Special Feature: The Keeper by Jessica Moor

With the rise of the Me Too movement, violence against women is on the forefront of news, the entertainment industry, and of course social media right now which is why this book caught my attention!

This is Jessica Moor’s debut novel and it comes at such a prime time and will surly get the audiences attention. I am thrilled to share more information with you guys about this one and about such an important issue!

In this thrilling book, a woman’s body is pulled from a popular suicide spot and while the cops are willing to write it off as a suicide, it becomes clear that domestic violence and murder are a more likely culprit. Be sure to check out all the info below because you guys don’t want to miss this one!


An addictive literary thriller about a crime as shocking as it is commonplace

When Katie Straw’s body is pulled from the waters of the local suicide spot, the police are ready to write it off as a standard-issue female suicide. But the residents of the domestic violence shelter where Katie worked disagree. These women have spent weeks or even years waiting for the men they’re running from to catch up with them. They know immediately: This was murder.

Still, Detective Dan Whitworth and his team expect an open-and-shut case–until they discover evidence that suggests Katie wasn’t who she appeared. Weaving together the investigation with Katie’s final months as it barrels toward the truth, The Keeper is a riveting mystery and a searing examination of violence against women and the structures that allow it to continue, marking the debut of an incredible new voice in crime fiction. (summary from Goodreads)


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