checked our bags because we were literally running through the airport to make sure we got on the plane.

We make it to the check in counter and we are exhausted and so jet lagged we can hardly stand it. The lady is like ok, we have one of you on stand by. We are like wait what?!?! We can’t fly home together?!?! Fortunately someone else’s plane was delayed so we took their seat…..only to find out that our current plane was defective and needed repairs. We were an hour delayed flaying home to PDX…..basically all that ass hauling was for nothing.

We arrived home along with all of our checked luggage which was a miracle!

So let’s recap what we have learned on this trip:

  1. Never use Expedia again
  2. Always pack extra deodorant
  3.  we are still over packing
  4. 28,000 steps is A LOT of walking
  5. Baked beans and hot dogs are a normal breakfast combo
  6. Trdelník pastries are to DIE for
  7. Visit Prague when there is something going on in Old Town Square
  8. Jew kids know everything
  9. Russian isn’t THAT hard to understand…especially when you hear whatever is being said, in English first.
  10. I hate foreign high school children (Spanish/Italians)
  11. Hot wine is shockingly not that bad
  12. Czech beer it totally living up to the hype
  13. Blue cheese on pizza is delicious
  14. 287 steps is a lot of steps
  15. No one in Germany really speaks English
  16. The Czech people speak every language on the planet!
  17. There are weight limits to carry on luggage in other countries
  18. In Prague….everything really IS a short walk away!
  19. Bring your own yamaka
  20. Drink beer!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our travels and seeing some of the pics of this amazing country. I can’t say enough good things about our trip to Prague and I hope you all learned a little something new about a more or less forgotten portion of the Europe!

2 thoughts on “Prague Day 9: Carry Ons and the Metic System

  1. I loved loved loved reading your adventures!! It sounds like you guys had a blast – minus some really asinine high school kids. I am slightly jealous and very much hope to make it to such a beautiful place with such culture someday!! Hope your doll and bags made it home for that matter!

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