Special Feature: The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French

I have read a few books by Nicci French and I have enjoyed most of them. I always get excited when I see that a new book is coming out because the mysteries have been intelligent and well thought out. Some I have liked better than others but overall they have been entertaining reads and I have been content with how they finished.

One of the reasons I am really excited for this latest novel, is the summary. It sounds like it’s going to be a sexy, tempting thriller full of twists and turns. It sounds a little different from the other Nicci French novels that I have read which is exciting. I know it’s been out in the UK for a while now and the reviews look solid so I am really looking forward to this new release here in the US.

If you are looking for an established and proven author, the duo that is Nicci French is a great option! They are a husband and wife writing team and I think it adds an interesting perspective to the novels. While seamless, their approach is unique and fun to read. I am super excited to share a little bit about this one today and I plan on reading it later this summer so be watching for my review then!


From the internationally bestselling author of The Lying Room, a sexy, intricate thriller about the temptation of secrets, the weight of lies, and the price of betrayal and suspicion.

Who is more dangerous? An enemy, a friend, or a lover?

When Bonnie Graham arrives at her boyfriend’s apartment in London, she is horrified to discover a dead body in a pool of blood on the floor. But she doesn’t call the police. Bonnie hides the corpse and then carefully wipes away any evidence she was ever there.

Bonnie is a music teacher who spent a long, hot summer in London rehearsing with a band to play at a friend’s wedding. It was supposed to be fun, but the band members find the complicated knots of their friendships—some old, some new—unraveling as the days themselves unwind. What was meant to be a summer of happiness, love, and music turns deadly as lovers betray one another, passions turn murderous, and friendship itself becomes a crime.

Everyone tells lies. But is anyone prepared to tell the truth to uncover a murderer? (summary from Goodreads)


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