Special Feature: Courage, My Love by Kristin Beck

If there is one historical fiction trend I am loving this year, it’s more WWII books set in Italy! So many WWII books are set in England or France and while I love WWII historical fiction books, the setting never feels original or different. But this year I have seen a number of WWII historical fiction books set in Italy and I am 100% here for that!

I think there are so many untold stories from that area during that time, and I am so excited to read more about that time and location in history! This book right here has caught my eye on a number of levels too! I love that this book focuses on the Italian resistance during the war years. It feels like it’s going to be fresh and new, something I haven’t read before!

This one sounds like it’s going to have a lot of emotional tension as the Nazis occupy the area and are closing in on the resistance fighters. I think that’s going to add not only suspense but emotion in the larger narrative. I am really excited to share a little about this book below and if you love historical fiction this is going to be one book that you want on your radar this spring! I for one have it high up on my historical fiction TBR list! And the best part is, that it’s out today! So snag yourself a copy now!


When the Nazi occupation of Rome begins, two courageous young women are plunged deep into the Italian Resistance to fight for their freedom in this captivating debut novel.

Rome, 1943

Lucia Colombo has had her doubts about fascism for years, but as a single mother in an increasingly unstable country, politics are for other people–she needs to focus on keeping herself and her son alive. Then the Italian government falls and the German occupation begins, and suddenly, Lucia finds that complacency is no longer an option. 

Francesca Gallo has always been aware of injustice and suffering. A polio survivor who lost her father when he was arrested for his anti-fascist politics, she came to Rome with her fiancé to start a new life. But when the Germans invade and her fiancé is taken by the Nazis, Francesca decides she has only one option: to fight back.

As Lucia and Francesca are pulled deeper into the struggle against the Nazi occupation, both women learn to resist alongside the partisans to drive the Germans from Rome. But as winter sets in, the occupation tightens its grip on the city, and the resistance is in constant danger. 

In the darkest days, Francesca and Lucia face their pasts, find the courage to love, and maintain hope for a future that is finally free. (summary from Goodreads)


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