Special Feature: Windhall by Ava Barry

Like many devoted Netflix fans, I binge watched the new true crime documentary, Crime Scene the story of Elisa Lam. There is something about mysteries set in Lala Land that just add so much intrigue and a twisted sort of glamour. After watching the documentary, I was interested in finding not only some true crime books but also some thrillers that were also set in Hollywood.

That was one of the reasons that this book is so timely for me—it’s a murder mystery set in old Hollywood. I am so excited to share about this book with you guys today! If you love Hollywood’s golden age, starlets, investigative journalists, and of course murder then this is one you want to get on your radar! I am so excited to read it this spring but it’s out now and if you have been looking for a new murder mystery to read, this one might be your book!

Not to mention this amazing cover! This cover is so reminiscent of a Hollywood movie poster and I am in love with it! This is author Ava Barry’s debut and I think it’s going to be a hit for her and I will be sure to share my review here with you guys once I do read it but for now check out all the details below!


A stunning literary thriller in which an investigative journalist in modern Los Angeles attempts to solve the Golden Age murder of a Hollywood starlet.

1940s Hollywood was an era of decadence and director Theodore Langley was its king. Paired with Eleanor Hayes as his lead actress, Theo ruled the Golden Age of Hollywood. That ended when Eleanor’s mangled body was discovered in Theo’s rose garden and he was charged with her murder. The case was thrown out before it went to trial and Theo fled L.A., leaving his crawling estate, Windhall, to fall into ruin. He hasn’t been seen since.

Decades later, investigative journalist Max Hailey, raised by his gran on stories of old Hollywood, is sure that if he could meet Theo, he could prove once and for all that the famed director killed his leading lady. When a copycat murder takes place near Windhall, the long reclusive Theo returns to L.A., and it seems Hailey finally has his chance.

When Hailey gets his hands on Theo’s long-missing journals, he reads about Eleanor’s stalkers and her role in Theo’s final film, The Last Train to Avalon, a film so controversial it was never released to the public. In the months leading up to her death, something had left her so terrified she stopped coming to work. The more Hailey learns about Avalon, the more convinced he becomes that the film could tell him who killed Eleanor and why she had to die. But the implications of Avalon reach far beyond Eleanor’s murder, and Hailey must race to piece together the murders of the past and present before it’s too late. (summary from Goodreads)


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