Special Feature: Love Sold Separately by Ellen Meister

When I first saw this cover, the first things that came to mind were definitely NOT murder mystery. The cover says rom-com or chick lit and the title implies romance so when I saw that it contained a murder mystery, I was like—-say what?!

It sounds like the story itself is more of a rom-com—but there is a murder mystery tied in and I think that sounds like such a fun read! I love when genres cross over and I am really excited to see if that works in this one. Sometimes it does, while others it doesn’t but I think either way this one sounds fun.

I couldn’t get it on my review calendar this month but I have all the fun details here for you guys to check out and see if this one might be for you! I love the sound of it and I think others might too! It’s on sale tomorrow so if this sounds like something you might enjoy, click the link below to get a copy for yourself!


Dana Barry’s life is a mess, until she hears The Shopping Channel is auditioning new hosts. She dives right in and is stunned when she lands the job. Her keen eye for detail, knack for knowing what makes people tick and sheer bravado make her perfect for the role.

Then the star host is found shot to death in her office. Dana can’t help but involve herself in tracking down the killer. Never one to mind her own business, she winds up at the center of every drama. She also knows the prime suspect is innocent–they happened to have been together on the roof for some “alone time” when they heard the gunshot.

His record may not be perfect, but she can tell the single father has a heart of gold. He may even be marriage material–something she’d focus on more if only Detective Marks wasn’t so handsome and their chemistry so electric. Dana is so close to having it all if, just this once, she doesn’t screw up. But trouble usually comes easier and is always a lot more fun (summary from Goodreads)


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