Special Feature: House of Correction by Nicci French

I have really enjoyed the Frida Klein books by Nicci French and some of French’s standalone mysteries are wonderful reads too. This latest novel is a standalone mystery that promises dark twists.

This one sounds so intriguing with a woman arrested for murder but yet she cannot recall anything about the murder or the night in question but yet she is arrested and must prove her innocents.

I think this one sounds so compelling and interesting and with the writing skills that French is known for, I think this one is going to be excellent. I couldn’t fit it into my review calendar for this month but I am super excited to bring you all the details today!


‘So,’ said Mora Piozzi, her lawyer, looking down at her laptop. ‘In brief: you are charged with the murder of Stuart Robert Rees, on December 21st, between the hours of ten-forty in the morning and half-past three o’clock in the afternoon.’

Tabitha is accused of murder. She is in prison awaiting trial.
There is a strong case against her, and she can’t remember what happened on December 21st.
She is alone, frightened and confused.
But somehow, from the confines of her cell, she needs to prove everyone wrong.

House of Correction is beautifully written, clever, shocking, twisty, so believable and utterly compelling. This is another stunningly brilliant novel to relish from Nicci French. (summary from Goodreads)


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